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SOTUS - Story Of True love between US by alson8492
SOTUS - Story Of True love alson8492
Kongpop is 3rd year and a head hazer now and Arthit is in his 5th year. They already in relationship for 2 years. All the seniors from 3rd year until 5th year knew about...
My Cutie Pie Park [COMPLETED] by laydeeshannon
My Cutie Pie Park [COMPLETED]by laydeeshannon
Do not be fooled by the title. Its Park, how can cute and Park be in the same sentence? But I couldn't help but feel that there are many cute parts to Park that is often...
Earth's Mightiest Arc by TrentenFireCloud
Earth's Mightiest Arcby FireLord969
After Cardin Winchester revealed Jaune Arc's transcripts, almost everyone abandoned him and beat him within an inch of his life. Glynda Goodwitch takes matters into her...
Is it fate? (kongart) 》 by imaginationxfantasy
Is it fate? (kongart) 》by fantasy
ARTHIT ROJANAPAT is a very famous and successful buisness tycoon. He lives with his mother on Mumbai. He has a dark past and is very arrogant, hates gathering. Only trav...
Kongpop had never been attracted to another man before, and yet he fell in love with his senior Arthit. This is the story of two young men falling in love, the story wil...
A Love So Beautiful [COMPLETED] by artkongPM
A Love So Beautiful [COMPLETED]by turtle
Contains short story (which are rather long btw) collections of kongart. find a more detailed description in 'DESCRIPTION' inside hehe. Pictures dont belong to me. Chara...
New Boyfriend New Memories [completed] by PurplePeach96
New Boyfriend New Memories [ PurplePeach96
Its been 3 years Kongpob and Arthit are break up. This makes Kongpob break inside out. Knot come to his life to make Kongpob happy again What is their friends reaction? ...
Kong confessed to arthit when they were kids. Long story short it wasnt raining flowers and hearts but pain and hurts. Kong's family moved away. 7 years later he is back...
Unexpectedly Married by jhiabanana
Unexpectedly Marriedby dimsum
If you're going to read this. Please bare with every chapters. I don't know how to fix it. Everything mess up here. If you have patience, just continue reading. But if u...
THIS IS A FANFIC! JUST MY CRAZY IMAGINATION. Nope none of it real. With that being clear lets proceed. Kongpob and Arthit broke up 4 years ago. Kongpob have to join a co...
Unwavering Aim: Haikyuu OC Fanfic (abandoned) by glossyoongz
Unwavering Aim: Haikyuu OC x
The story revolves around the two main protagonists, Akaashi Akemi and Oikawa Suzume. The two join a prestigous school by the name of Hakuchō Gakuen. Going on through t...
I love you (sotus bl story) by Horses909
I love you (sotus bl story)by 💙sotus
I know it's been a while, but I'm back.
Her Second Love by HIndia150
Her Second Loveby HIndia150
"Beautiful," he exclaimed while looking at her with eyes filled with pure adoration and love. He kissed her shoulders and slowly, gently bent down kissing her...
The Avengers: A Web Heads Story by XxLegacy214xX
The Avengers: A Web Heads Storyby “I’m the Alpha Now.”
I'm Peter Parker and five years ago there was an accident that caused the birth of the inhumans which in turn caused the avengers to go there separate ways but I haven't...
🇪🇸Aim high, with Spanish🇪🇸 (A1/A2) by __psych0za__
🇪🇸Aim high, with Spanish🇪🇸 ( •Bottomi•
/••\If you want to translate this book into another language, please contact me. This book is copyrighted and you may be held liable/••\ Hi!-> ¡Hola! [¡Ola!] Have you...
Vengeful's Innocent Boy by Jaechuchu
Vengeful's Innocent Boyby Jaepunch
⎙ Book 2 ⩨ Status : ❛On-Going❜ ʚ ɞ . &. "Vengeful's Innocent Boy" ┊Viewer's Discretion is Advised ❝Aim's Target❞ ⊂ ⊃ : Rated SPG
Mishief Managed  by CatsInTheNude
Mishief Managed by CatsInTheNude
Just some chats and FB updates between characters from SOTUS
Akankah Cinta Itu Hadir ??? by WardaJasmine
Akankah Cinta Itu Hadir ???by WardaJasmine
Cinta dan kasih sayang adalah satu kesatuan yang mengikat dua insan manusia untuk saling menjaga dan melengkapi satu sama lain selamanya hingga ajal yang memisahkan. Tap...
2moons & Sotus Oneshot by PurplePeach96
2moons & Sotus Oneshotby PurplePeach96
All couples from the two series will be appear in this book. The couples may not pair up like in the series but mostly it will follow the couples from the series. Also t...
My  Poetry - Shayari by Being_Writer
My Poetry - Shayariby On Of 7✨
.....Some Random Shayari .....Some Random Poetry