Agoraphobia Stories

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Two Fish by twobrits
Two Fishby tab and lyd
→ finished ← Claustrophobic and agoraphobic, Alaska Gouramie doesn't leave the house much. She whiles her days away nurturing her goldfish, Gordon. Her life is passing h...
You're the reason || Corpsekkuno by LiaaHere
You're the reason || Corpsekkunoby LiaaHere
*Fluff and angst* When the OfflineTV house get evicted they all find some temporary solutions. All but Sykkuno, he ends up in a shitty motel. But one person won't let th...
Bonded To You (Drarry) by Amora0819
Bonded To You (Drarry)by Amora0819
A forgotten encounter between Draco and Harry has unforseen consequences which only make themselves known during Harry and Ginny's Wedding. Will the mistake ruin their l...
Before I Say Goodbye by mevsoutside
Before I Say Goodbyeby mevsoutside
Entangled in the hurricane of carnal desires whilst fighting against the flow of time-consuming isolation, I dance into my psyche and share my battle between the perpetu...
Metanoia  by VioletDevil01
Metanoia by VioletDevil
Two souls trapped within themselves trying to find themselves and develop the connection the two would need to help them thrive in their lives. A young, kind man who spe...
Corpse Husband Oneshots by oursaviorkellinquinn
Corpse Husband Oneshotsby Kiwi
(Yes, I changed the cover art.) The title really says it all. I'm disappointed in the amount of Corpsy fanfic available so I'm gonna write my own :) NO SMUT I'll add tri...
Space Pirate || Corpsekkuno by Black_Opal_
Space Pirate || Corpsekkunoby Black_Opal_
Corpse x Sykkuno in ✨space✨ Comedy filled, action packed, a little bit of angst. And of course, a dash of romance No set update schedule :) [This story should be found...
CORPSE HUSBAND Oneshots by Miita3
CORPSE HUSBAND Oneshotsby Miita3
Cover art made by kpinzi_art on instagram Different kinds of oneshots about Corpse Husband. You can send me reguest and I will happily write something based on your regu...
Agoraphobe • h.s  (ON HOLD) by settleedownn
Agoraphobe • h.s (ON HOLD)by ⁂⭒✵⋆margot⋆✵⭒⁂
Agoraphobia noun • (ag-uh-ruh-FOE-be-uh) An anxiety/panic disorder characterised by an intense fear of leaving ones house, open and/or enclosed spaces and public spaces...
Crawlers by samenthoven
Crawlersby Sam Enthoven
Four boys and four girls are on a trip to the theatre. Little do they know that they will never see the play. They're about to be plunged into a nightmare. Beneath the t...
Vir Fortis vs Malificus by Rarah0
Vir Fortis vs Malificusby Rarah
Since the beginning of time, a subtle war has been raging, generation after generation, age-old and ever-present: the war of good and evil. Legendary participants of thi...
Trepidation by JaseMcGalf
Trepidationby Jase
To fear is normal, to overcome is extraordinary. [poetry collection]
Silent thoughts by Caitybookitty
Silent thoughtsby Caitybookitty
This Life Poem collection is biased off TRUE events from Author. dealing with mental illnesses like Depression, anxiety, panic disorder, dissociative Identity disorder...
Jailbreak || Corpsekkuno by Black_Opal_
Jailbreak || Corpsekkunoby Black_Opal_
Crops walked around the penitentiary like he own the place because it was his territory, his rules. Yuno the bank robber and serial arsonist, had finally been convicted...
Hydrangea Garden by IPurpleSmeraldo
Hydrangea Gardenby Tina Pye (Semi-Active)
❝Dreaming, hoping, dying❞ The cure to this insufferable disease of his is just right there, yet out of his reach. With him from the start, but till the end, no one can t...
The Woman In The Window by A.J Finn- A Summary by Petersonified_Boke
The Woman In The Window by A.J Seirin_4869
Anna Fox who uses her Nikon D5500 to spy on her neighbours, she connects to the outside world through them as Anna can't leave her house due to Agoraphobia. One night s...
Agoraphobia by PaulKinsella
Agoraphobiaby PaulKinsella
A heroic eleven-year-old girl struggles to survive in a dying world plagued by a contagious form of agoraphobia (fear of being outside).
History by Caeleybug95
Historyby Caeleybug95
This is a collection of things that I write or have written about a particularly traumatic time in my life. This is how I live with the memories: I write. When they tak...
Corpse Husband X Reader! One shots! by Hisoka127
Corpse Husband X Reader! One shots!by DaddyKawa
Anything I think of will come in here. Not my art, I'll tell y'all when I can actually draw. For now, I'm just gonna keep drawing some blobs that turn out cute. NO LEMON...
The Other Cinderella [Novella] by J_S_Wowling
The Other Cinderella [Novella]by Joy Sithole
"It's hard being the supporter. I feel like I can't do anything without everyone seeing it as a group project and not a solo act." June Anderson has always bee...