The reunion part 1

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Blaise's POV:
Man where is Draco. I said. He's probably trying to get Alyssa and Jason ready. Pansy said. Yeah you are probably right but just in case let's go and check on him. I said. We all nod. ( p.s. it's the rest of the Zabini family ) when we got there I nocked on the door. Then we hear a come in voice which would be his when we opened the door we could see that he is having a hard time. Are you ok mate. I said. Yeah I'm fine don't wo- Natalie Aleksis Malfoy stop that this internet's or else I will ground you till next month. I yell. She stops what she's doing then looks at me. Sorry daddy. She said. I sigh. Well you hear your hand fool. Pansy said. Yeah plus I still have to get ready cause I was trying to get that one dressed then I was going to leave. I said. Oh well let us do it you go get ready. Pansy said. Are you sure. I said. Yes know go. Blaise said. I run up stairs get ready put my hair to the side then look in the mirror then leave I run back down but didn't forget to grab Jason. Ok then let's go. I said. Wow Draco when Mia gets here we'll you know what she's going to say. Pansy said. Yeah thanks aways pans. I said. No problem know let's go. She said. When we got there I saw some familiar faces and some new ones to then me and Blaise and pansy go to one of the corners and talk then the doors open again and right there standing at the door way was.........

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