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MY OMEGA (Vegas Pete ff)  by ZaraEhsan1
MY OMEGA (Vegas Pete ff) by Zara
FINALLY i find you ...... Vegas AL. AL. ALPHA ....... Pete HI there 👋 🤗 so basically I never wrote anything like this and also this is my first time so p...
A chance  by heavenzdust09
A chance by heavens angel 99
kinnporsche born again to reset everything, to kill korn and to help their family. it's gonna be major fluff. hurt/comfort story . Everyone broken will be repaired. Vega...
You belong to me. by Madisonsites2007
You belong to Kangaroo_keeper111
Pete works at a convivence store to gain some extra cash for his family. He lives with his mother and little brother, ever since his father left them, he has taken respo...
DADDY'S BABY (Vegaspete Fiction) by ketkitayde29
DADDY'S BABY (Vegaspete Fiction)by ketkitayde29
What would have happened if after the war instead of Vegas, it was Pete who got shot for protecting Vegas and loss his memory after waking from coma . Behave like a thr...
Rain and rainbow  by domieon
Rain and rainbow by weilanyuan
what if p'phayu hurt rain? what if sky ignore him? how will rain move on? who will be rain's saviour?the one that comes with the promise of forever ,will that person giv...
Ghost's by little_bl_addict
Ghost'sby little_bl_addict
A little gift from Tankhun that may scare the Kittisawasd brothers for life! Read if you want to find out what it is 😉 P.s. The first 2 chapters after the introduction...
Porsche's love  by Sky7285
Porsche's love by Sky
They hated Porsche, he was left alone. Now they want him back but he gave up on them. He doesn't wanna look at them. They accused him cheating. May contain mature conte...
My Omega Bodyguard by NilarAung134930
My Omega Bodyguardby Nilar Aung
Kinn who hate omegas meet porsche who is a strong omega and fell in love with him Read to find out how will Kinn tame his wild kitty Warning 18+ mpreg cursing
In Love  by SiyaraSam
In Love by Siyarasam
# second chance love story Kinnporsche main characters and rest on the way . Cry hard , keep extra tissues . And no extra cheesiness . Open up people .
the eldest returned by BND__ZB1_
the eldest returnedby ~♤~
tankhun didn't come back home after his kidnapping..... he escaped then ran away as far as everyone knows kim and kinn are the only sons of the main family kim doesn't...
Strangers [KimChay AU] by ohmysatur
Strangers [KimChay AU]by ohmysatur
Porchay left Kim at their hotel room after a drunken one night stand. No name & phone number written on a sticky note at the bedside table. Not until a kid who looks exa...
my brother's fiance is my husband  by Swathysreekutty
my brother's fiance is my husband by writing_with_my_heart
Porsche was getting ready for his brother's wedding but his brother ran away from his wedding and Porsche has to take his place
Where Love Happens [MileApo] by Bluehearte
Where Love Happens [MileApo]by Heart
Mile finds it hard to go back to living a normal life after the KinnPorsche series. He couldn't continue to lie to himself. Apo is tired from the promotions and tour, al...
Between Love And Betrayal  by SyidaNurulaina3
Between Love And Betrayal by Syida Nurulaina
Porsche and Kinn are having a sweet relationship.. So does Vegas and Pete.. But.. What will happen to Vegas and Porsche after they found out that their partners cheat be...
Pretty Boy •Kim x Macau• by MilkyReading
Pretty Boy •Kim x Macau•by MilkyWattpad
#MacauKim #KimMacau "We meet again pretty boy" "Stop calling me that" "Why? Its cute for someone with a pretty face , pretty boy" "Wel...
OMG by flipthatcoinbij
OMGby Kei
A MileBible Hybrid AU by @flipthatcoinbij
+18 Vegas Pete [ Burning Darkness ]  by MimicatCultLeader6
+18 Vegas Pete [ Burning Mimicat666
Warning : Sexual content " I'm going to teach you a lesson my little Pet. " Pete went from the most trusted bodyguard to the devoted pet whose purpose was to...
Honey Like by Sh0okychip
Honey Likeby starlight
Vegas is a single father, very popular among the mothers in his son's daycare, but he has no room for anyone in his life...or so he thought. a vegaspete fic<3 (this i...