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That class dragged on painfully slow. Seemingly slower due to the heated throbbing between my legs. Y/N's eyes always bore into mine with each point she made, glaring. I didn't speak the rest of the lecture. I was afraid my voice would give away my desire.

Tyrone wasn't there today, which I was relieved about. He's cool and all, but I don't want him. I want Y/N. Though, he's a good distraction.

I ended up getting a job at Monet's; which I'm okay with, but I can't stare at my Daddy of a professor. Since I have customers interrupting my heated thoughts. So, Wednesdays were torture.

It's Saturday now.

I'm standing in my living room, in front of my canvas, nude with a pallet of different shades of reds, yellows, and oranges on the stand beside my painting. I wore only a denim apron, hair up in a high ponytail. My feet moved on the white tarp, biting my lip at my progress.

I add some minor details to make it more realistic, filling in some gaps here and there. I start singing along to the song playing on my speaker. Just as I was adding on, I hear knocking.

I look back at the door, sighing in irritation. A tight glare in my eyes. I set my brush in a cup of water, reaching behind me to undo the apron. "In a minute!" I call out, going in my room and picking up some sweats and my all black cami off of my carpeted floor.

I slip my clothes on, leaving my room and going to open the door. I look through the peephole, and my eyebrows furrow in an uncomfortable type of shock. I unlock the door, slowly pulling it open.

"How... did you know where I lived?" I say to the man. He stuffs his hands in his pockets, a creepy smile on his face, "I used to live next door my sophomore year. You never noticed me." My eyebrow rises as I look him up and down, "How'd you know I still lived here?"

He licks his lips, looking down slightly. Annoyed, I snap my fingers, "What the fuck are you doing here?" He hesitantly looks up at me, eyes going dark. "I just thought maybe we could-," "Uh, no. I don't want that from you." I try to close my door, but he stops me. I yelp quietly, backing away as he moves closer.

I'm utterly terrified at the moment. This guy towered over me and being under his gaze makes my body tense up and my nerves racket. "T-Tyrone," I start, voice shaking greatly. He chuckles, "What is it, Lauren? That turned on?" I shake my head clearing my throat, "The opposite actually." My tone more serious. He can't know he's having an advantage.

"Yeah? Guess I gotta fix that," he smirks.

"You don't have to fix a goddamn thing, Mr. Griffin," an accented voice calls out. He turns around, bewildered. I smile, seeing our professor in my door way. She walks in, eyes trained on Tyrone. "It's obvious she's uncomfortable. Now, leave or I'm calling campus security."

He says nothing, looking back at me once more before leaving out. Y/N watches as he leaves, a glare in her eyes.

Once he was out of sight, she looks over at me. "Are you okay, Lauren?" I bite my lip, slightly aroused at how she says my name. "Yeah, I'm fine. He didn't touch me, if that's what you're wondering."

"Yes, I was," she says, a soft smile on her face. A sort of silence falls between us. I'll tell you, being in her line of sight; her gray eyes penetrating my skin, intimidates me. Causes sweet chills to go down my back. "Thanks for, helping me," I say. Purposely dropping my voice.

She squints slightly, raising an eyebrow, "Anytime." She starts to leave, but I reach out and grab her arm.

She looks down at my hand, then up at me with an emotionless expression. "Lauren, what are you doing?" I bite my lip, looking down at her crotch briefly, "I heard about you and your girlfriend." Her brows knit together as she raises her chin slightly.


"When I came in early that morning, I heard you two arguing," I say innocently. She chews on her bottom lip, running a hand through her curls. "How were you able to understand us?" She asks in a low voice. I get closer, looking up at her seductively. "You forgot that I'm Cuban, papí," I say, trailing my hand down her stomach.

Her eyes widen slightly and she looks down, "Lauren, don't." Her voice husky and breathy. "Do you really want me to?" She inhales sharply when I palm her growing erection. "Fuck," she moans under her breath. I boldly stand in front of her, pushing her against the wall gradually.

"Do you really want me to stop, Professor?" I squeeze her prominent length, making her bite her lip and close her eyes. She moans a little louder, biting down harder. My eyes flutter as her dick gets harder in my hand. My body is unbelievable hot, I can feel my arousal run down my leg. I start to undo her pants slowly, waiting to see if she'd stop me.

She suddenly grabs my wrist and I look up at her nervously. She says nothing, just stares into my eyes with her darkening ones. I chew on my lip, bowing my head only to feel her soft hand caress my cheek. When our eyes meet again, she looks down at my lips, then off to her left.

She pulls from me, going to the front door.

Wait, is she leaving? No! She can't leave me like this!

Before I could stop her, she closes the door, turning to me with an almost angry look.

Oh, god.

She storms over to me, immediately pinning me to the wall with her body. I gasp, a moan falling out when I feel her rub against me. She grinds a little, making my breath hitch. Fuck, I need her inside of me.

And soon.

"You've been teasing me...seducing me...distracting me...for a while now," she says, her accent thicker than the heat in the room.

I whimper at her tone, squirming to feel her. She grips my hips, keeping me still. "You want it?" She growls making me even more turned on. "Y-Yes," I whine. She smirks, teasing her thumbs under my waistband. "Then you're gonna get it."

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