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Shackled (Yandere HH and Helluva Boss x Snatcher OC) by khaneoshikki
Shackled (Yandere HH and Helluva B...by Girateon
tormented in life, the prince walked towards the golden gates... only to be dragged back from Paradise... forever shackled by the one who he loved...
Oneshots <3 by CupcakeCursetale
Oneshots <3by Singing Hive Sys <33
Just some drabbles and stuff. Some of these are unfinished. No specific fandom
Soul From Nowhere (Snatcher X Reader) by TheUndeadLullaby
Soul From Nowhere (Snatcher X Read...by Lulla
This story is somewhere between "I will maybe finish this" & "I will leave this rot" When [Y/N], the girl from Nowhere, got a mysterious message, she...
Snowcon Forest by ImmortalCoelacanth
Snowcon Forestby ImmortalCoelacanth
Snow has fallen in Subcon Forest, bringing with it a host of fluffy moments between the resident soul-stealing shadow and the new hat wearing alien. Also known as a comp...
Shadow Rift (A Hat in Time) by SadgePerson
Shadow Rift (A Hat in Time)by Doodle Person
REVAMPED! Hat Kid has been hiding secrets from everyone she met. A precaution she thought would save her starts a countdown for the end of the world once the Snatcher st...
Just one deal {platonic family snatcher&hat kid} by ink_sans102006
Just one deal {platonic family sna...by Mabyn
Hat kid {Hattie} made it home safe and...oh... Hattie, after fighting so hard, is now back. And she decides to go to the one person she thinks can help. Maybe the help...
Sacred Souls - A Snatcher x Reader [COMPLETED] by princeofpeacocks
Sacred Souls - A Snatcher x Reader...by ₊˚🌿୧・bubu!
When Y/N crash lands in Subcon Forest, she isn't expecting to have her soul stolen by a ghost named Snatcher, or to spend a month doing contracts for him. She certainly...
The Puppet of Time (AHIT AU) by PixelatedSnatcher
The Puppet of Time (AHIT AU)by PixelatedSnatcher
Hat Kid gets kicked out of her spaceship thanks to some weird man that punched a hole in her window. Great. But as she was re-collecting Time Pieces she had lost earlier...
Hollow Time (A Hat in Time X HollowKnight AU) by Voidalorian
Hollow Time (A Hat in Time X Hollo...by Voidalorian
Far after the events of A Hat in Time, Hat Kid is back to her normal time traveler duties and ends up lost in the ruined kingdom of Hallownest, Hat Kid; who is now 283ye...
A Hat In Time • Book of Random • by totallynotagaymer
A Hat In Time • Book of Random •by sus among us
A Hat In Time everything! Not much to say about it, it'll just be random things related to the game. Oneshots, images, imagines, ideas, cosplay, all of that. Enjoy! SLOW...
Crystallized Cosmos: A Snatcher X Reader by fluorescence1
Crystallized Cosmos: A Snatcher X...by fluorescence1
A (WIP) story about a listless soul abandoning their home and running into unforeseen circumstances. Your life was practically over before it had even started. You were...
A Hat in Time Loops by Thisaccountexists1
A Hat in Time Loopsby Reality can jump off a toast
The first time, Hat Kid figured something had gone a little wrong with the Time Pieces. Then she figured something had gone REALLY wrong with the Time Pieces. Turns out...
The Broken Prince by ZheGuava
The Broken Princeby ZheGuava
An extended story related to the storybook of Snatcher and Vanessa (Cover drew by @Urban_Pop_Miku)
The Prince In Time by ink_sans102006
The Prince In Timeby Mabyn
Finally! Harriet(hat kid) and Bonnie(Bow kid) were able to beat the snatcher and get back to collecting all their timepieces! Or, so they hoped. It might take a little...
A Peck in Time by RebornTrack
A Peck in Timeby RT Omega
After collecting the many Time Peices that rained upon the nearby planet and scrubbing off any uninvited guests, Hat Kid was returning home. She entered the coordinates...
Snatcher x Reader *AHIT* (Satire) by urlocalidiot338
Snatcher x Reader *AHIT* (Satire)by Ur Local Idiot
ygutvfeiuj3894hdfi89uoeihj SATIREEEEEEEE like obv sorry not sorry BASED OFF OF
The Girl Underneath The Theater (AHIT Puppet Au Oneshots) by Plzjustcallme_N
The Girl Underneath The Theater (A...by god why did i call myself that
this is off of the puppet au for A Hat In Time. Go check it out- many people do art on it. The creator is fedoraspooky on tumblr! Oneshots of this idea of Harriet(which...
The Flow Of Time  (ahit reader insert) by RedlessRed
The Flow Of Time (ahit reader ins...by RedlessRed
Your name is y/n l/n you were just an average teen trying to get through life, yeah I know we're starting off pretty cliche but yeah you were just a teen trying to survi...
A Hat, Bow, and Hood In Time by A_Nobody209
A Hat, Bow, and Hood In Timeby A Nobody
Don't you just hate it when a man punches through your window on your spaceship and causes all you and your time pieces to get sucked into the vacuum of space and now yo...