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Brother's Love by hannasheikk
Brother's Loveby Oparahilelily⛅
5 deadly mafia's leave their sister to a foster parents. It is to keep her out of danger after finding out their parents work. But, when they get their sister back, they...
Elizabeth's Story by TiffaneJones23
Elizabeth's Storyby Tiffane Jones
Elizabeth Jones doesn't have an easy life she is being abused by her mom (Sierra) and step-dad (Daniel). Don't mistake her as weak though, Liz is a strong willed 14 year...
Mafias kidnapped girl  by aaliyahabadbiddi11
Mafias kidnapped girl by Aaliyahsgirlyboy1
The only daughter of of 5 older brothers. Kehlani Rossi the mafia princess gets kidnapped by the Russian mafia.Her family has been looking for her for years.Can they fin...
𝐄𝐌𝐌𝐘 | ✍︎︎ by qivine
𝐄𝐌𝐌𝐘 | ✍︎︎by 𝐍
KINDA SLOW UPDATES Ember had it rough. Taking care of her mother, at the young age of only 4 years old. While having to watch said mother get tortured by her husband. I...
The Lost Mafia Prince and Princess by Whywhywhyskittles
The Lost Mafia Prince and Princessby ♠︎
Meet Olivia and Lucas the lost Mafia twins The Twins where taken away from there father and 5 brothers at the age of 1 by there mother .There mother died 2 years ago th...
Five Brothers by mafia__wh0re
Five Brothersby Alison;)
Isabella Night has 5 older brothers that she had no idea about till one of them showed up at her door at 6 in the morning. her mother sent a letter to her eldest son te...
Amalita's world by Laura_andersen
Amalita's worldby Red haired bicth
How will Amalita grow up, when she is raised by 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters? Why did their parents leave them and can they handel Amalita? Find out in Amalita's...
Them by AleksandraHercka
Themby Aleksandra Hercka
⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️ This may contain Self-harm Violence Adult language Death Mentions of Rape Human trafficking I also don't own any pictures unless said otherwise If y...
The Forgotten Child by Little1Writer
The Forgotten Childby Little Writer
"Actually I do. I'm working", I said with no emotion at all. They didn't deserve it. They don't get to know how I have felt through the years without them, I'm...
My 5 Brothers and I, rewritten? by GryffindorPrincess99
My 5 Brothers and I, rewritten?by GryffindorPrincess99
A story I had that got deleted when I was around 11, should I restart it?
Father's Love by Blossbloss101
Father's Loveby Blossbloss101
There was a little girl name Anesthesia Joy Henry she was in the foster system waiting on someone to adopt her, for 3 years she wait until her luck came a man name Grays...
MY 5 BROTHERS  by falkuuu
MY 5 BROTHERS by Falaknaaz Batliwala
This story really have a lot of grammar mistakes but I'll edit it as soon as possible. So, if you are a grammar freak.. DO NOT READ THIS STORY. A 14 year old girl who...
A New Life  by mathewgraygublerrr
A New Life by mathewgraygublerrr
Max Romero Is a15 Year old Girl, she was once a shy girl with a shadow over her but After Both of her parents died in a tragic Car Accident it resulted in her having to...
avani life with 5 brothers and the mafia by butterfly28288
avani life with 5 brothers and the...by Writer2323
avani was given 5 overprotective brothers and 2 loving parents who are all in the mafia explore life with her what will happen when she finds love? whats happens when s...
I'll cry if that is what you want . I'll kill myself if that is what you need . But please.............. let me be ! ~lili lili a 14 years old girl who lost her whole w...
Keeping Alive by MohanManju
Keeping Aliveby MohanManju
Ariana DeCostello - A simple girl from a very rich Greek family, The DeCostellos. Being the only woman in her family, she was pampered by her 5 elder brothers and dad...
Not Alone  by Larryt1778
Not Alone by Larryt1778
Harry is the boy in the back of the class. He thinks he is unlovable and invisible. What happens when Louis decided to make a little group song to show Harry that he i...
The Reunion {one shot} by Larryt1778
The Reunion {one shot}by Larryt1778
It was a late July night when the boys finally made the call everyone was waiting for... •#4 - comingback •#13 - 5brothers
Living with 5 brothers by howwouldwebeasstars
Living with 5 brothersby howwouldwebeasstars
Scarlett is 5 when her parents died in an accident. She has 5 brothers who are raising her.