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Me And Myself. (Splatoon Story/Fanfic) (Human!OC!Agent 7) (EDITING/PROOFREADING) by TheQuoteMan2
Me And Myself. (Splatoon Story/ "Quote"
"Thank god I'm alive. I wish I don't have to relieve the suffering again." ... His name is Prince Brooks. One of the few humans that was inserted into a cryo p...
Bleached Of The Curse (Splatoon x Male reader) by yangg1no
Bleached Of The Curse (Splatoon [Yang]gino
(Y/N), test subject 054 finds himself trapped in a nightmarish experiment on an island near Inkopolis. The experiment's objective was to create an Inkling resistant to i...
Splatoon x Male Reader (Agent 4) by Dese7enseas
Splatoon x Male Reader (Agent 4)by AM
You are agent 4 in Splatoon 2, and as a child you moved out of Inkopolis only to return once you turn 18. You looked at all of Inkopolis and saw how it changed. You were...
Splatoon x Male Reader by DForrester
Splatoon x Male Readerby DForrester
You are just an average inkling in Inkopolis Square, when you notice a strange person who changes your life. This story begins in Splatoon 2, but I will mark in the chap...
Inkopolis' Anomaly by Johonix-zxy
Inkopolis' Anomalyby Johonix zxy
A disaster that could've been prevented but wasn't, caused Y/N to lose everything. In a desperate attempt, Y/N's family placed them into a cryo pod, ultimately freezing...
splatoon x reader (yeah i know its such an original title) by Funny_noise
splatoon x reader (yeah i know Funny_Noise
war... its what led humanity to its downfall, with only a couple humans surviving the mass extinction. one of those humans being none other than y/n, and after many MANY...
The Time from Before by SwissTe
The Time from Beforeby SwissTe
Time is the force that shapes life. It is the constant that drives change and evolution. As time flows, life adapts and thrives in new environments and challenges. New f...
Splatoon Harem Epilogue by Tadayoshiscott
Splatoon Harem Epilogueby Scotty Boi
5 years has passed since the Great Chroma War and the fall of the Overlords. Kai decides to move to the Splatlands to start his "normal" life. Until he has bee...
Godzilla X Splatoon: The King Of Chaos And Order  by Glitchshade
Godzilla X Splatoon: The King Of Spaghetti
What happens when the King of the Monsters, awakens to a new world? What will he do when he sees these new strange beings? What will the world of Splatoon react when the...
Splatoon 3 x Male Reader by Suction_Cup_Man
Splatoon 3 x Male Readerby Suction_Cup_Man
Y/N, a male inkling who just recently came out to the Splatlands, has found himself in quite a pickle. You know, if being trapped underground with no communication to ci...
Adjust (Agent 3 x Agent 8) by GoingDark_
Adjust (Agent 3 x Agent 8)by GoingDark
After facing the struggles the Deepsea Metro, Nova now found himself on the surface. More specifically, Inkopolis. With Agent 3 making the decision of taking 8 under her...
The Suckling by zelkova49
The Sucklingby zelkova49
Shiver and Agent 3 find themselves in a rather awkward situation after a taboo Octarian ritual known as the 'Suckling' makes love between the two more complicated than i...
Splatoon: Humanity's Second Chance (BEING REMASTERED AS OF 06/05/24 (UK)) by RadGamer14
Splatoon: Humanity's Second RadGamer14
Dan and his little sister Daisy wake up in a world that's completely different to their own, it appears that humanity has been replaced by new inhabitants. How do they s...
Squidbeak Agency Adventures (Original) by SoulePurity
Squidbeak Agency Adventures ( Micah Soule
Octarians, machines, dangers of the depths, and more. It's all here when you embark on an adventure in Inkopolis and beyond. Please note that no pictures or characters...
Anonymity by Shupdalup
Anonymityby Shupdalup
Agent 3 didn't really like the spotlight too much, He liked to have his privacy intact, but with a picture accidentally shared by Callie goes on her blog. He can kiss hi...
Female Agent 3 (Amity) x Female Agent 8 (Luz) by InklingHermione
Female Agent 3 (Amity) x Female hunter miller
It has been a couple weeks since Luz Luna Noceda (Agent 8) saved Inkopolis on the Island of Hogwarts from Commander Tartar. Luz is staying with Pearl and Marina at their...
Squidbeak Survival by L1ttle_M155_R4nd0m
Squidbeak Survivalby Randomsplatgirl
The Agents of the Squidbeak Splatoon(Callie, Marie, Bleu, Kimi, Xander, Zal and Little Buddy) go on vacation on a boat. Suddenly a storm happens and now they're shipwrec...
Male! Agents 3,4,&8 x Inkling!Reader [DISCONTINUED] by Writer-Chan360
Male! Agents 3,4,&8 x Inkling! Writer-Chan360
Edit of Feb 14, 2023 This book is DISCONTINUED. It was taken down around 2019? 2020 due to friends and family finding it. I will now be posting everything unedited and...
Agent 84 by Alannah0920
Agent 84by Laylay
Agent 4 was a fun, cheerful guy. And Agent 8 was more of a shy, quiet kinda girl. You would never expect any type of feelings between the two. But there were. And with M...
CrownGamer's Splatoon OC Lore Character Index by CrownGamer901
CrownGamer's Splatoon OC Lore CrownGamer901
An index of a majority of the main characters for anything Splatoon-related on this page. (Some info may have been omitted to prevent spoilers.) Index will be updated wi...