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"So what parts of your character do you feel reflect on your own personality?" You asked Sicheng as you held your fork out to him, watching with feigned affection as his lips wrapped around the bite of dessert perched on the end of it.

This was a rather... regular occurrence in your developing kind-of relationship. Sicheng had sold your initial appearance at that red-carpet event as his officially bringing you, his 'girlfriend,' out into the limelight. To capitalize on the fact that paparazzi would be more inclined to follow you out together, you had many public dates. Like now, when you met up for lunch.

Sicheng was hiding his annoyance as he chewed and swallowed the food in his mouth, then replied, "Not much. I would not jump off an actual bridge for my significant other."

"Spoilers!" As you fervently typed out his answer, you scolded him, having not been around when they were filming that scene, or caught up on the drama either.

"More spoilers, my character lives," he scoffed, then swatted your phone out of your hand, narrowly missing sending it into your own plate of food. "Could you possibly be any more obvious that you're writing down everything I say?"

You refrained from glaring at him, instead narrowing your eyes the tiniest bit as you accepted the forkful of food he fed to you. It would have registered as funny to you, the contrast between your lovey-dovey actions and your actual content of conversation and feelings, if you weren't currently suppressing the urge to give him a good smack.

Turning your phone off, you offered him a stiff smile and swallowed your food. Your eyes drifted over to where you knew at least one paparazzi was lying in wait, camera snapping away. These pictures would end up everywhere, like they always did.

At first it was weird and difficult, trying to explain to your friends, family, and random acquaintances how exactly you'd began "dating" famous actor Dong Sicheng. Even Chengxiao and Xuanyi didn't know the full story, something you still felt guilty about. To them, you and Sicheng had clicked at the VIP lounge that first night and didn't want to admit the sudden nature of your relationship to the media.

To the media, you told them that you'd been dating for almost two years and had met by chance at an event. Half of that was right, at least.

And then of course, to you two and the other members of the VIP lounge, you weren't dating. They were the only people you could tell the truth to, Sicheng trusting them enough to keep your secret and understand the circumstances around it. Not to mention the two of you needed a place that you didn't have to act like a couple in, or you might actually kill each other.

They, of course, thought it was freaking hilarious. You knew that these pictures being taken right now would be added to the VIP member groupchat's own Wall of Fame. Which so far just consisted of the pictures from your 'dates' with Sicheng that the other members thought were the funniest and wanted to share with the whole chat. Ones where either you looked ridiculously in love, or when glimpses of your true murderous wishes peeked through.

"Anyway, sounds like you're a real romantic, Sicheng," you informed him sarcastically, going back to his answer of your previous question. "But I didn't mean something that specific. I meant something more like... how your character is loyal to only a select few people, for example. Or that he has a sweet tooth or whatever. I wasn't asking if you'd jump off a bridge for someone."

Sicheng looked about ready to snap back with something else but stopped himself. He had to hold up his end of the promise, to be cooperative. After all, he knew what would happen if he didn't. There was one time you were out, and he was being all pissy and stubborn again, so you simply let go of his hand and left him. Right when you knew a group of giggling fans had been filming you from afar. A fight, in public. Just what the fake relationship did not need.

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