Springtrap x Night Guard Reader

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EY!!! This is gonna have self harm, suicidal thoughts, abuse, the works. Be careful children!

Istg shush about the weebis thing or ill turn emo /hj

You walked into Fazbears Fright, making your way towards the office. You were the new night guard, albeit it didn't seem like they needed one. The moment you walked into the place you realized your uselessness. The entire place felt like..death. You knew someone had died here. As you walked through the place you felt..alone. You had expected to feel someone watching your, or some sort of presence, but it wasn't there. You sat down in your chair, taking that ugly ass hat off. You relaxed and started flipping through the cameras. There was nothing. You backed away from the cameras, wanting to save power. You looked around the office carefully, making sure you knew where everything was just in case someone did  break in. Considering they hired you to keep the place safe, it's strange they gave you no weapons. You could probably bring a baseball bat from home without to much trouble, right?

The first night was passing smoothly, until you decided to play mario kart with your chair. You ran into a wall and fell down, yelling out a string of curses. You could've sworn you heard a deep laugh from down the hall. "Bitch, you keep laughing! I'll slit your damn throat!" Threatening someone without actually having a weapon probably wasn't the best idea, but you don't like being laughed at. You didn't get a response, so you had assumed they had left. Just in case, you walked down the hallway, checking for any sign of anyone. You didn't find whoever had laughed, and the clock struck 6 AM. You walked out of the creepy ass building, wondering who it was that laughed. Oh well, i'll be better prepared tomorrow. You thought as you started to walk home.

As you got home, you could hear yelling from your house. Jesus Christ, here we go again... you thought as you walked in the door. "F/N L/N!! Where the living FUCK have you been!??" Your mother walked up to you and slapped you in the face. "Mom-""Don't call me that!! I refuse to be the mother of such a worthless child! Go to your room before i kill you." You said nothing as you walked into your room, holding your hand on the spot where she hit you. I'll kill that bitch one day. You thought as you changed and tried to get some sleep.

You woke up at around 1:30 in the afternoon. You heard screaming coming from the kitchen, and you knew your father was home. Hearing them yell was so damn stressful. You couldn't take it, and you decided to relieve your stress the only way you knew how. You took out a beautiful dagger you had gotten from an old friend. You lied it on your (s/c) skin. Do I really want to do this? I've been clean for months...You hear something shatter. That did it. You dragged the blade across your skin as , again and again. Watching the beautiful red liquid pour from your severed skin was relaxing, the pain gave you something else to focus on. You washed and bandaged your arms. I'll probably have to change them later tonight... You thought. You looked at your clock. It was 9:27. Have I really been sitting there that long? You got in the shower, making sure to be careful of your arms. Even if they've stopped bleeding, the wounds could open up any second. By the time you were all ready for work, it was time for you to leave. You grabbed your dagger and a baseball bat, putting them into your duffel bag. You started your walk towards Fazbears.

You got to the place without trouble, and unlocked the doors. You walked towards your office, and sat down in your office. I wonder if I'll run into whoever was here last night. Considering the situation, more people would probably be scared of whoever it was. You had a demon for a mother and and a ghost for a father. There wasn't much that could scare you. You checked the cameras, and just like last night there was nothing. You leaned back, hoping tonight was going to be just as easy as the one before. You leaned to far back, and started to fall. Again?? If this keeps happening I'm just going to sit on the damn floor. You hit the floor with a crash, landing on your arm. "Ow! Fuck, fuck fuck!! Ow that fucking hurt!" You kept repeating the words as you tried to recover from the pain. You say blood start to creep across the floor. "Oh hell..." You mumbled. "Guess this is a good excuse to change them.." You sat up and grabbed bandages, but before anything you heard a tapping on the window. You looked up, expecting to see someone, but instead you saw words on the glass. Are You OkAy? it read. (It was the phantoms, not springboi.) "I don't know who you are, but I'm fine. Thank you for asking."  You rolled up your sleeves and remove the blood soaked bandages, putting them into a plastic bag so they didn't make a mess. You took out new bandages, and started wrapping up your arms. As you finished you glanced up at the clock. It was around 4 am. Jesus Christ I need to stop spacing out. You heard metallic footsteps down the hall. "The Fuck? Who's wearing a metal suit?" You asked aloud. You saw a shit-green bunny person step into view just as you finished with you arms.

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