~ chapter 10 ~

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Night 4

Boze's POV (district 5)

The forest was harsh and cold. I shiver as I walk through the terrain, the sun slowly setting above me. In about an hour, the sun had gone and the moon was rising. I can not handle this cold anymore. I feel as if I might collapse any second.

Just as I am zoned out, I slam into something or someone. As the other thing and I slam to the floor in unison, my eyes struggle to hold open just so I can see what it is.

I look over to see Sohinki. He looks almost as cold as I am. "B...B...Boze!" He says, greatfully. "So..Sohinki! D-Do.." I pause to breathe. "Do you h-have anyt-thing warm?" I ask. He shakes his head.

I crawl over to him. "Look, I know you probably won't like this idea, but let's go to a bush, or something else warm, and huddle together." He nods. "It's f-fine. Anything to keep people alive.." He smiles, trying to brighten the mood.

We go to a nearby bush, it giving us a little more warmth. He huddles close to me, our skin both as cold as ice. "Breathe through your mouth, it will be warmer." He whispers, and we both start inhaling and exhaling through our mouths, creating extra warmth.

We slowly drift off to sleep when suddenly we hear a cry. "H-H-Help!" The voice, having to belong to Shayne, yelled in distress. Sohinki and I both spring up with enough energy to help.

Sohinki's POV (district 4)

We dash into the forest where the voice was heard. As I turn around a tree, I see him collapsed on the floor, shivering. His lips are purple and his breathing is shaky. "Boze! Start a fire, now!" I say, sprinting over to Shayne.

"Apparently we were all freezing to death, but you have a little more meat on your bones so, you lasted longer!" I joked, trying to keep him awake. I struggle to sit him up, but eventually manage to set the man upright somehow.

I'm huddled up to Shayne, trying to keep the man alive. Meanwhile, Boze is struggling to start the fire. "Let's swap places!" I say, dropping Shayne as Boze grabs him. I rub the flint together, to no avail.

After a while, I manage a spark, and the fire is lit (A/N: don't you dare make a 'lit' pun, i'm looking at you, @astrosanders ) by now, and we have him laid next to it. "We had a good night!" Boze smiles, trying to stay positive. 

"Yeah. Let's keep it going for tomorrow." I smile, laying down to go to bed. Shayne thaws slowly, we drift to sleep, prepared for the day ahead of us.

A/N: Yes! Thats it! I'm running out of events to write, so these chapters will get shorter and shorter as we go! Anyways, I have to take a shower, so:

Courtney Miller (district 2)
Amra "Flitz" Ricketts (district 11)
Anthony Padilla (district 1)
Whitney Barnett (district 9)
Lula Cassidy (district 4)
Lynne Dodd (district 11)
Maria Welsh (district 3)
Damien Haas (district 10)
Joshua "Joven" Ovenshire (district 3)
Kane Atara (district 12)
Keith Leak Jr (district 9)
David "Lasercorn" Moss (district 5)
Ian Hecox (district 2)
Olivia Sui (district 10)
Adelaide Randall (district 1)
Sydney Britt (district 9)
Noah Grossman (district 6)
Keirsten Long (district 6)
Finn Cuevas (district 12)
Wesley "Wes" Johnson (district 8)
Mari Takahashi (district 7)

Word Count: 561

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