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@Jungle_Book: ummmm... Thank you


@Taesty: hi random person

@Jungle_Book: umm... hi

@Taesty: why are you so awkward?

@Jungle_Book: why are you so creepy?

@Taesty: HEY, I asked the question first!!!

@Jungle_Book: HEY, I asked the question second!!!

@Taesty: well played, so were do you live???

@Jungle_Book: umm... Creep

@Taesty: not your address just the continent you live in duh 😒

@Jungle_Book: Seoul, South Korea

Taesty: I live there too 😀

@Jungle_Book: Welp bye

@Taesty: Oof

@Taesty: bye
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OK so I know its short but that's because it what a texting chapter bit I promise to up date more tomorrow because I'm going on a field trip at school and we're gonna be on the bus for 4 hours so I'm planning to update

-yo bitch ❤

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