Bonnie x Blind!Reader

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Slight edit bc I forgot which buttons were which T-T thank you Sammicakes_123 for pointing it out

also I will be rewriting this at some point bc it's literal garbage
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"..and this is the office." Scott said, as he was showing you around the pizzaria. You were gripping the wall as you walked the halls. You had stumbled a couple times, but it wasn't to much of an issue. You walked inside the office and felt around, getting an idea of what it looked like. "What are these buttons for?" You asked, touching the door and light buttons. "Those control the doors and lights. Since your blind, you won't be needing the top ones." "Ah, alright." You let go of the buttons, and before you could ask why you needed doors, you felt Scott leaving. "Good luck on your first night, Y/N!" . call after him, realizing this job might not have been as easy as you had first assumed. He didn't hear you, because he walks off, leaving you in the darkness.

It was 5 AM, and bonnie had showed up at your door. Being blind, you weren't aware of it. For the past hours, you had been sitting there, listening to try and get a sense of where the animatronics were. You had heard them moving a couple times, but as they got closer they got quieter. You heard a knock on the door. "H-hello?" You asked, not expecting an answer. "Are you not able to see?" The voice had asked. As you were about to answer, the 6 AM bell rang. You apologized to whoever was there that you had to leave and grabbed your stuff, walking out.

Second night, 2 AM. You had noticed that you can hear the animatronics walk up. It was a groaning sound instead of the metallic footsteps. Last night, you had assumed that it was the sounds of the office. didn't want to learn why they made the noise, but you decided you wouldn't question it. You heard the groaning on your left, and shut the door. After about two minutes you heard a knocking on the door, and a muffled voice asking to come in. "Depends on who you are." You said . "I'm the same guy from last night, the one who asked if you were blind." The voice said. "Fine, you can come in, but don't let the bots in." I said as I opened the door. "Thanks." "So what are you doing here?" You asked. "Well, I work a way.." What's that supposed to mean? Besides, Scott told me no one had permission to be in here at night except me and the animatr- "Your one of them. The animatronics, I mean." The person, I mean robot, in front of you had paused for a second, as if shocked. "How did you figure that out?" The animatronic asked. You explained your reasoning. "Huh. Makes sense, I guess. Welp, nice to meet you, I'm Bonnie the Bunny." "Y/N," you replied. "That's a nice name you got there." He said, smirking. "Why, thank you." The bell struck 6 AM. Was I talking to him for that long?  You wonder. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow!" You said. You hadn't gotten a reply. Guess he went back to the stage. As you walked out, you bumped into someone. "O-oh, I'm sorry!" You exclaimed. "Fuck off, you blind whore." You heard. You hung your head in shame as you left, not having the courage to talk back.

During the next few nights, you had gotten to know Bonnie better, while he himself was falling for you. It was your last night, and he was talking to the others. "Ay, the worst the lass could say is no." Foxy encouraged. "walk in there, and give her a quick peck on the cheek!" Chica was saying. "Okay. I got this. I can do this. I can...fuck it, no I can't." Bonnie said. He got shoved into the office. Walking towards you, he sent a death glare at the others, and they looked like fangirls. "Oh, hey bon-" Your words got cut off by a kiss. As soon as it came, it had left. Leaving you wanting more. "Y/n, I-" He paused. "I-I love you." You stood up, and felt his shoulder, working your hand up to his neck and face. "I understand if you don't-" As soon as you got to his lips, you leaned in and kissed him. He pushed you towards the wall, and deepened the kiss. You were the one to break it, needing air. "I guess there's my answer." He said.

It had been a few weeks, and you had applied for permanent night guard. Surprised by someone actually wanting the job after a week, Scott had given it to you and given you a raise. You were now walking towards the stage, tripping on a chair and hitting your head on a table. "Ow..." you moaned in pain. Bonnie rushed towards you. "Are you okay?" "I-I think so." you replied. He saw blood dribbling from your head, and picked you up bridal style. "H-Hey! What are you doing? Where are we going?" You rambled. "Shut up, your bleeding and im getting the first aid kit." He set you down on the table. "It can't be that bad." You said, feeling your head. You came across a spot drenched in blood. "I stand corrected, please do get the first aid." He was walking back, holding something. You could tell by how his steps sounded heavier than usual. "Okay, this is gonna sting." He said as he poured something on your head. You weren't prepared for the pain, and you yelped and started crying. You grabbed onto him, hugging him . "I know, I know. But we don't want to get it infected, do we?" He asked. You shook your head no as he started to bandage it. "How did you go blind, anyway?" He asked. "I was born with it." You said .  "Oh, ok." "I know, it's a big fucking pain." Bonnie stood there, shocked. He had never heard you cuss before. "Damn, it must suck big time for you to cuss." He said , pulling you into his arms and sitting down on the stage. "It does." You yawned, tired. "Try and get some sleep, babe. I'll watch and make sure no more chairs attack you. "Fuck off." You mumbled as you drifted off to sleep, snuggling into your boyfriend. He stared down at your sleeping form, chuckling at how clumsy you were.

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