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The Storm Inside Me. by Kam2Kimchay
The Storm Inside Kam.Karat
This story could be read as the second novel of Battle Of The Heart. 👀❤️ Warning : this is gonna be a very dark story. Plot : Porchay closed his laptop, he had finishe...
A chance  by heavenzdust09
A chance by heavens angel 99
kinnporsche born again to reset everything, to kill korn and to help their family. it's gonna be major fluff. hurt/comfort story . Everyone broken will be repaired. Vega...
Eyes on me by geeseofafeather
Eyes on meby cinnamon rolls
Porchay is Kim's biggest fanboy so when the celebrity and son of the mafia lord needs a pretend date to avoid an arranged marriage, Porchay, who knew so much about him...
Strangers [KimChay AU] by ohmysatur
Strangers [KimChay AU]by ohmysatur
Porchay left Kim at their hotel room after a drunken one night stand. No name & phone number written on a sticky note at the bedside table. Not until a kid who looks exa...
A Royal Love : My Cruel Prince  by Kam2Kimchay
A Royal Love : My Cruel Prince by Kam.Karat
My cruel prince plot : Porchay Kittisawasd was born into a poor family, one day, his cruel uncle sold his big brother and him to the royal family. Being terrified and be...
My Beloved Teacher ⭐ by Kam2Kimchay
My Beloved Teacher ⭐by Kam.Karat
"What the fuck Macau you can't fall in love with a teacher !" Oh Porchay Kittisawasd if only you knew.... Kimhan Theerapanyakul just had a new job as a music t...
Necklace | KimChay  by frsxtnhrmn
Necklace | KimChay by patriya
wherein wik gave porchay a necklace that holds so much significance upon first meeting. a kimchay short story....
Moonless | KimChay  by red__foxy
Moonless | KimChay by jeffan👑
"You don't know what can I do to you" Kim grabbed his face tight moving his face close toward him. He shook his hand from his face and looked straight i...
"Yearning in Silence" by thea051921
"Yearning in Silence"by Rue
Kim: "Chay is nice, he is kind and everything. I think I'd fall inlove with him, if he isn't my friend" Chay: "Kim?! That man has no feelings, Atleast not...
Flickering Lights by insomiacallybyl
Flickering Lightsby buildsdimples
𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗣𝗟𝗘𝗧𝗘𝗗 After months of no contact, Chay was invited to the Christmas Party at the Mansion, which he was forcibly taken by his brother, leaving him no choice...
I Want You To Stay. by Kam2Kimchay
I Want You To Kam.Karat
what if Porchay answered to Kim's video ?? here is my attempt to create our sweet kimchay promised couple !
Kimchay meets for the first time by Hannainschoolbanana
Kimchay meets for the first timeby Hannainschoolbanana
What happens when Porchay kittisawast meets his new teacher..? When someone forget to take their medication?? Does Chay stay or leave
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Vegas x Kinnporsche by mhkarmy
Vegas x Kinnporscheby feels_good
what will happen when Porsche gets to know the secrets of kinn and vegas relationship as cousins?! How will Porsche, Kinn and Vegas relationship with each other turnes o...
Our little Eclipse (Kimhan/Porchay, KimChay) by SunshineMoonlights27
Our little Eclipse (Kimhan/ Stargazer
Chay, sweet little, innocent Porchay Kittisawasd, has his whole life turned 180 degrees when he heard the magic word, "You are pregnant". He is indeed screwed...
Shattered Soul / Kinnporsche Series by Abandoned__acc_x
Shattered Soul / Kinnporsche Seriesby xxxx
After a misunderstanding and argument with everyone kim left the mansion in midnight That night was most cruelest for him, Kinn and Chay is ready to Tear whole world apa...
HIDDEN SIGN  by aqua_lan
HIDDEN SIGN by ᵛᵃⁿᵉˢˢᵃ
What if there was a sudden arrival of a Girl? Who solved all the secrets and cleaned the way. Who she can be?
Our Love Story (TemTankhun) by Rona_hakzjsnsb
Our Love Story (TemTankhun)by Bubbles
This is Tankhun's side story in which include VegasPete ArmPol Kinnporsche and other couples in the series. So let me barrow the characters in the series. Tankhun is kn...
Besties in trouble by little_bl_addict
Besties in troubleby little_bl_addict
Sky and Rain, two best friends, are dating the youngest members of the Theerapanyakul family not knowing what is in store for them. Sky and Rain meet their family in law...