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Summer Heat ( Warning Zane x Travis yaoi smut! ) by Boys-Fuck-Boys
Summer Heat ( Warning Zane x Supreme Dick Lover
After Travis expresses his feelings for Zane at the beach a long chain of events unfold. Full of sex, swearing and most of all gay, this may just be THE best Zanvis fic...
Letter's by Zanvis-blog
Letter'sby Puddles
Zane has always had a crush on a certain someone since he was 15. But Zane, being a closeted gay man, decided that the other person would never love him back. So he put...
Changed[Aaron x Ein] by Anime_Wolf12
Changed[Aaron x Ein]by //Wolf-Pup\\
Ein was trying to start over at Falcon Claw University. He thought he wouldn't find anyone from his old school there but he was sorely mistaken. His roommate was no othe...
The Foster Kid Notebook {A P.D.H AU) by H3llodarkness
The Foster Kid Notebook {A P.D.H H3llo
You'd never expect that some of the most perfect students aren't that perfect at all. Vylad, Zane, Garroth, Aphmau and their adorable kitten Kawaii~chan are all foster...
| Hybrid Problem | by seaXstar
| Hybrid Problem |by Star
Its transformation day, tomorrow's the trip to LLP. We,the Ro'maeve brother, are doomed. [ HIGHEST RANKING ] > #127 - vylante / 12 May 2018 > #209 - garrance / 12...
Little Zane by Ani-meow1200
Little Zaneby Tobi :D
Zane has bad anxiety and depression. He stresses over the tiniest of things and it drives him crazy. He finds comfort in things made for children. Every night before he...
Garroth and Zane one shots by AussieAstro8
Garroth and Zane one shotsby Astria_uhinged
just Garroth and zane from Aphmau going through it, because I'm bored
Unintended Romance - A Zanvis Fanfiction by baekown
Unintended Romance - A Zanvis Ryan
First, the cover is by yaoigirls397 on DeviantArt. Second, I absolutely love Aphmau! My favourite ships, of course, are Zanvis, Vlante, and Garrance ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Anywa...
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis and Vylante. by WillowChanFics
The Brothers. Garrence Zanvis Willow~Chan
The casanovas have each taken an interest in a certain male on MyStreet. All from the same family. Each of the casanovas likes one of the Ro'Meave brothers and needs to...
Aphmau Yaoi One shots.  by TsunamiTiger
Aphmau Yaoi One shots. by TsunamiTiger
The title explains it. Yaoi One shots, hope you enjoy. Plz remember to check out my other stories as well like other fandom stuff, One shots, & other fanfics. Includes:...
Zanvis Fanfiction by MinecraftDiariesSins
Zanvis Fanfictionby Meppy
After their first kiss, Travis is confused about his and Zane's relationship. Was he sending mixed signals, or did he want to be something more than friends...? "I...
MCD Oneshots by TheUnheardWriter
MCD Oneshotsby U H W
Just a bunch of one shots from different MCD and MS ships. Lemons may be included~ Order so far: Vylante (Fluffy) Gaurance (Lemon) Gaurance (Fluffy)
Depressed and Possessed (A Zanvis Fanfic) by DireNightmare
Depressed and Possessed (A Dire Nightmare
Zane Ro'maeve is abused by his father. Travis Valkrum is possessed by a blood-thirsty demon. Can these two boys find love through the pain?
Is this Love? {Zanvis AU} by Hoodiegirl1620
Is this Love? {Zanvis AU}by Hood(ie)
It all started with a party.........when he made a friend.......and when they found the love of their life. • • (This is where Dante and Travis live together and Zane li...
|Moments Of Time|Zanvis Fanfic| by GG_FANFICS
|Moments Of Time|Zanvis Fanfic|by IM STUPID AS FUCK
Zane the most shy person on Mystreet. And Travis the most out there person ever. Find themselves falling ❤
I Didn't Think It'd Be You <Zanvis FanFic> by DatEmoNugget
I Didn't Think It'd Be You by Myless
Zane x Travis • UwU • Travis started flirting with Zane?!- is he drunk?-Zane always had feelings for travis since HS but- he never thought Travis felt the same... [depre...
 Stickers- Zanvis  by walking_funeral
Stickers- Zanvis by Fucking Trash
Travis and Zane were best friends in high school until Junior year when Travis abandoned him for Dante, years later they reconnect with each other and start hanging out...
Him-(A Zanvis Fanfic)  by KingS0up
Him-(A Zanvis Fanfic) by KingS0up
During highschool, Zane and Travis were really close until they slowly drifted apart. Now adults, Travis wants to reconnect with Zane no matter how impossible it may see...
zanvis or zene by SomeUselessDemon
zanvis or zeneby AUselessDemon
zane ro'meave is in a problem of having to decide travis or Gene seeing they both are tearing each other apart who will he choose what happens
Don't Touch Him by ZannaRoMeave423
Don't Touch Himby Zanna RoMeave
This is part 2 of Stay Away!! I hope you enjoy this new story of Zanvis life!