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The Sunken Ship {Garrence} by Gothic_Goblin_Girl
The Sunken Ship {Garrence}by Lo Jerred
this is a story full of romance and mystery, about a love between a pirate and a prince. What will happen when the prince finds he's in love with a man in the 1700s? Wha...
Garroth, Zane and Vylad One Shots by GarGar_CarCar
Garroth, Zane and Vylad One Shotsby GarGar_CarCar
just some fluffy Ro'Maeve Brother one shots because I miss them. Also a ton of crack. Minecraft diaries and mystreet!
If Garroth and Laurence saw each other again,in Starlight by garrothfan
If Garroth and Laurence saw each MJweirdo
It happens in starlight when they finally see each other again after so many months. Will they get back together after hanging out for awhile and get use to new things...
Garrence: I Need You  ~Lemons~ :) + headcanons by AngelWaffleCake
Garrence: I Need You ~Lemons~ :) AngelWaffleCake
This story begins at the time of PDH where Garroth starts having problems with someone who is using him to get closer to someone else. Laurence comforts Garroth through...
Garrence OneShots by xKittehh
Garrence OneShotsby Kittehh
Here's a collection of all my NSFW and SFW Vylante one shots for all of your Garroth and Laurence needs.
Blank Space {a Garrence FF} by Tiny_Cat1
Blank Space {a Garrence FF}by Tiny_Cat1
Isolation AU *** Test subject #1 Laurence Zvahl Age: 16 Years in isolation: 12 Test Results: /classified/ Test subject #2 Garroth Ro'Meave Age: 16 Years in isolation: 0...
Oneshots (Garrance Mostly)  :) by TheOtherOneWasTaken
Oneshots (Garrance Mostly) :)by Visio
Sooo... I've been really wanting to start one of these, and I'll post whenever I have time, meaning that there is no schedule to this book, so yea. ... *Cricket chirping...
Ro'Meave Dinner (OneShot) by xKittehh
Ro'Meave Dinner (OneShot)by Kittehh
Zianna decides that it's time for a family dinner featuring all of her boys and their significant others! (Fluff) (All characters belong to Aphmau) (Lots of Fluff) ((Art...
Passionate- Garroth x Laurence (Garrence fan fiction) [Aphmau] by TheGarrenceFanClub
Passionate- Garroth x Laurence ( TheGarrenceFanClub
An Aphmau original fan fiction. -Warning-this is pretty gay- Garroth and Laurence are best friends that have just started the senior year! But a story can only begin or...
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis and Vylante. by WillowChanFics
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis Willow~Chan
The casanovas have each taken an interest in a certain male on MyStreet. All from the same family. Each of the casanovas likes one of the Ro'Meave brothers and needs to...
Aphmau ships truth or dare by theishfudge87
Aphmau ships truth or dareby Mama Fudge
Basically, My friends and I torture the mystery characters!
~ Aphmau Oneshots ~ by Mewpaw1
~ Aphmau Oneshots ~by Hannah :3
Discontinued. Thank you for reading! Cover Art: FlyingPings
ZaneChan One-Shot Book by xKittehh
ZaneChan One-Shot Bookby Kittehh
Here's a collection of all my NSFW and SFW ZaneChan one shots for all of your Zane and Nana needs.
Changed[Aaron x Ein] by Anime_Wolf12
Changed[Aaron x Ein]by //Wolf-Pup\\
Ein was trying to start over at Falcon Claw University. He thought he wouldn't find anyone from his old school there but he was sorely mistaken. His roommate was no othe...
Phoniex Drop High, Freshman Year (COMPLETED) by MysticalPlanet
Phoniex Drop High, Freshman Year ( Mystical
This is off of Aphmau's series of Pdh so hopefully this will be a series. Everyone is the same age here, including Aaron. So They all could be in school together and ha...
Guardian Angels-a garrence / larroth fanfiction by Pika051
Guardian Angels-a garrence / Pika051
Laurance is abused. Garroth is an angel. Laurance prays. Garroth finds a job. They fall for each other. They know what will happen if they were to be together. But they...
Since We Have Fallen In Love... [Garrance AU] {Book 2} (Completed) by katgamez2000
Since We Have Fallen In Love... [ ~Kat~
~Disclaimer~ This is a sequel to the first book "If We Fall In Love...". Make sure you have read that, in order to understand this story. I hope you enjoy. ? ~...
Crazy Emo Dorks (Zane x Reader) by ThePastelKitty
Crazy Emo Dorks (Zane x Reader)by Kitty
"Y/N! Wake up! It's all over!" Travis yelled. "It's never going to be over." I whispered and my eyes shut. ➳ "Y/N?" Zane asked, holding my...
My Love//A Larroth AU by Candi_Writes
My Love//A Larroth AUby ★ 🅒🅐🅝🅓🅘 ★
Laurance and Garroth return to Scaleswind University to finish Garroth's last semester before graduation. Yet, they have more then lectures and grades to worry about. Wi...
We'll Never Fall In Love [Garrance AU] {Prequel To If We Fall In Love} by katgamez2000
We'll Never Fall In Love [ ~Kat~
"We'll never fall in love." "Are you certain about that, Garroth?" "Positive." "What if he likes you?" "He hates me, and I h...