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Drarry- It Was All Just a Game (Original Version) by Write_me227
Drarry- It Was All Just a Game (Or...by Write_me227
When Draco comes up with an idea to mess with Harry during the Triwizard Tournament, will he be the one who will get burned in the end? Drarry #wattpride #drarry If you'...
His Servant by Aerosiane
His Servantby <3
Y/n l/n is just an average 18 year old, 7th year Ravenclaw. Lucius Malfoy is vice headmaster at Hogwarts, who has lost yet another house elf, or in his words, a servant...
Friends behind closed doors-Drarry by ryleerabbit231
Friends behind closed doors-Drarryby Elaina.blackwood
Harry and Draco have been friends since the start but only when alone, you see with Draco's father being a death eater it would of put a risk to Harry's safety and Draco...
So I'm perfect,Pottah?/Drarry by Living4Drarry
So I'm perfect,Pottah?/Drarryby Yui Potato
Potter and Malfoy where fighting again.Potter then told Malfoy how he is so spoiled and has a PERFECT life.Later he notices his huge mistake I don't own none of the pic...
I Love you (Harry Potter Love Story) by thedobbylover
I Love you (Harry Potter Love Stor...by Venessa Richardson
In a world where Peter had never betrayed the Potter's and they had survived. Years later join the Maurders children the Maurderettes as the go on their own journey in H...
ᏴᎪᏴY ᏓᎾᏴ    ♡    sɪʀɪᴜs ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ by JustJazmineR
ᏴᎪᏴY ᏓᎾᏴ ♡ sɪʀɪᴜs ʙʟᴀᴄᴋby JustJazmineR
Allendra Curtis just found out that she was pregnant, in the end of summer. And she thinked back on who she slept with, and it was noneother than Sirius Black. Both Drun...
The Plan by ahopelessromantic15
The Planby A Hopeless Romantic
It's Adira Rose's and James Sirius Potter's final year at Hogwarts and they're head boy and girl, which sadly for them, mean there stuck sharing their own common room...
143 - Jegulus by Simply_just_a_simp
143 - Jegulusby ReggieStan
I had this idea written in my notes app for awhile and finally decided to write it This book is completed!!! I love everyone that was reading this book while it was ongo...
The Baby Assignment?|Draco Malfoy by Weasley_Malfoy_Dean
The Baby Assignment?|Draco Malfoyby ⇠⋘Ϗ𝛂Ҽ𝕕𝛂𝝶ᏣҼ⋙⇢
Forced to be together, Married,become fake parents then not long after real parents, how will this and their paths tie perfectly in a pink, or blue, bow? "A baby g...
The Seventh Year (Dramione Fanfiction) by slythering-in
The Seventh Year (Dramione Fanfict...by slythering-in
-WATTY'S LONGLIST 2018- When McGonagall requests that every student repeat the grade they had just finished due to the distractions of the previous year, the whole gang...
Not Him | Jily by jilymarauders
Not Him | Jilyby jilymarauders
James Potter knows he should give up - Lily Evans will never love him - but he just can't seem to. After accidentally overhearing a conversation between Lily and Marlen...
Love like no other <3 (Druna fanfic) by AlwaysSeverusSnape
Love like no other <3 (Druna fanfi...by AlwaysSeverusSnape
[COMPLETED] Draco Malfoy is an ex Death Eater. Everyone knows this, and no one forgets. He returns for his seventh year at Hogwarts hoping for a fresh start. Luna Lovego...
The Wand of Ravenclaw by Th3Alch3mist
The Wand of Ravenclawby Th3Alch3mist
Seventh year dawns, and the Horcruxes remain as elusive as ever. Harry takes up the hunt, and as his friendship with Hermione blossoms into something more, both come to...
Right About Cedric | | Cedric Diggory by truffles_7
Right About Cedric | | Cedric Digg...by honey_hogwarts
when 14-year old elizabeth martin gets accepted to hogwarts, she meets many new friends, including the famed harry potter. but, as she expands her social circle, she dev...
Since You Walked into My Life (Theomione) by BigCountryfan
Since You Walked into My Life (The...by Mary Viola
New Story ~~ Hermione Granger, a muggleborn witch, returns back to Hogwarts to redo 7th year. She is Headgirl this year and has to live with the HeadBoy for the scho...
The Notebook (dramoine) by Christina200615
The Notebook (dramoine)by Christina Cora
It's their 7th year at Hogwarts! Hermoine is the head girl with Draco!! Find out how they find love through a simple notebook. also something you haven't expected!!
I Need Time (Drarry) (Book Two Of Kidnapped Series) by Animelover4442
I Need Time (Drarry) (Book Two Of...by Animelover4442
Sequel to Kidnapped. Harry has ignored Draco for weeks, slowly killing himself in the process. When Harry goes on the most dangerous mission yet he gets possesed. Will...
Protector by Celle333
Protectorby Giselle Orozco
**UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!** pro·tec·tor prəˈtektər noun 1. a person or thing that protects someone or something. - After Percy Jackson gets betryed b...
forest runaways [harmione] ✔️ by MyBoyBleu
forest runaways [harmione] ✔️by ok
"im not perfect but i feel perfect in your eyes" CONTROL::PART 2