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Phoenix High by Swagkittyspottedleaf
Phoenix Highby Cakegirl
~After running and hiding for most of her life, Aphmau decided to move to the city Pheniox Drop to try to forget about her life and start a new life. But, will her past...
His Luna by VioletViety
A legend going around. People were talking about The Ultima's Luna. Honestly everyone knows about The Ultima Werewolf. And the fact that Aaron Lycan has the curse. Most...
The Return Of The Emerald Secret (Zane Ro'meave) by Breana_bobanna
The Return Of The Emerald Secret (...by Bre 😼
It's been three months after the incident at the Lodge, everything seems like things will go back to normal, or has Zane and the others really escaped the grasp of Ein? ...
Random Aphmau One-Shots by itsanacount
Random Aphmau One-Shotsby -ERROR-
Sorry, there is only going to be my ships. I do take request just comment or message me with one of the three ships I write about and the prompt, and anymore information...
Aphmau Starlight Rewritten (Zane Ro'Meave) by Thexeum
Aphmau Starlight Rewritten (Zane R...by Thexeum
Zane Ro'Meave was never told what he was, all he knew was he wasn't normal. powers of a sorts that he couldn't control flowed through his veins. His father kept him in t...
I Am Alone by IvyMooreChild
I Am Aloneby Ivy
I awake at the sound of howling, on a cold, frigid shoreline. The icy wind blowing snow flecks into my stark black hair. "H-how, how did I get here?" I think...
Tiny Aarmau Oneshots by IvyMooreChild
Tiny Aarmau Oneshotsby Ivy
Hey peeps, I'm now 20 years old, in college, and am coming out of a several year long depression spiral. Hello, anyone still around, and welcome anyone new. My name is I...
Roommate's |Aarmau AU by AbrahamLincoln89
Roommate's |Aarmau AUby lego
when Aphmau's mom told her that she's moving in with someone she's never meet before it's a surprise working only one job that only pays minimum wage it forced her to ta...
Aarmau OneShots by TheGamerAndTheRose
Aarmau OneShotsby TheGamerAndTheRose
Completed. OneShot book 1. Just some Aarmau Oneshots. Yep that's about it.
MyStreet: Season 6 - Fanfiction by AlyGrace5
MyStreet: Season 6 - Fanfictionby Aly Grace
Ein has returned, Garroth is on the brink of life and death, and the world may rediscover the existence of Ultimas. Follow the lives of the original MyStreet cast in thi...
Aphmau In Heat🍋❤️ ( Done) by Rarity_1873
Aphmau In Heat🍋❤️ ( Done)by 💕 Arara gomen🤩
Aaron touched Aphmau's tail, once you do that your mate is in heat. Will Aaron find out? Read to see what happens.
Aphmau and Aarons Family by unicorncat_101
Aphmau and Aarons Familyby Unicorncat_nya~
This takes place after The Angle falls, Aaron went back home and Aphmau stayed on Star Light the gaurdian force lets Aphmau keep her phone so she can check up on Aaron t...
Aphmau's Baby by theytrynaeatcrack
Aphmau's Babyby theytrynaeatcrack
This is dedicated to Aphmau and to her Mystreet series. I'm in 2018 right now watching her Falcon Claw University series. I'm gonna be bringing back the time Garroth and...
A normal night in the Woods by Neko_Hannah
A normal night in the Woodsby Neko_Flower
Remember how we found out that Aaron and Aphmau performed the horizontal tango in the woods? Well this is a lemon story of what my dirty mind imagined it might have went...
Remember (Mystreet Fanfic) by TheSorceressKath
Remember (Mystreet Fanfic)by TheSorceressKath
So this Mystreet fanfic takes place after Starlight Wonderland. This is my first fanfic so please don't be too mean about it! Much love to you Wizards! <3 (Most ideas...
Reality's Dream (MCD & Mystreet Crossover) by AuthorSenpai-3-
Reality's Dream (MCD & Mystreet Cr...by Jayne
Aaron, Aphmau, Kawaii Chan and Zane all go on a double date. I guess no one considered the fact that they may not come back from it. Something strange happened on thei...
Hiding his baby(aarmau) by aarmaufangirl4545
Hiding his baby(aarmau)by Unknown girl
Aphmau and Aaron were dating back at falcon university but until
What did you do, Aphmau?(REWRITEN) by Headcannons
What did you do, Aphmau?(REWRITEN)by Misty the mess
Aphmau has been turned into a boy, not just a boy, but quite hot one. Aaron has always been straight, but not any more. How the hell is he gonna live through this? And w...
MyStreet Season 7 (ABANDONED) by Galaxygirl_1626
MyStreet Season 7 (ABANDONED)by Galaxy
Everyone back at Starlight heads home, while Aphmau and Travis are stuck in the hospital. They plan to keep the events of Starlight from Laurance and Dante who were left...
Aarmau High School Story by jelsa_lover123
Aarmau High School Storyby Leah'xo
Meet Aphmau Phoenix; she isn't like all the other teenagers at school. She has no friends, she hasn't even been seen eating, she always has a hood up or a mask covering...