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come here, come here to me. i sleep
only where the fox sleeps.

my heart is yours, and in exchange, i'll
gladly take you body with it.

everything happens all over again.

the climax, the excitement in both of our
bodies, and us becoming one.

everything swirled together like the
simple turn of a wheel.

and... the finale of it all.

don't talk, my pretty, or else, i'll kill you
faster. and we don't want that, now do

my teeth that tear off your skin,
my tongue licking all of your blood
flowing out of you,
my mouth filled with your lovely liver...

you really are one of a kind, aren't you?

and what's this?

your heart? ah, it looks different than all
the other ones i've had.

this one...

is special.

would you like to know why?

it's because...

it's my thousandth one. you're my
thousandth one. now isn't that an honor to
bestow upon yourself, hmm?

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