~ chapter 11 ~

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(A/N: IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! So, I am terribly sorry to make you wait this long for another update, but I got a huge pang of inspiration at 12:00 am so I started drafting this chapter, and it's done!!! There will be one chapter after this though, and it will possibly be coming tomorrow! (No promises)

Also I need to remind you that I had no control of what happened up until this point, and all I remember is who won, and that was chosen by a generator, not me. And this was done at 2:00 AM and it probably has no logic, and I've forgotten how the hunger games works.

Anyways, here is the chapter you've all been waiting a year for!)

Day 5

Boze's POV (district 5)

I open my eyes to a definitely warmer morning. Next to me I see Shayne and Sohinki sleeping. With a sigh, I get up and walk away from the two. I glance at the homemade fire pit, which used to hold glowing warm embers. It seems as if the fire had put itself out during the night.

I think about the consequences the games have and mope. I've made some solid friendships (that have mostly ended quite abruptly) and I don't want anything to happen to Shayne; nor Sohinki. And I'm not even that close with them.

But eventually, I know that I'll either have to kill or be killed. And I'm weak and defenseless, so I assume that I need to take action sooner or later.

I shudder at the thought of death and take a few steps, before suddenly getting my foot tangled in something. I smash to the floor with a gasp, ready to kill whatever had just dared to trip me.

I do a weird karate-esque hand motion and look at my feet. To my delight, I see a bow. Somebody must have dropped this... I think to myself, untangling my foot from the weapon and picking it up. I stand and brush the dirt off of me, scanning my surroundings. No arrows. Phooey. I scoff.

I guess I'll just make my own. I shrug, picking up some nearby sticks and attaching them to rocks. (A/N: Don't ask how, It's 2:00 am and my logic has gone out of a window, and I'm tired) Soon enough, I have a small bundle of arrows.

Maybe things aren't looking so bad after all.

Sohinki's POV (district 4)

I wake up in the place I had been last night with nobody around me. I look around, seeing nothing. Except for a box fluttering down from the sky.

I eagerly shoot up from the floor and open it. Food! I gawk, seeing the container full of bread and meat. I quickly scarf down a piece of bread before placing these necessities in my backpack.

I sling the bag on my back before walking my own way. I notice that I'm in a particularly good mood since I got the food, which is pretty much the only good thing that's happened recently. Everything else was bad. The acid rain. The volcano. Loosing a lot of people. Loosing friends.

Loosing Lasercorn.

I shake my head to get the thought out of my mind. How could I leave him out there? In the acidic rain? A tear falls down my face and I sniffle, remembering there was no room.

I remember how Lasercorn told me to go on without him. To move on. To win.

And that's what I'm determined to do.

For Lasercorn.

Shayne's POV (district 7)

When I had woken up, Boze was gone, but Sohinki remained. I shrugged and ventured out. Into the wilderness. Alone.

God, I hope no bears come to kill me. Wait, I could fight a bear. Yeah, I could do that. Yeah! I'm strong! Wooh! Go Shayne, you strong, sexy man! I ramble in my head.

I'm so caught up in my own thoughts that I almost don't notice the arrow whiz past my head. That snaps me out of my daze, and I look back to see Boze with a bow, readying another arrow. She aims, and I run away. But I guess I'm not fast enough, or I took to much time trying to figure out what in the hell was going on to run, because I soon feel an arrow in my leg.

I collapse to the floor, yelling in agony (A/N: just imagine the Shayne scream with this... you're welcome) as she walks over to me. Boze has visible tears in her eyes, and she sniffles as she lets one escape. "I'm... I'm sorry Shayne." She says sadly.

She grabs an arrow and I can already tell she's going to stab me. I've already basically accepted death at this point, and have been waiting for it to happen.

But wait, I don't want to die! I think frantically, but I am frozen with fear and pain. Before I know it, Boze stabs me with the arrow, and I feel pain before it goes black.



WELL. That was either exciting or soul crushing. Coming back to this series is actually making me remember how much I like writing, and expressing my creativity.

Sorry if I lost any logic or just made things happen because I wanted it to. I just don't know how anything works anymore and am trying to finish this story for you guys.

I'm actually feeling inspired to write another book about Smosh! But I'm thinking a happier book, maybe a happy highschool AU? Tell me your thoughts!

Death count:

Courtney Miller (district 2)
Amra "Flitz" Ricketts (district 11)
Anthony Padilla (district 1)
Whitney Barnett (district 9)
Lula Cassidy (district 4)
Lynne Dodd (district 11)
Maria Welsh (district 3)
Damien Haas (district 10)
Joshua "Joven" Ovenshire (district 3)
Kane Atara (district 12)
Keith Leak Jr (district 9)
David "Lasercorn" Moss (district 5)
Ian Hecox (district 2)
Olivia Sui (district 10)
Adelaide Randall (district 1)
Sydney Britt (district 9)
Noah Grossman (district 6)
Keirsten Long (district 6)
Finn Cuevas (district 12)
Wesley "Wes" Johnson (district 8)
Mari Takahashi (district 7)
Shayne Topp (district 7)

We're down to our final two!

Boze and Sohinki.

Word count: 1045

- Mai

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