"I will bring the stars from the sky"

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Rose's POV
"Good morning" I texted Eran,having a good stretch on my tired body,rubbing my eyes. The morning sun shone bright,creeping into my room,lighting it up. Yesterday was a real weird day with two fights coming on my way. Ughh,I miss mum,wonder when these days are going to come to an end and she and dad would be back from their business trip.

There's just no doubt about the fact that these two weeks,I felt great talking with Eran. But other than the cute,Tom and Jerry arguments of us I have realized a thing that he and me are two different things. If he's the sun,I'm the moon but because of the sun's rays,the moon gleams. Basically the sun completes the magic of the moon just the way he completes me.

Did I make sense? No? Okay never mind

Maybe we would look really good together,maybe he can remove the void of my life but there's always one thing which stops me from continuing with this friendship or a future relationship. "Trust is the thing which is stopping you,sweetheart" said Veronica.


"Here you go" said Veronica as she handed me a cup of coffee,smiling and sitting right in front of me. "Just what I needed" I replied as I sipped on it. "Trust is the thing" she said again,as I looked towards her. "You are so afraid of love that you are really scared of continuing with this thing with him,but hey? Everyone doesn't get the opportunity of being blessed with a new chance in improving his or her life. Give it a try?"

I want to

"A try? It's my heart,Veronica. It's about my feelings. I really love him,I really do,I might show it to him as if I don't give a shit about him or I dont care or I am a very mean girl.. but only I know..how much I love him" I said,as looking straight towards her.

Veronica sighed, "I understand,and it's really evident with the fact how much he cares and loves you.." "no,it's not" I replied coldly. She made a 'what do you mean' face and her eye started to widen. "Yesterday I told him that yeah,I ignored him and all he said was just a bye,if he really did care about me? There would have been a hint of desperation and eagerness to know that why did I ignore him" I replied.

"You guys are still just friends,you need to give this thing some time,Rose. The way you always try to curtain your actual feelings in front of him,maybe even he's doing the same thing,you never know?" said Veronica as I took another sip of the coffee which was now totally cold and I pretended how much hot it was.

"You know about my health conditions,Veronica. There's seriously no guarantee of my lifespan and I do not wanna give him false hopes and let him weave dreams of our future,a future where there's no existence of me" I muttered,as my eyes started to water. "Staying away from him is really the best thing for both of us,he has got a life Veronica,and I do not want him to endure the pain of losing a girlfriend,he seriously deserves much more than that" I added more.

"Don't say stuffs like that,you will be fine soon! You were so confident two days back,about winning his heart and living together! What so happened in this one night that made you change your mind?" asked Veronica,stressed up. "Maybe back then I was prioritizing my own happiness,and was living a fairy tale life he was providing,completely forgetting the fact that he deserves happiness,and not sitting in the corner of his dark room,shedding tears for his beloved Rose's death" I replied as I got down from my bed,walking towards my bathroom.

"But Rose,he.." "End of discussion on this matter" I replied,putting the toothpaste on my black colored toothbrush.

"Got tired of your new prey already?" spoke that disgusting voice,who was no one but that uninvited guest. "Get a life" I spat as I walked towards my closet,to pick up an outfit for today's hospital session.

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