Going to diagon ally

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Draco's POV:
Daddy wake up wake up. My daughter Alyssa said. Uuuhhhh. I said sleepy. The reason was because I stayed at the hospital til late then when I got home Jason started crying. Daddy daddy wake up now mommy said. Alyssa said. Uuuhhh ok ok I'm up I'm up princess. I said. I yawned. You ok daddy. She says. Yes princess I'm fine just tired that is all know come on then. I said picking her up and we go downstairs. We walk into the dining room. Oh morning sleepy head you look tired. Mia said. Well duh I had to stay at the hospital then when I got back Jason started crying so I didn't really get any sleep. I said while yawning. Oh dra why didn't you just wake me up you now it's bad for you especially when they keep you there til late. Mia said worriedly. Yeah I know but you looked so peaceful plus knowing you you would never want someone to wake you up at 3 am in the morning should you huh. I stated. Ok I get it but please next wake me up when they do that to you. Mia said. Yeah ok. I said. Ok when we are done you are taking al, vi, Abby to diagon ally today cause yo- I know you don't want now one to know you married your worst enemy back then. I said. Yes want you don't have to say it like that you making it look like well you now. Mia said. Yeah I know and I'm sorry I'm just tired ok I'll go get ready then we can go. I said walking back upstairs to get ready.
Hermione's POV:
Oh Draco he's getting worse I mean I know he's the top healer there but they can't just tell him that he has to stay late don't they no that he has a family of his own not to mention a 3 month baby that needs his father not just his mother all the time. I said talking to pansy on the phone. Yeah that is bad. Pansy said. I know I just wish I could do something but I can't. I said. Why is that. She says. Cause pans I'm a crowded I some times tell him to go with the kids some where cause I'm scared of what people will say they would probably say " what the Slytherin prince married to the Gryffindor princess" or " a muggle- born and a pureblood" or even worse " a mudblood and a pureblood" oh pans I just don't want th- Mia Listen to me and listen to me straightly I know how you feel I mean even though Blaise and I are both pureblood's I'm still scared about what people would say. Pansy said. Oh and I'm coming over right know while Blaise and Draco take those five to get there school stuff. Pansy said. Ok then bye pans see you here in a minute or two. I said then hand up on her then turn around. Aah draco how long have you been standing there. I said surprise and started. Long a enough to hear you say those awful word that I do agree with but getting to the point I know I have been working to hard at the hospital and I know that they need me so I'm going to ask my boss tomorrow if I could change my schedule. Draco said. Oh Draco you would actually do that for me and the kids. I said with happiness Yes I mean when was the last time I see you this happy I think it was when we figured out that you were pregnant again but with Jason. Draco said trying to figure out when was the last time he seen me this happy. I laugh then as soon as I was about to say something the door bell rang. I'll get it. Abby said. Oh hi auntie pansy and uncle Blaise. Abby said. Oh hey Abby where's Draco and Mia. Blaise said. Oh there right here let me get them. Abby said. No it's ok sweetie. I said. Hey guys what are you doing here. Draco said. Oh well we are here to help you dra. Pansy said. What do you mean help me. Draco said. Oh well we aren't going to let you go to diagon all by yourself are we. Blaise said. Yeah I guess thanks guess we'll we should just go right know. Draco said. Ok then let's go. Pansy said. Ok kids come one we are going. Draco yells. Then al, vi, Abby come down. Ok we are ready dad. Abby said. Al, vi nod. Ok then let's go. Pansy said. Ok I'll see you later ok. Draco said. I nod. He kisses my head then take them.
At Diagon Ally -
Draco's POV:
We just to diagon ally. Ok how about Abby, vi, Crystal go get the books and supplies. I said. Um al and Caleb you go and get the robs. While me, Blaise, pansy go and get some butterbear and get some other things ok. I said. They all nod then go get the things I told them to get. Ok come let's go. Blaise said. We walk around until pansy bumps into someone. Oh I'm sor... you. He says. Weasley. We say. Well well look what we have here. Weasley says( p.s it's Ron) what are you three doing here. Potty said. Well if you must now our kids are going to Hogwarts to. Pansy said mad. Ha why would Neville send your kids there when all you three did was bully kids. Potter said. ( potty is harry and Potter is Ginny) you know what we don't have time for this all we came here was so our kids could get there things while we get something to drink but I guess that won't happen since you are here so bye. I said real mad. Then pansy and Blaise follow me. You guys are just cowards. Weasel said. We are not it's just we are not like that anymore so you better deal with it cause none of us want to fight right know. Blaise said. Ha li- what is going on here. Al said. Nothings wrong son did you guys get what I said to get. I said still mad. Yeah we did dad and why are you mad again. Al said worried. I sigh. Yeah you ok dad. Abby said walking up to us with vi, Crystal. Yes did you get what I said to get to. I said. Yeah we did uncle Draco. Crystal said. Ok good know let's go I don't want to stay here any longer plus your mother and siblings are wanting for us anyways. I said. Ok dad let's go. Vi said.

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