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oh, was this too short, too soon, to end
off for you, dear?

don't worry,

i always like

to ask myself

the same question



over again:

'who shall i feast on next?'



a newly engaged couple has had a terrible turn of events. the husband, whom was the next leading businessman of his father's successful business, has suddenly died from an unknown cause. the other husband was not found at the scene and is assumed to be missing from this unknown cause. what was found at the scene is extremely disturbing and will not be shown due triggering pictures and such.

please be alert of your surroundings and whereabouts during the night.

the husband who was not found at the scene is known as kim taehyung.

the husband who was found at the scene is known as—

"you know, if they didn't have an ink error at the last minute with my newspaper, i would've been satisfied, but oh well. his name was really cute too, and i forgot it. god, i hate my memory of forgetting names." jeongguk tutted as he looked at the last cut off sentence. "then again, i did eat more than a thousand people's hearts, now didn't i? eh, whatever, at least i'm on here, anyways."

"and speaking of me being on here, they should've at least gave both of me some credit. tsk, tsk." jeongguk ran his fingers through his hair, sighing as he picked up a pen.

he put a dash next to taehyung's name, writing his own name as well.

the husband who was not found at the scene is known as kim taehyung / jeon jeongguk.

"much better!" he grinned triumphantly, a smirk rising through the corners of his lips. "now then,

who shall i feast on next?"


hello !! this is ur (least favorite) author here to say, thank u for reading !!!

try to figure out the theory behind this entire story, and i'll see which one of u gets the closest to it or is correct!

a proper thanks and full-on explanation will be posted soon, so pls wait for tht! ily guys, and once again, thank u for reading <3

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