3. In which Fay pulls a hickey prank on Elroy

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There was a 90 percent chance that this was all going to blow up in my face, but the silly and crazy part of me, wanted to pull this off. I literally spent all my time watching these types of videos on YouTube. If I wasn't on my script, which was given to me a few months back, I was on YouTube watching endless videos.

Thankfully, Elroy had been kind enough to cancel any shoot I had with Sparks due to my movie. I had also canceled my plans with other companies, in order to really prepare for it.

Today though, I had spent it working on several shoots for the movie, so I spent a lot of time with Jayden.

The idea hit me after the shoot ended. An hickey prank would be the perfect prank to pull on Elroy.

But I'd have to make sure it didn't escalate, that's if he noticed it at all.

I parked my car a few miles away from our house, pulling out my matte brown lipstick and eye shadow pallet, as I settled the camera on a perfect spot, so it'd film everything I was doing.

"Hey guys, today I have an evil plan brewing. I'm going to be pulling a hickey prank on my boyfriend to see how he reacts... Dangerous, I know. But the fun it promises is actually way better. I've always wanted to do this for a really long time, so I'm kinda nervous and excited. So here, I have with me a brown lipstick, I don't even know what I'm gonna be doing with it, but I have some few ideas from a few videos I've watched. So I'm gonna be putting some of the lipstick on my neck, not much though, so it wouldn't be too obvious." I chuckled, grazing my index finger around the side of the lipstick, and turning my rare-view mirror so I could examine my work.

I smudged it on a small area around my neck, making my skin there a shade darker.

I stopped to look at it... "My God guys, this looks so real. Let me just blend it up."

I opened my eye-shadow pallet, my eyes landing on the dark purple shadow I intended to use. I quickly applied a small amount, giving it that bruised look.

"I'm reconsidering this because it looks so real... I'm gonna get myself in trouble today." I turned to the camera again.

"Okay guys, let's head home and hopefully, come out of this with a boyfriend, and with myself being in one peice." I grinned.

Walking into the apartment was easy. I knew he was home, cause his car was parked in the garage.

I found him in the kitchen, his sketch pad in front of him and his phone in one hand...

Working as usual.

"Hey." I let my presence known, overly aware of my hair covering the fake hickey. I had a good idea on how to reveal it to him.

He looked up from his phone, a charming smile drawing on his lips. "Hey, you're back early, how was work?" He asked as I reached down to peck him on the lips, before moving to the fridge.

"Ugh, stressful. I didn't think making a movie was this stressful. There's a lot of homework to get done." I chuckled, kicking the fridge close with my leg before dropping the juice on the table and fishing for a glass cup.

"Anything that brings you money, and stresses you, is worth it." He said.

I rolled my eyes. "Only you would say that... You're a workaholic El, I think and will always think you need to find time for yourself, you know... Maybe go out sometime to chill with your college friends, or better still, your brothers."

He looked up at me with a brow raised. "Really? My brothers? I'd rather spend time here, with you, or at Sparks, than to try and pretend to be happy discussing useless things with Damien, or try to talk to Cade who doesn't even have the time for anyone, not even himself."

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