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Mashed Potatoes (A Garmau Fan Fic) COMPLETED by NotFromThisDimension
Mashed Potatoes (A Garmau Fan Fic) 👻Yuki~Trashness👻
At school, Aphmau is smart, creative, and the guys think she is pretty. But she is also bullied and she is neglected by her father. She lives in a world of hate and dark...
Taken For Power (A Garmau, Laurmau, and Danmau Fan Fic) COMPLETED by NotFromThisDimension
Taken For Power (A Garmau, 👻Yuki~Trashness👻
Zane wants Aphmau's power, village, but most of all, to see her suffer. And he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. When Aphmau is taken by Zane, Aphmau's guards/f...
Aphmau MCD Oneshots by arsogyptinc
Aphmau MCD Oneshotsby arsogyptinc
Just a bunch of random Oneshots loosely based off of events that took play in MCD
The Secret Admirer//Garmau AU by TheAmazingAnimeLover
The Secret Admirer//Garmau AUby ☆*。o(εmmα)o 。*☆
It was one letter A love letter That was sent from a secret admirer That changed her life ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ It was one letter A love letter That he sent to his admired girl Th...
Aphmau Lemons  by SlytherpuffFanfics
Aphmau Lemons by SlytherpuffFanfics
❗️❗️WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT, only read if your brain is fucked up like mine. I don't wanna ruin you❗️❗️ *All Fanart Pictures used in the stories are not mine*
Taken away   (Zanmau) [completed] by DeathDragon202
Taken away (Zanmau) [completed]by .D.D.202 💗🍰
SHOUT OUT TO: ZeroIntolerance for the cover, and also KittyKatKombo1234!!!! Aphmau goes to the Phoenix drops gates. She finds Zane there, his mask was of and he had a sm...
Alpha and Luna (Aphmau: Aarmau AU) by prettypinklass
Alpha and Luna (Aphmau: Aarmau AU)by ◦•●◉✿ ~ℙ𝔦ŇҜ𝕀€~ ✿◉●•
"Your an idiot..." "It's better then Katelyn being dead..." "Your still an idiot..." "Your a potato." ▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪...
Royal or Loyal? [A garmau AU] ✔️ by babyduckyyy
Royal or Loyal? [A garmau AU] ✔️by Kyree’s old account
Aphmau Jessica Phoenix. One of the most wanted fugitives of the entire Ru'an region. She's a criminal, a thief, a threat. Every village is offering a big reward for her...
The Heartbreaker And The Heartless ⏤ GARMAU by celestialnovvas
The Heartbreaker And The ༄ؘ。˚☽𝒄𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒂𝒍𝒏𝒐𝒗...
Garroth Xander Ro'meave. "Heartless" is his title. After being so heartbroken by the one he thought he loved, he now refuses to fall in love ever again. Sh...
Garmau One Shots by simplypaloma_
Garmau One Shotsby Paloma🕊
"I won't promise anything" I say trying to hide my smirk A sudden chill runs through her and I feel my arms raise up from where they were before. Her small bod...
Phoenix Drop High School by Lexi323
Phoenix Drop High Schoolby Lexi Right
Aphmau has just moved to Phoenix drop after her parents mysteriously disappeared. She starts a new school Pheonix drop high where she unknowingly captures the attention...
A Princess and Her Knight : Garroth x Aphmau by savyresaro
A Princess and Her Knight : rika
A Princess And Her Knight DISCLAIMER: I legit made this story when I was like ten please don't @ me I'm aware it has a lot of mistakes and etc Aphmau, the princess of Ph...
soulmates : a garmau fanfiction ✓ by gxrxlla
soulmates : a garmau fanfiction ✓by gerella
"They're soulmates, literally." Aphmau Phoenix was a normal young adult living adulthood, living with her best friends. She was very caring and sweet towards o...
•°•My Little Tsun~Tsun•°•  ♥Travlyn♥ by majestickittycat
•°•My Little Tsun~Tsun•°• ♥ Inactive
Highest Ranks: #99 in fanfiction #2 in Travlyn fan fictions (Thank u so much!!!) Art in cover by BaconTale on Tumblr ❤ •°•°•°•°• Katelyn Firefist lives in the state of...
Aphmau Oneshots! Requests Open! by Tub_of_Margerine
Aphmau Oneshots! Requests Open!by Kit
Requests are open! I'll do fluffs and lemons for most ships! Enjoy~
Baby You're A Firework (Laurence x Reader) [COMPLETE] by PeytonWrites_
Baby You're A Firework (Laurence Peyton
Laurence is the lead singer in Phoenix Drops local band, The Flames. While holding auditions for another lead vocals, Laurence is mesmerized by (Y/n) (L/n). A local town...
The Ro'meave Sister [MCD Fanfic] ✔︎ by vyladsama
The Ro'meave Sister [MCD Fanfic] ✔︎by vyladsama
conceal (v): the act of keeping something a secret, to protect from being known or noticed. Cassie is Vylad's secret twin sister, handed over to Hyria at birth, to prev...
-+-Shooting Stars-+- Laurence X Reader (MCD FF) ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ by majestickittycat
-+-Shooting Stars-+- Laurence X Inactive
Hi readers! This is the remake of my (other) Laurence X Reader. I got rid of it though because I gave up on it. This one will be better! Hope you enjoy! ~Senpai-Kitty Yo...
Binding love(Aaron x reader mystreet ) REWRITE by KC2308
Binding love(Aaron x reader Badbitch
NEW DESCRIPTION!!! Y/n is moving to Mystreet with her old roommate let's see how this goes. I WRITE THIS STUFF AT THE WORST TIMES POSSIBLE WHILE IM EXTREMLEY TIRED AND...
love me back or else! : a garmau fanfiction ✓ by gxrxlla
love me back or else! : a garmau gerella
″or else what?″ Aphmau Jessica, most baddest bitch in Phoenix Drop High, although very popular, for her looks, her money, her attitude and her relationships with boys. A...