~ chapter 9 ~

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Day 4

Shayne's POV (district 7)

Well, I have an alliance with Wes, Sohinki and Mari that happened at the crack of dawn. We are looking for Boze, seeing she's the only other tribute.

We've made a pact that we kill her, then we can go our own ways. I don't know why we're doing this, because she really isn't that strong. To think of it, Everyone in this group, except maybe Sohinki, can easily fight her. We peer through trees, behind bushes, into empty tents, but we can't find Boze.

"Where is that small little bitch?" Mari hisses. "How does she hide so well..." Sohinki pants as he runs back to the group. "We'll find her eventually, but for now, who wants food?" I ask the group. Wes's eyes light up, and he darts over. "Me!" He says, raising his hand and waving it around.

"Alright, alright, here you go!" I smile, opening my bag and digging through it. I pick up 3 spare oranges, and give them to everyone. I take an apple for myself, sinking my teeth into it. "Mm!" Mari smiles. "These are sweet oranges!" She laughs.

"Wes... Where did your orange go?" Sohinki asks. All of us look to him, and his orange is nowhere to be seen. "I was hungry..." He laughs. "It's okay. I'm done too." I say, taking the last bite of my apple and throwing the core on the ground.

"Let's keep searching." Wes, suggests once were all done. We nod, stand up, and continue searching.

Boze's POV (district 5)

Right as they leave, I spring out silently. I look around their area to see if they left anything.

I peer under a suspicious log.

Nope. Nothing. I take a final look around the camp. They were smart not to leave anything.

Suddenly I hear a grumble, and the earth shakes. My head jerks to the sky in a panic, and I see that towards the center of the arena, molting hot lava is spurting out of something that I can't see, but is definitely a volcano.

Arena Event

A volcano erupts at the center of the arena.

Still Boze's POV (district 5)

I run farther away from the volcano, dodging the falling lava and ashes hurdling towards me. A nearby tree gets hit, and it is burnt so quickly that it falls in front of me, blocking my path.

I watch as I am trapped between the smoldering tree and other splotches of lava behind me. In a panic, I think of what to do. I think to action movies, where the protagonist would either climb or jump over one of these. I scramble over it, running aimlessly into the distance.

I stumble across the cave from before, and take shelter in it. I watch as the lava destroyed the arena. I am safe.

Mari's POV (district 7)

Our group is booking it away from the volcano, which is really close to us. The lava is on my tail, so I sprint faster. Me and Shayne are on the same level, but I'm faster.

We are a pretty far way when some lava flings in front of us. There is an existing puddle to the left, and two expanding puddles on the top and the bottom.

There is a small opening on the right, but only one person can get out of it. I spring forwards, pulling Shayne away from me. His head whips back, and I see his eyes are full of adrenaline.

He springs back to his feet, catches his balance, and stands in front of me sternly. I see a harsh glare on his face, and he sighs. "Only one can make it out alive." He says sharply, and shoves me into the lava.

It feels like I'm falling in slow motion. I'm too full of shock to steady myself, yet I can still see. In this slow, motion thing, I'm basically out of my own body. I can see myself, eyes full of tears and sorrow. My hand is extended, my expression full of hope that he will pull me away from my fiery fate.

But before that, in an instance, I am back in first person, and I am in the lava. The burning sensation of the lava was super hot, and 10 times worse than the acid rain. I was burning alive, my purple hair ash. My last glimpse as I am melting is Shayne running of into the distance, completely safe.

Just as I breathe my last breath, my cannon sounds.

Wes's POV (district 8)

I had seen Mari's death, and froze.

How could he do that to her? We had an alliance, AND he was even in her district. The pause was a bad idea, because now I too, was trapped. Shayne looked like he wanted to help me, but had already saved Sohinki.

They gave me pitiful looks, because nobody could get me out of this mess. It was too far to jump out of, and you can't dig under it. The burning liquid inches closer, and I dread every second of it.

Just then, I look back to my friends and see them, along with Boze, watching from the safety of the cave from before. I hear a loud rumble, and my head darts back to the volcano, which is spurting ash. It is obviously in my range, so I hold my breath.

I am instantly shoved to the ground, pinned by the ash. I try to open my eyes, to no avail. They are filled with ash and burn immensely. I close them, and try to dig out of the mess, running out of oxygen. I keep finding more layers of ash, and then I realize it's no use. I give up, lay down and run out of breath.

Sohinki's POV (district 4)

Wes's cannon sounds, and I hear Boze and Shayne share a sigh of relief. Then there is silence as the arena replenishes itself, and is now back to new.

"You know, I never thought I'd make it to the final 3." Boze speaks out. "Me neither." Shayne and I say at the exact time. "Well, we'll see who wins. Let's go on our own ways now." Shayne sighs. We all nod, fist bump, and run off in our own ways.

A/N: FINALLY! A long(ish) chapter! Well, as I best be going and I have to sleep for school (kill me), let's get the death count and word count up!

Dead so far:

Courtney Miller (district 2)
Amra "Flitz" Ricketts (district 11)
Anthony Padilla (district 1)
Whitney Barnett (district 9)
Lula Cassidy (district 4)
Lynne Dodd (district 11)
Maria Welsh (district 3)
Damien Haas (district 10)
Joshua "Joven" Ovenshire (district 3)
Kane Atara (district 12)
Keith Leak Jr (district 9)
David "Lasercorn" Moss (district 5)
Ian Hecox (district 2)
Olivia Sui (district 10)
Adelaide Randall (district 1)
Sydney Britt (district 9)
Noah Grossman (district 6)
Keirsten Long (district 6)
Finn Cuevas (district 12)
Wesley "Wes" Johnson (district 8)
Mari Takahashi (district 7)

Word count: 1181

- mai

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