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Rose's POV
After dropping Daisy home,I didn't feel like staying over at her's because my mood was really bad,thanks to Eran. I walked back to my home all alone,plugging my headphones,thinking that I have been through this torture once back two years ago,when I used to date my childhood crush,Frank.

Frank and I,dated each other for four years. After finishing our school life together,he went to Canada for higher education purposes,along with fulfilling his dream of becoming a pilot. "I really have a wish to fly you and our family to a beautiful location,and we will have such a bright future together" he used to tell me these,back at school days.

After he went to Canada,we never got to speak regularly but as an obedient girlfriend should be,I used to keep him in my prayers and used to pray for his success. Well,we had a fixed time to chat for fifteen minutes,because during that fifteen minute he used to have his break time from his work,and that was the very time we used to chat.

I used to set my alarm to 3;45 am every night,just to wake up and get the opportunity to talk to him. Until one day,I got up from my sleep,and discovered that I was blocked from every social media possible,and that literally pushed me off the cliffs. Because,we used to talk for only fifteen minutes everyday and that was the only hope for me and the only thing which was keeping me alive.

Two months went by,and I used to talk to that one picture we clicked at one of our high school parties.  Blades used to give me a lot of pleasure,because as the blood crawled down my hands,it used to give me an intense satisfaction that yes,I'm able to tolerate pain,that yes I can do this alone all by myself and I don't need anyone.

Our friends used to tell me,that he used to hangout with another girl and that he moved on,others told me that his parents got to know about us and that's why he blocked me from everywhere. I never believed those shits and rumors,neither did I pay any attention towards the description of his dishonesty by his intimate friends.

Six months passed by,he unblocked me,and by that time my hands and knees were filled with cuts that my family had to inject me with some antibiotics and health related stuffs. Finally my mobile rang one day,and it was him. He apologized for not being able to keep any contacts and that his reasons were,that his parents got to know about our relationship and for some reasons his mum hated me.

After a year,I noticed him talking on different groups,without even having the idea of texting me back. That's when the bells rang and I knew,that I had to get over with this relationship which was now,nowhere close to,of getting a perfect future,or the type of the future I dreamt of,and that's when,I called it quits.

Ignorance,was something I hated the most after my first relationship,which was with Frank. After that,I had sworn that I would never get into a relationship where the other person ignores me,because I'm never the one to ignore people,be it a stranger,or my own boyfriend. Today,Eran ignored me the whole day just because I was in a movie thing with my friends.

And now I know,what am I going to do,the next moment I reach home..

Eran's POV
I still don't believe this! She is still out with her friends,I just saw Daisy's Instagram story where they all are posing together,and this time Rose's smile didn't make a difference to me as I was extremely mad at her for doing such a vile act. Well this wasn't a vile act,but it's just that,I'm super sensitive towards these issues.

In the future,we will be a very strong thing together,staying by each other's sides,fighting against all the odds,and I just know this,because she is exactly the kind of girl I have been looking for,throughout my life. Decent,simple,sorted and most importantly,a loyal beautiful girl. Am I judging her way too much for going out with that guy?

Well I don't think so I am? Because okay,I get it that I'm not her boyfriend but I'm surely her best friend at least? And I guess it's okay,to be possessive about her. Best friends gets possessive for each other right? They should! I absolutely support this idea! And now why am I suddenly sounding like a lecturer of a big university. I swear,she will drive me crazy one day,but whatever it is,I don't wanna think of spending my life without her.

Okay,lemme get online and see what she has to say. It wasn't that much of a big deal as well for me to stay this mad at her. Okay,kill the ego Eran,you can do it.

As soon as I got online,I was greeted with a bunch of messenger notifications from non other than Rose.

Awwwww.. she was concerned that I wasn't online.

Rose: "That's enough of me waiting for you,Eran. This was just a mere movie with my friends,and if you had to react in this way you could have told me that you ain't my type of a guy I would ever date! Cuz I hate guys who are this possessive and ignores me because of such a simple issue. I'm done here with you. Take care!"

Oh no..

God! This was what I was afraid of! She literally did the thing I was frightened about. Nooo!! I can't lose her! I quickly sat up straight from my bed,in which I was laying half of the day because of being sad over this issue.

Eran: "Rose! What happened? I'm sorry,I wasn't ignoring you,please talk to me?"

I texted,waiting for a reply as my legs started to tremble. I really wouldn't be able to handle this trauma if Rose leaves me. The problem is with me,with my attitude and nature,and she shouldn't be the one to leave me. I didn't come in her life to make her sad,I want to keep her happy the rest of her life.

Her life with me..

*Incoming a call from Ricky*

Now what is up with this lovefreak.

Ricky: "Eran,you free now? Let's meet up and discuss about our Canada plans"

Oh fish! Yeah!

Our Canada plans,of finishing off our education was our dream. Our dream to study together and leave this country. Ricky's main purpose was to go over there to meet up with his ex and also to achieve a higher degree,whereas I just needed an excuse to get out of this god forsaken country and erase down the terrible memories of Mary.

But I have Rose now..a reason for me to stay back with her..

Eran: "Can I talk with you later,about these issues? I'm really sleepy at the moment"
Ricky: "Okay"

And with that,he hung up the call and I quickly checked up on messenger and saw there still weren't any text messages from Rose. Did I really go too far this time? Out of all the fights we had till now,this was the first one she uttered the sentence of her being done with me.

Ughhh! Come on!

Lemme try texting her once again.

*To be continued*

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