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@jiminieNOTpabo: Taeeeeeeeeee

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@jiminieNOTpabo: Taeeeeeeeeee

@Taesty: what!?!?

@jiminieNOTpabo: guess who just asked me out...

@Taesty: who?

@jiminieNOTpabo: guess

@Taesty: if yo crusty ass don't tell me

@jiminieNOTpabo: ok ok

@JiminieNOTpabo: the Min Yoongi

@Taesty: not surprised

@jiminieNOTpabo: why?

@Taesty: jimin, he's been eye raping you since the third grade

@jimineNOTpabo: na uh

@Taesty: yes uhhhh

@jiminieNOTpabo: na uh

@Taesty: Jimin I'm not bout to play with you

@jiminieNOTpabo: okay maybe we have shared some intense stares over the years but that doesn't mean that he liked me...

@Taesty: whatever

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