~ chapter 8 ~

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Night 3

Boze's POV (district 5)

As I walk out of the caves at night when it was all clear, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I spin around to see Wes standing there.

"Hey." I say. "Can I talk to you?" He says with a nervous smile. "Sure, what is it?"

We walk to an empty spot in the forest. I sit on a log and he sits on a rock opposite of me. "I feel terrible." He sighs as he shoves his head in his hands.

"I'm the worst person ever!" He complains. He starts to cry. "I've done so many bad things," he pauses to sniffle. "I killed Courtney on the first day with her own weapon." He sighs.

"Then I forced Kane to kill either Olivia or Shayne." He sobs. My eyes widen. "She refused to kill them, so I killed her." He chokes out.

"I also.." he pauses. "I stabbed Sydney.. during the rainfall..." He pauses. "She was too weak. I... I left her in the rain to die..." He mutters.

I look at him sympathetically. His eyes look up from the floor. He stares me in the eyes seriously.

"May you please stop my reign of terror... I don't want to hurt anybody else." He asks in a weak, soft voice.

I know what he means by that. He wants me to kill him. "No! I can't do that!" I whisper-shout. "Please..." He begs.

"No, Wes! I can't kill you." I say. "That's final."

I get up and walk away.

Sohinki's POV (district 4)

I am almost starving.

Still shooken about what happened with Lasercorn, I walk around in search of food. Suddenly, a tiny box flutters down in front of me.

I dash to it and open it eagerly. There are fruits and vegetables in there. Watermelon, oranges, cantaloupes, yams, and carrots.

I peel open one of the oranges and dig in. Thank you sponsors! I think greatfully as I load the food into my backpack.

(A/N: Shayne got medical supplies from a sponsor, but I'm too lazy to do that so just imagine this but replace food with medicine lmao-)

Finn's POV (district 12)

I have poison. I think to myself as I walk near Keirsten's supplies.

I have to win this. Do it, Finn. I say, opening my poison bottle. Keirsten has a canteen filled with water.

I approach it and place like 10 drops of poison in it. I quickly screw it back up and sit on my log again.

A while later, Keirsten returns, and she has food. She walks gracefully over to her stuff, unscrewing her canteen.

"My throat is so sore, but it's worth it! We have a stable food and water supply!" She gushes, taking a big gulp of water.

Her smile quickly turns into a crumpled, puckered face. "Ack- what's in this -" she gasps, wheezes and chokes. She quickly collapse she's, to the ground, her cannon sounding. "I'm sorry." I whisper, taking her supplies accept for the canteen.

The Feast

The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tribute's families.

Sohinki's POV (district 4)

I sprint up to the cornucopia, my eye on a staff leaning against it.

It looks like I'm the first one here, so I quickly take it and run. Haha, bitches! I have a cool ass staff!

Mari's POV (district 7)

I have an explosive set up near the cornucopia. The upsetting thing is that Sohinki dodged it. I sigh, watching it. There is silence for a while, until Finn sprints up, eyeing a basket of weapons.

He runs straight into my bomb, his blood and body parts exploding everywhere, and his cannon going off almost immediately after. Oh god.. That was gory. I think as I clean my mucky face off and running away.

Wes's POV (district 8)

I run up to the cornucopia after the cannon shots, ignoring the blood and guts everywhere. I sprint to where the memoirs are and dig through. I look at everyone's family photos and how happy they look. Then I see mine.

That's when the tears come rushing in. I start sobbing as I look at my family portrait. I read letters that my siblings wrote to me, and look at the picture of me as a baby my mother sent me.

I realize how much I miss them and need to get back to them. I stand up and sprint back to my camp, my face dry again.

Shayne's POV (district 7)

I have an alliance with Boze. We were going to go to the feast together, but we heard the cannon and decided against it.

We slowly drifted off to sleep in our sleeping bags.

A/N: lmao that's it I'm tired and lazy af tonight-

Also go check out crazycatladysfantasy 's hunger games story based off of this one, it's running onto a season two where my OC Murry is in it- it's vv good.

Anyway, let's get to the deaths. 2 peeps died this time, rip-

Dead so far:

Courtney Miller (district 2)
Amra "Flitz" Ricketts (district 11)
Anthony Padilla (district 1)
Whitney Barnett (district 9)
Lula Cassidy (district 4)
Lynne Dodd (district 11)
Maria Welsh (district 3)
Damien Haas (district 10)
Joshua "Joven" Ovenshire (district 3)
Kane Atara (district 12)
Keith Leak Jr (district 9)
David "Lasercorn" Moss (district 5)
Ian Hecox (district 2)
Olivia Sui (district 10)
Adelaide Randall (district 1)
Sydney Britt (district 9)
Noah Grossman (district 6)
Keirsten Long (district 6)
Finn Cuevas (district 12)

Word count:

- mai

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