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THE TOXIC LOVE.  by Bl_blackhole
toxic love that begins with a peaceful story but turns into toxic Story Disclaimer : very slow burn The toxicity begins in the end 🔚
Cutie Pie x KinnPorsche (AU) by VirgoGoddess88
Cutie Pie x KinnPorsche (AU)by Jean Kirstein Supremacy
What if the KinnPorsche mafia meets up with Cutie Pie's smart thinking-on-their feet businessmen? When a promising phone call to review a profitable clubbing district...
my heart hurts  by gegabite
my heart hurts by Zee
this story is a fanfiction about kp in this story kinn porche is married. this is a mpreg fanfiction. kinn porche have 3 children
Two Become One  by MultiStand6
Two Become One by Multi Stand
This is how two families became one because of two kids who were hidden from one and other
OBJECT by Kung-fupanda
OBJECTby Oppa Fangirl
VegasxPete Angst
Our Angel by harshita_74
Our Angelby kia
just imagine what if the kimchay had a girl baby who died or did she ???
Babe !  by SiyaraSam
Babe ! by Siyarasam
His Heart has been never so crazy before . His soul was waiting for the correct time and person to get closer . And when he came to him , boom !!!! ..........
His Ray of Light (KIMCHAY)  by Kimchay_fr
His Ray of Light (KIMCHAY) by ♡KIMCHAY♡
Porchay was just a 16 year old trying to live his high school life with a very dhy and niave personality. But he had no idea that starting high school would lead to cha...
Why Don't You Stay by dark_blue_and_grey
Why Don't You Stayby JNL
This is a Kim x oc fan fiction and Macau x Porchay A story where Kim the youngest of the Theerapanyakun ends up falling for the youngest Kittisawasd, and then the hell...
🩸 blood shed and love ❤ by MultiStand6
🩸 blood shed and love ❤by Multi Stand
This book contains : violence Bad language Abuse Trauma And is a bl book if you are homophobic this place is not for you 😊
smile can bring you near to me by Amyisfine
smile can bring you near to meby Amy
So I have read alot of M/M stories of Vegas- Pete. And for a change I wanted to read M/F. After not finding one, I decided to write it. here, Pete is a girl. And Vegas i...
Porchay gets married to Kim  by JefflovesBarcode21
Porchay gets married to Kim by Kirsty Hackney
#bl #kimchay #barcodejeff #kinnporche #happyending #boyBromance
l will help you (Kinnporsche/unforgotten Night)  by euampo
l will help you (Kinnporsche/ euampo
This story is kinnporsche x unforgotten night where macau is Kim
REMEMBER by moombiu
REMEMBERby moonbiu
what happened if pete loss his memories about what happened before ,he doesn't remember those tourchers, chains , more importantly he doesn't remember vegas
【Goodbye is Not Goodbye 】- JeffBarcode by duduheart
【Goodbye is Not Goodbye 】- BL supremacy
Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit Isarapongporn are childhood friends, or more like 'very close friends', or more than what everyone knows, that's how Jeff describes it. ...
The series follows Porsche as he finds himself drawn into the mafia underworld by Kinn Theerapanyakul. Highest Ranking: #3🏅Soundtrack ☑️ COMPLETED ✨ KINN / PORSCHE �...
My Brightest star by idkwhattonamethisoop
My Brightest starby jayden
Make sure to read the sneak peak before you start reading! Might contain mature content so read at your own risk.
PETUNIA by moombiu
PETUNIAby moonbiu
pete run from safe house, he didn't went back to main family. he went back to his grandmother ,start his family , war between minor and major family never happened.