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Yin & Yang (KinnxVegas) [Completed] by laydeeshannon
Yin & Yang (KinnxVegas) [Completed]by laydeeshannon
The yin yang, an ancient symbol of harmony and balance, challenges the conventional association of light with good and darkness with evil. Just like that, we have 2 of t...
Love or Foe [COMPLETED]  by laydeeshannon
Love or Foe [COMPLETED] by laydeeshannon
A short story on a favorite pair of mine. So many ghostships I have penned and yet only 1 story so far on them?! No, can do! So, back with 1 on them :)
My Bodyguard Love [Completed]  by laydeeshannon
My Bodyguard Love [Completed] by laydeeshannon
Inspired by @primkayecaete, I couldn't help but want to draft this story on Kinn & Big. It's definitely completely ghostship and major crackpairing af, but my fujoshi he...
Changes by PrimKayeCaete
Changesby Prim Kaye Cañete
Phayu and Prapai had been best friends for a long time. Prapai had always been known as a playboy while Phayu is a workaholic. People are always attracted to them, but w...
หลงรักคุณ [Loving You] [COMPLETED] by laydeeshannon
หลงรักคุณ [Loving You] [COMPLETED]by laydeeshannon
Yet another top & top story, 2 powerful guys in their own ways. 2 guys who charm and rule equally. How will it be when they cross paths?
Worlds' Apart [KimxMacau] [Completed]  by laydeeshannon
Worlds' Apart [KimxMacau] [ laydeeshannon
A KimxMacau fan fiction. It's either going to be an explosive hit or a major crash & burn. But never say never is my motto, so here's my maiden attempt:)
ฉันก็รักคุณ [I Love You Too] by laydeeshannon
ฉันก็รักคุณ [I Love You Too]by laydeeshannon
Another attempt at this couple from Kinn Porsche. However, this time, I decided to let them play it out as their original "real selves" as Jeff Satur & Ta. He...
Polar Oppsites [Soulmates or Not?] [Completed] by laydeeshannon
Polar Oppsites [Soulmates or Not?] laydeeshannon
It is probably going to be a very controversial story, pairing even I may say. Part of Pride Month, yet another #lovewinsall Let's see if this pairing will take off! I...
A Star Crossed Love [Completed] by laydeeshannon
A Star Crossed Love [Completed]by laydeeshannon
Another attempt on a KinnxBig fan fiction for the fan club out there :) Here's hoping I do them justice!
Awaken by PrimKayeCaete
Awakenby Prim Kaye Cañete
After being dumped so many times by Sher, Fah decides to try and move on. But it's easier said than done. Will a certain someone make Fah realize he needs someone who wi...
Cu + Ag (VegasxKim) [Completed] by laydeeshannon
Cu + Ag (VegasxKim) [Completed]by laydeeshannon
Brewing a story with another favorite crackpair of mine; their sizzling chemistry offline was infectious. What would have happened if it had been online too? If you are...
Mi Amor (LamxKit) [Completed]  by laydeeshannon
Mi Amor (LamxKit) [Completed] by laydeeshannon
A sequel to my most recent story- In You, I Seek. It's about time to find out what the heck is going on with our Lam & Kit. They have been shady since the 2nd chapter o...
Assassin's Heart (WooBinxMing) (COMPLETED) by laydeeshannon
Assassin's Heart (WooBinxMing) ( laydeeshannon
A request that I am fulfilling for someone close to me. here's my take on a WooBinxMing story. always make peace that I will explore crack pairings!
Do You See Me?  [Completed] by laydeeshannon
Do You See Me? [Completed]by laydeeshannon
My 2nd ParkxArthit story in my collection. The first was Fluff & Tough as a birthday gift for a reader:) The 2nd would be this for a reader too as a request! I am defi...
FOSTER & SEX by keenanpoetras
FOSTER & SEXby keenan poetras
Taehyung dan Joohyun adalah pasangan suami-istri yang sudah membina rumah tangga 12 tahun lamanya. Selama itu juga mereka tidak pernah mendapatkan seorang buah hati, mel...
Thy Heart Wants, Thy Heart Gets :) by laydeeshannon
Thy Heart Wants, Thy Heart Gets :)by laydeeshannon
Another hugely requested fan fiction on Arthit & Park. For some reason, their chemistry is just slayyy! If 2 Moons ever had another season, pretty please put these toget...
2gether? [Completed]  by laydeeshannon
2gether? [Completed] by laydeeshannon
A much requested crackpair pairing from my little one. So, here's my maiden attempt on a Jeff Satur & Win Metawin pairing. Here's wishing me luck! And hoping you guys wi...
(ENG VER.) Give Me Solitude!  |  The S-Class TIR x TCF Fanfiction by virtual-nerdie
(ENG VER.) Give Me Solitude! | NerdieGirl
The S-Class that I Raised x Trash of the Count's Family Fanfiction Crossover . . . Getting a chance to live in peace (maybe), after dying in the last war, Cale Henituse...
In You, I Seek (ParkxBeam) (COMPLETED) by laydeeshannon
In You, I Seek (ParkxBeam) ( laydeeshannon
Trying to put a new spin on existing love pairs, here's trying with ParkxBeam. One is cold and aloof. The other is equally as cold and aloof. Is it a dream pair or just...
My Love, My Life [Completed] by laydeeshannon
My Love, My Life [Completed]by laydeeshannon
A 2nd fan fiction on Boss & Fort, as it came highly highly requested! Here's hoping to do justice to my 2nd attempt :)