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Clumsy Meets Bipolar {COMPLETE} by bigayl69
Clumsy Meets Bipolar {COMPLETE}by Abigail🦋
"Because I am Kayden Woods and you are mine. Yes, I'm a jealous person, which means I won't let a random dick flirt with you over chocolate ice cream." He said...
Learning Purpose [Unus Annus Fanfiction] by GSQuareDNetwork
Learning Purpose [Unus Annus Fanfi...by Crooked Font
Mark Fischbach meets Ethan Nestor when he dies in a sudden car crash, only to wake up in a dark void. A year before this, he was told that he had a year left to live by...
1 year by LucidDreamingAllDay
1 yearby Lucid
Prince George is coming of age to get married but he doesn't want to so he runs away when he meets dream,dream doesn't know who George is but he fell for him at first si...
Back Into The Dark by CaitlinTheSurvivor
Back Into The Darkby Caitlin Alex Smith
Caitlin Winchester. She's the oldest Winchester. Or she was. Before she died. At 18 years old she died on a hunting trip with her dad. The boys were in a small town wait...
in the hideing  by innocentCrackHead
in the hideing by He11No
something went wrong...the purge was only supposed to last 48 hours.. but..its been a year and its still going. some volleyball players including suga, noya, and hinata...
Just 1 year by Am0urhollywood
Just 1 yearby Amourhollywood🤍
My daddy ain't give me the name for no reason. Now that he's gone I'm left in a rich city with a rude ass mother. I can't fit in so all I can do is stand out
Our 365 Days Together by Avianela
Our 365 Days Togetherby Avianela
Sapphire is a world-famous actor and has a big scandal right now! His name is one of the most searched in social media apps and he keeps getting hate comments. His manag...
Pregnant with my mates child { derek hale }  by all_stories_writer
Pregnant with my mates child { der...by all_stories_writer
We all know the how the story goes . Scott gets the bite , Derek helps ...... U know the rest . We all know Derek dates Jennifer , yeah the one we are all jealous of , y...
Daddy Issues  by midnight009325
Daddy Issues by midnight009325
This book is about a girl who has daddy issues and just moved in with her new parents. Her parents died when she was born so she never got to meet them. This girl has a...
seaman by -chentaesy
seamanby ( • )( • )ԅ(=‿=ԅ)
this will be all about my days without my brother and in one page it will have my stories for five days.
Big And Beautiful by Mazza15
Big And Beautifulby Mariam
May is struggling with her weight. She's fat and she knows it. Bullies tease her about it everyday yet she can't seem to motivate herself enough to do anything about it...
365 Days  by Firelord1129
365 Days by I'm smol
Jessica Trisha Ace is our protagonist. During her young days, she met someone... a small, awkward, boy who captured her heart... just as fast as he broke it. Over 10 ye...
365 Writing Prompts by SunshineCafe
365 Writing Promptsby Mochi
writing prompts to help me improve my writing over the next year. These prompts will most likely follow stories that I will create in the future, or are just creating th...
The story of us by sugarcoatedspice
The story of usby baby
Maybe it was that one night that changed my entire life.
I Married A Mafia Boss by Badest_Bitch_Ever
I Married A Mafia Bossby Badest_Bitch_Ever
23 year old Y/N was a normal young adult that lived a normal life....until she came along Joey. Joey is the worlds most powerful mafia boss. Y/n was just working late at...
365 Days To love you (DISCONTINUED) by rafaelarquiza
365 Days To love you (DISCONTINUED)by J.R Arquiza
"All that you are is all I'll ever need." Sarah Perez was known to be kind, beautiful, hot, smart and rich. Guys will quote just to court and steal her heart b...