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Bring You Back ✔️| Aphmau Fanfiction  by uchihaface
Bring You Back ✔️| Aphmau echo
[After Season 1 MCD] When Aphmau finds out that there was a way to bring Aaron back...she'll do anything. Even if she has to go risk her child's life for Aaron. But if...
Love? Definitely not. [Travlyn mini-fic] ✔︎ by vyladsama
Love? Definitely not. [Travlyn vyladsama
After the events of the a-con, Katelyn wants nothing more than to lock herself in her room and ignore everyone... especially Travis. But when she finds herself isolated...
The Ghost That Rides In Our Silent Car.  by Starkhan94
The Ghost That Rides In Our Kenzilla🌸
A tragic incident happened to the crew and they all have different ways of dealing with the pain. Float away in peace. Float away in happiness. Float away in pain. 🎈 ...
Aphmau MCD Oneshots by arsogyptinc
Aphmau MCD Oneshotsby arsogyptinc
Just a bunch of random Oneshots loosely based off of events that took play in MCD
Alpha and Luna (Aphmau: Aarmau AU) by prettypinklass
Alpha and Luna (Aphmau: Aarmau AU)by ◦•●◉✿ ~ℙ𝔦ŇҜ𝕀€~ ✿◉●•
"Your an idiot..." "It's better then Katelyn being dead..." "Your still an idiot..." "Your a potato." ▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪•▪...
Aphmau's Secret Youtuber Life by abbyuniverse
Aphmau's Secret Youtuber Lifeby abbyuniverse
Aphmau is a new student at Phenix Drop High, she has no parents so she lives alone, she faces bullies and love. but no one knows her secret identity is the famous youtub...
The Ro'meave Sister [MCD Fanfic] ✔︎ by vyladsama
The Ro'meave Sister [MCD Fanfic] ✔︎by vyladsama
conceal (v): the act of keeping something a secret, to protect from being known or noticed. Cassie is Vylad's secret twin sister, handed over to Hyria at birth, to prev...
Royal or Loyal? [A garmau AU] ✔️ by babyduckyyy
Royal or Loyal? [A garmau AU] ✔️by Kyree’s old account
Aphmau Jessica Phoenix. One of the most wanted fugitives of the entire Ru'an region. She's a criminal, a thief, a threat. Every village is offering a big reward for her...
PHOENIX DROP HIGH by lollipops1122
Aphmau just moved to Phoenix drop she and she misses her old friends from home (Jin ,Ross ,Barney ,and Sky) But she is excited to make new friends. Join Aphmau in her hi...
Minecraft Diaries Oneshots by KatCanWrite
Minecraft Diaries Oneshotsby Kat
This book is filled with lots of MCD ships! This book is very appropriate, not much steamy stuff going on in here. No original characters or people not mentioned in the...
Aarons Sister|Reader x LoversLane|An Aphmau Fanfiction by sociopathicvibe
Aarons Sister|Reader x LoversLane| - kai parker
WAIT? AARON'S SISTER IS COMING?! Yep that's right Y/N is moving back to Lovers Lane. We haven't seen her since High School! Man i do miss her beautiful Y/E/C eyes and he...
fragments → garmau • mcd au by timelesslywasted
fragments → garmau • mcd auby zero gt
My name is Garroth O'khasis. I live in Phoenix Drop, and attend Phoenix Drop High as a senior. And I don't believe in love. ||completed||
Binding love(Aaron x reader mystreet ) REWRITE by KC2308
Binding love(Aaron x reader Badbitch
NEW DESCRIPTION!!! Y/n is moving to Mystreet with her old roommate let's see how this goes. I WRITE THIS STUFF AT THE WORST TIMES POSSIBLE WHILE IM EXTREMLEY TIRED AND...
Never Leave Me; A Garmau Fanfic by _Shippers_Unite_
Never Leave Me; A Garmau Fanficby Mystic
Aphmau is new in the village of Phoenix Drop and she immediately becomes known throughout the village. Garroth is head guard in Phoenix Drop and starts developing feelin...
the life of abuse ↬ aphmau by oreotaemilkeu
the life of abuse ↬ aphmauby <3
My name is (Y/N) (L/N), I am 18 and my life consist of constant abuse. I haven't been to school since elementary and my mom home schooled me. For any small break I had I...
Immortality\\Garroth Fanfiction by Candi_Writes
Immortality\\Garroth Fanfictionby ★ 🅒🅐🅝🅓🅘 ★
I remember when the world was silent. There was noting. I was destined to be the next lord. All I had to worry about was getting to bed on time. Yet, I hated that life...
♥A Garroth x Reader Fanfiction♥ by ZombiLuva
♥A Garroth x Reader Fanfiction♥by ZombiLuva
"Hey Garroth! So, I was wondering if we could talk." "Sure, I have time right now." He waited for me to say something. "... in private." I...
#1 Aphmau Oneshots! by hannahdashipper
#1 Aphmau Oneshots!by hannah<3
(#10 in Aarmau) this book will be full of aphmau related oneshots (open for requests), xreaders, memes, and shipbattles in the comments and the chapter. Ik Jess wouldn't...
seven months → garmau au by timelesslywasted
seven months → garmau auby zero gt
I was put with a girl for seven months as an experiment; an experiment to see if time spent with a person of opposite gender will gradually make both sides fall in love...
Minecraft Diaries Short Stories by Phoenix_Drop_Factory
Minecraft Diaries Short Storiesby Typing Tramps
Hey Guys! Casper here to say I'm starting a book on short stories on Minecraft Diaries/Aphmau. -- This book contains all types of stories! I have ships in here that are...