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When in Sin City ;; Phil Wenneck by laurengraywills
When in Sin City ;; Phil Wenneckby lauren :)
When Doug Billings first got engaged, the third thing to pop into his mind was his bachelor party, the excitement that came with hanging out with his three best friends...
A chance  by heavenzdust
A chance by heavens angel 99
kinnporsche born again to reset everything, to kill korn and to help their family. it's gonna be major fluff. hurt/comfort story . Everyone broken will be repaired. Vega...
SECOND CHANCE (completed)  by SL800811
SECOND CHANCE (completed) by SL800811
what if vegas died and was reborn again.. what he do with his second chance If there is a grammar mistake plz forgive. English is not my first language.
boyxboy/ ManXmaN Completed ANOTHER BIBLE BUILD FANFICTION JUST FOR YOU... "I wear clothes that I like... -BUI -------------------------------------------- ⬇️...
Pretty Boy •Kim x Macau• by MilkyReading
Pretty Boy •Kim x Macau•by MilkyWattpad
#MacauKim #KimMacau "We meet again pretty boy" "Stop calling me that" "Why? Its cute for someone with a pretty face , pretty boy" "Wel...
YOU MADE ME by Nikhita555
YOU MADE MEby Nikhita Pancharia
Vegas the hotheaded playboy who is famous for breaking hearts and Pete who is sweet but also stubborn when it comes to Vegas. Vegas finds Pete annoying but still tries h...
Honey Like by Sh0okychip
Honey Likeby starlight
Vegas is a single father, very popular among the mothers in his son's daycare, but he has no room for anyone in his life...or so he thought. a vegaspete fic<3 (this i...
Love be Mine  by gulabachikalee1
Love be Mine by mogarafulala 🌺
Kinn cheated on Porsche so Porsche left. What if porsche come back with someone else and that someone is no other but Kinns cousin brother vegas? He got two kids too who...
At Your Mercy •Vegas x Kim•/•Macau x Porchay• by MilkyReading
At Your Mercy •Vegas x Kim•/• MilkyWattpad
The purest heart are drawn into darkness , living with no hopes , the death of people's life , the one that create troubles for people until he meet the dangerous angel...
Creating Memories by shailikesbl
Creating Memoriesby Shai Likes BL
Tankhun re-hired Pete to serve as his bodyguard once again. However, Pete is now accompanied by his two children from his late wife, Som. Due to the regular meetings hel...
I Promise We'll See Eachother Again by sseemmpp
I Promise We'll See Eachother Againby Sabrina Pamplona
one night, one mission, one justice. What happens if one night something unexpected happens and leaves you shocked? You just discovered your lover in your bed, covered i...
VegasxPete - My Salvation by Clengzky28
VegasxPete - My Salvationby Claire Serbito
This story is about a mafia family who is currently dominating the whole Thailand..they are famous for their businesses and also for their looks. They are viewed by the...
Leaving Behind by BeaBYL241
Leaving Behindby BeaBYL241
Pete travels back in time to the day he first met Porsche. He wished to resign and live the life before he became a bodyguard of the major family to realize that it is i...
VEGAS AND PETE by imalogus2004
vegas doesn"t love pete. but pete hope his love.however pete got pregnant. but what will happen after this kind of situation? 1) vegas is 27 old a tough guy. he onl...
Changing End by Regen303
Changing Endby Regen
I fell into a lake and when I opened my eyes again, People were calling me Pete. I am Build not Pete. And it dawned on me that I had entered The Novel 'KinnPorche' that...
my destiny (vegaspete)  by best_thing
my destiny (vegaspete) by best_thing
"you successfully caught my attention Pete and I promise I will make you suffer" -vegas. what if kinn didn't send Pete to spy on Vegas but pete ruined Vegas...
Once a Brat Always A Brat by Alvidachaaya95
Once a Brat Always A Bratby Alvida
When the saengtham's tried to marry their heir Pete, everyone is rejecting them cause they know Pete is a brat. Always looking down at people with no respect. And vegas...
Did I just sign my own death sentence? by little_bl_addict
Did I just sign my own death little_bl_addict
Short story😊 Just Vegas Theerapanyakul regretting his life decisions after making a big mistake with his son-in-law Rain Tangwai. How wrong can it go if you leave Rain...
This story highglights the KP 2nd couple, VegasPete. The story may include familiar scenes from the live action of the series but changes were also made. Also, this this...
Tempting the Tycoon by cerebral_1
Tempting the Tycoonby cerebral_1
Meet Sydney Hughes. She hasn't had a steady boyfriend since college. She's been too busy tending bar in her dad's neighborhood pub since her mom died a few years ago. T...