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ROSIE ~ corpse by ohhdreamsmp
ROSIE ~ corpseby pops
After Jack's old roommate was asked to join an among us lobby, rose started to become another regular to their groups. The only thing that hadn't gone to plan started w...
Helping Lena  by Fade_away45
Helping Lena by Fade_away45
20 year old, Lena, working at a library tries to navigate her way through something she wishfully wants to indulge in. But with no proper help, she struggles in which d...
Little Princess by AgeregressionKitten
Little Princessby Kitten is little
Princess Nymeria is well aware that her kingdom is in decline. It has been for hundreds of years after all. Unlike her ancestors, she's willing to reach out to try and g...
The Demon Queen's soulmate by AgeregressionKitten
The Demon Queen's soulmateby Kitten is little
Ruby King is your average young woman who is starting to attend college full time. Everything is going great until she notices that there seems to be a heavy aura that h...
The Coven's Desired by AgeregressionKitten
The Coven's Desiredby Kitten is little
Wren knew very little about vampires. She knew what she could find out about herself from self discovery through the years. So little Wren is rather clueless when other...
Detention with Ms. Thompson by RegressedKiller9
Detention with Ms. Thompsonby Regressed Killer :p
Olivia, a small sardonic seventeen year old girl has a childlike alternate personality named Lily living in her head. Together, they face a life of confinement from her...
Caste to Class by AgeregressionKitten
Caste to Classby Kitten is little
Iris Mondeau wakes up one day in a new world and discovers just how shockingly the new world is. She tries to adapt and gets used to her new life, until she's picked as...
Dark Days by OceanWave2003
Dark Daysby OceanWave2003
Summary: Jailyn a 16 year old girl with many mental illnesses and horrible past. Is rather an innocent pure kind soul considering everything not so innocent has happened...
Queen's Advisor by AgeregressionKitten
Queen's Advisorby Kitten is little
Elizabeth has been ruling her kingdom for 3 years now. She's gone through countless advisors in those 3 years. When she's finally ready to give up on finding herself one...
The Switch (On hiatus) by AgeregressionKitten
The Switch (On hiatus)by Kitten is little
When Raina Lee Heart befriends the crown princess of Lestille, things take an interesting turn when the girls decided to swap lives especially considering how protective...
Smallest Things(Grey's Anatomy Fanfic) by NicoleVultao
Smallest Things(Grey's Anatomy Nicole Vultao
"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."~Winnie the Pooh
Trying to find my new family  by IAMTHESENATE6666
Trying to find my new family by IAMTHESENATE6666
Robert Smith, an 18 year old that has anxiety issues, is living on the streets with no family at all. He has no-one to protect him from this evil and cruel world. And on...
Little Wednesday by olssonschild
Little Wednesdayby
Wednesday is sent to nevermore after an accident happens at school and her parents can't take her being suspended anymore. They thought the best way to resolve this issu...
God of Mischief's secret  by wiltinq_rxse01
God of Mischief's secret by ur mom282982918
As much as loki denies finding out he's a frost giant, and feeling like no one ever loved him and failing at every mission hurt. So he found a way to cope, but it was a...
Noura by bunsbunny3007
Nouraby noura
Being a little isn't easy for Noura, even though she uses it as a coping mechanism she knows her parents would never accept her. But that's not all, something happens, a...
A Million Dreams(Criminal Minds Fanfic) by NicoleVultao
A Million Dreams(Criminal Minds Nicole Vultao
"I close my eyes and I can see. The world that's waiting up for me. That I call my own. Through the dark, through the door. Through where no one's been before. But...
♡ eddsworld agere oneshots ♡ by mabelsmissingsock
♡ eddsworld agere oneshots ♡by ♡
REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! NSFW DNI /SRS cover does not belong to me, full credits to the original artist
Wish Upon A Star(Grey's Anatomy Fanfic) by NicoleVultao
Wish Upon A Star(Grey's Anatomy Nicole Vultao
"When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires. Will come to you."~Pinocchio *Starts in Season 5 Episode 11-onwards*
mha x littles/caregivers  by BratZz_Vxmit
mha x littles/caregivers by BratZz_Vxmit
𝟰𝗵𝟭𝟭𝗺 Part 2 》sfw《 This is just mha characters as littles and caregiver >request are always open< >I have never watched MHA I just like the characters so e...
-South park age regression oneshots- by puppachinno
-South park age regression ˚ ༘ ♡ ⋆.˚𝘱𝘶𝘱 ᶻ 𝘇 𐰁
Requests- Open I don't do y/n's self inserts, I supposes I can write cartman but I lowkey ehhhh