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The Forgotten Child by Little1Writer
The Forgotten Childby Little Writer
"Actually I do. I'm working", I said with no emotion at all. They didn't deserve it. They don't get to know how I have felt through the years without them, I'm...
avani life with 5 brothers and the mafia by butterfly28288
avani life with 5 brothers and the...by Writer2323
avani was given 5 overprotective brothers and 2 loving parents who are all in the mafia explore life with her what will happen when she finds love? whats happens when s...
𝐄𝐌𝐌𝐘 | ✍︎︎ by qivine
𝐄𝐌𝐌𝐘 | ✍︎︎by 𝐍
KINDA SLOW UPDATES Ember had it rough. Taking care of her mother, at the young age of only 4 years old. While having to watch said mother get tortured by her husband. I...
Elizabeth's Story by TiffaneJones23
Elizabeth's Storyby Tiffane Jones
Elizabeth Jones doesn't have an easy life she is being abused by her mom (Sierra) and step-dad (Daniel). Don't mistake her as weak though, Liz is a strong willed 14 year...
The Lost Mafia Prince and Princess by Whywhywhyskittles
The Lost Mafia Prince and Princessby ♠︎
Meet Olivia and Lucas the lost Mafia twins The Twins where taken away from there father and 5 brothers at the age of 1 by there mother .There mother died 2 years ago th...
Them by AleksandraHercka
Themby Aleksandra Hercka
⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️ This may contain Self-harm Violence Adult language Death Mentions of Rape Human trafficking I also don't own any pictures unless said otherwise If y...
My Mafia Brothers ( On Hold ) by Khushboo152007
My Mafia Brothers ( On Hold )by Khushboo Dadwani
Riya Sharma is a sweet, kind and beautiful Indian girl. Living with her parents in America. When her parents die in a car accident. That's when she finds out she is ado...
When A Guy falls In Love by girlinfhink
When A Guy falls In Loveby Mj Luna
Megane Jaqueline "MJ" Martin is a very talented girl. She excels in different fields. Mapa academics man o sports. She's from a wealthy family yet she still st...
Not Alone  by Larryt1778
Not Alone by Larryt1778
Harry is the boy in the back of the class. He thinks he is unlovable and invisible. What happens when Louis decided to make a little group song to show Harry that he i...
My famous life by ShaunaNoonan
My famous lifeby Shauna Noonan
A girl who lives with her 5 brothers including Niall horan and Luke Hemings from 5sos she also I joys school with her best friends and summer holidays go really bad but...
The Reunion {one shot} by Larryt1778
The Reunion {one shot}by Larryt1778
It was a late July night when the boys finally made the call everyone was waiting for... •#4 - comingback •#13 - 5brothers
Living with the O'Brien boys by wislife
Living with the O'Brien boysby jessmiller7934
After a car crash that caused the death of both her parents only child Jessica Miller is shipped of to California to live with a close family friend. The one catch, she...
My 5 Brothers and I, rewritten? by GryffindorPrincess99
My 5 Brothers and I, rewritten?by GryffindorPrincess99
A story I had that got deleted when I was around 11, should I restart it?
The Wishing Tree by aly_is_swagger
The Wishing Treeby aly_is_swagger
Meet Belle a 16 yr old girl who lives with her mum, dad and 5 brothers. She moves to California and finds something magical. Read To Find Out!
Brother's Love by hannasheikk
Brother's Loveby Oparahilelily⛅
5 deadly mafia's leave their sister to a foster parents. It is to keep her out of danger after finding out their parents work. But, when they get their sister back, they...
Living with 5 brothers by howwouldwebeasstars
Living with 5 brothersby howwouldwebeasstars
Scarlett is 5 when her parents died in an accident. She has 5 brothers who are raising her.
Pretty Eyed Girl by depresshawnmendes
Pretty Eyed Girlby Eliza
Eliza Summers. She has a rare condition where her eyes are purple. She has some weird type of eating disorder. Her parents are rich. She lives in a big house with only h...