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Dreams of Dragons by therealnarnia
Dreams of Dragonsby Becky
Papalogia AU. Acnologia joins Fairy Tail and ends up raising five young dragon slayers (and helping with two more). Acnologia x Anna Heartfilia. Eventual Nalu, Gale, Gru...
The Dragon Father by The-Dragon-Hearted
The Dragon Fatherby The-Dragon-Hearted
Dragon of the apocalypse, black dragon, master of death, dragon king; Acnologia has been called many things through his life but he's certain that now he can rest in dea...
Apocalypse Queen Meets The Vampires by FairyLucyNamiPiece
Apocalypse Queen Meets The Vampiresby i simp for monster
Has anyone told you that Lucy's dad isn't who he really is? That he's just a fake being, created to keep Lucy safe? No? Well, you've just been told. But who is the fath...
The bonds of the soul by cfitz43
The bonds of the soulby cfitz43
After Lisanna came back from Edolas Lucy realised that some of the guild members started to ignore her and some even forgot who she was. However Lucy only thought that t...
Fairytail's Big Brother (Fairytale) by Izzy142
Fairytail's Big Brother (Fairytale)by Izzy
We all know that Natsu was the first Fairytail dragonslayer. But what that wasn't true... What if he had a elder brother. A brother who he thought disappeared when he...
Naruto The Dragon God (DISCONTINUED) by BlackArt23
Naruto The Dragon God ( BlackArt23
Naruto is born with very little chakra leading his parents to neglect him for his two siblings. But after overhearing Jiraiya talk about senjutsu. Naruto decides to stud...
Master And Slave (Acnoleen) by Queen-Mystwalker
Master And Slave (Acnoleen)by ♡Mystwalker♡
Zeref and Acnologia make a deal. Zeref sells Irene to Acnologia so he backs off on a war for another year. However Irene is terrified about being with the king of drago...
Strongest Of Them All (FairyTail Fanfic) {Book 1} by kabanerry
Strongest Of Them All (FairyTail ♡ kabanerry ♡
How would you feel if your own friends turned against you? How would you react? That's what Lucy's situation was. Kicked out of The FairyTail guild with unending showin...
The Daughter of Acnologia and Queen of Dragons  by MermaidEdit
The Daughter of Acnologia and Mary Goddess
On day, a girl, came to Fairy Tail. She said she wants to join and a help to find her dad. The Fairy Tail agree and so she join. What will bring for the Fairy members as...
Effervescence by Myxibar
Effervescenceby ~(*-*~)
Previously titled Sasha Dreyar (Fairy Tail OC) ~~~ The ground started rumbling, and the streets split in two, creating a wide lane up to the guild. Everyone inside looke...
Enchanted ( MHA X FT fanfic) by white-pheonix
Enchanted ( MHA X FT fanfic)by white-phoenix
In a world full of quirks where the majority of the population hold a special power there is a girl who wishes to become a hero, her true origins are ambiguous and left...
DxD's Dragon God of Demise by Vinzdom1
DxD's Dragon God of Demiseby yuKi RAn
What would happen if earthlands no.1 enemy, acnologia. Got transtraported into the world of Dxd where Devils, Angels and fallen angels reside after his death. Read this...
You will love me, (Natsu x Acnologia) by Tim__E
You will love me, (Natsu x Tim__E
One day Natsu gets kidnapped by Acnologia to become his lover, will Natsu escape? will he fall in love? will he do both? read and find out. this is the first time i ever...
The Daughter of Acnologia  by TiredWalnut
The Daughter of Acnologia by Ashlyn *Last name*
Unlike the other first and third generation Dragon Slayers, Wendy Marvell somewhat remembers her parents before Grandeeney. She only remembered some things of her mother...
Class S stands for Class of Slayers by SunshineCj9
Class S stands for Class of Slayersby SunshineCj9
The dragon slayers, the demon slayers, and the god slayers all get exiled from ishgard. They are sent to another world for a redemption. So what happens when they are se...
Acnologia, my Childhood Friend by Varctana
Acnologia, my Childhood Friendby Varctana
Lucy runs away from the guild to begin her training to get stronger when she runs into an old childhood friend, Acnologia. But... Why is he a Dragon? Why is SHE a Dragon...
Acnologia the Sin of Destruction by Luna_Uchiha1
Acnologia the Sin of Destructionby Luna Uchiha
The Seven Deadly sins, the sin of wrath, Meliodas, the sin of pride, Escanor, the sin of gluttony, Merlin, the sin of envy, Dianne, the sin of greed, Ban, the sin of slo...
Acnologia's Treasure by DestinyFerrum
Acnologia's Treasureby Destiny Firebreath
This idea just got into my head and I had to write it. I don't own Fairy Tail <~<~<~<~<~ There is a girl that is said to have hair like gold and rides on...
The chaos slayer by at0m1cgh0st
The chaos slayerby Natsu
What if? What if Natsu wasn't raised by Igneel? What if Natsu was rude and blunt instead of kind? What if he and Lucy knew each other as kids? What if they slowly forgo...
Acnologia Daughter by AkameHeartfilia117
Acnologia Daughterby Akame Heartfilia
In fairy tail it was always the same, after what has happened when the gulid was disbanded after what the battle with a Dark Guild called Tartaros and was reunited toget...