Abhimaniyu Stories

12 Stories

Yrkkh Os ( By Ananya )  by AnanyaGuglani
Yrkkh Os ( By Ananya ) by Ananya Guglani
In this you will see the os and ss related to the yrkkh characters from third generation .
Akshnav -  Eternal Love  by Akshnav_sharma
Akshnav - Eternal Love by Amaya Mathur
A akshnav story which is different from the show . Abhinav sharma a business tycoon and a father of abhir sharma wanted to take revenge from abhimanyu birla and to take...
Abhira - Short Stories  by AnanyaGuglani
Abhira - Short Stories by Ananya Guglani
Many short stories on abhira may be and may be not be resemble from show . Guys this is my first book on abhira I hope you like it .
Abhira - Separate Souls  by AnanyaGuglani
Abhira - Separate Souls by Ananya Guglani
Based on current track when akshu come birla house to take care of manjari .
Bond Of Love  by AnanyaGuglani
Bond Of Love by Ananya Guglani
What happend like kartik angry with manish akshu also get angry with kartik and the reason is same Mother . What if instead of aarohi Sheela instigate akshu against Goen...
Sister 's Bond  by Akshnav_sharma
Sister 's Bond by Amaya Mathur
This is an three - four shot series in which you will see the bond between the abhira and ruhi . How will ruhi react when she know that abhira is her sister who is last...
Akshnav - Short stories  by Akshnav_sharma
Akshnav - Short stories by Amaya Mathur
Short stories on our beloved Akshnav
Abhira ff - Our Love Story  by AnanyaGuglani
Abhira ff - Our Love Story by Ananya Guglani
Love story of abhira . Different from the show but some scenes may be same .
Travel in past  by AnanyaGuglani
Travel in past by Ananya Guglani
what happened if akshu , kairav , aarohi and abhimanyu travel in past and tell kaira about their future and spend sometime time with them and also witness their parents...
Kaira - Family Reunion  by AnanyaGuglani
Kaira - Family Reunion by Ananya Guglani
Time travel and reunion of kaira family .
Confrontation! by anonymousshah
Confrontation!by anonymousshah
Faceoff between Akshara and families
Abhirohi  by BishnuPariyar
Abhirohi by Bishnu Pariyar
this the story about abhirohi. it is different from show. this is for only abhirohi fans.