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The Beta On The Run[DISCONTINUED] by IceyDicey678
The Beta On The Run[DISCONTINUED]by IceyDicey678
I'm not doing a description of the story, just read to find out though details will be given in the introduction so you can find information there.
beta's alpha (completed) by alexiscool998
beta's alpha (completed)by zombiekiller
Alex and Theo have been best friends since birth which was a good thing since they were the future alpha and beta of the blood moon pack. Theo was the fun energetic scre...
The Beta's Submissive Alpha by orangemidnight
The Beta's Submissive Alphaby Fluff
Kang Jaewoo is the son of an Alpha of the second largest pack in the Northern Hemisphere. Although he is an Alpha by blood, he is as submissive as they come. Quinn Danie...
Hearts of Deceit (ManxMan) by slubikaz
Hearts of Deceit (ManxMan)by A. Slubice
Conrad Fitzroy is a delta. He's blue collar. Poor. And yet, he enters a world of impossibility under the arms of charming alpha Joseph Darling. Only to be thrown to the...
Against All Odds by boywithoutluv
Against All Oddsby boywithoutluv
It is against the Nature, to have a relationship between an Alpha and Beta. Beta have no such pheromone that can attract the Alpha. Jeon Jungkook was born to be the youn...
I dated my alpha boss by nian_wen
I dated my alpha bossby nian_wen
The protagonist Dong-hyun Kim was labeled as a beta.He hates his boss so much but he end up having a feelings.
Moon-Destined Lovers by Erebus_Erebus
Moon-Destined Loversby Eri
Anthea left them all. To rot? Hardly. However strong her resentment towards her pack, she would never wish for horrible things to befall onto them (maybe, probably). But...
Omegaverse [MalexMale] by scorpio1215
Omegaverse [MalexMale]by XiaoXiaoMinMin
Four times award winning best actor of the year, Jing Fan, dubbed "The Emperor of the Silver Screen" by his enthusiastic fans, was suddenly transmigrated to...
Chết tiệt ABO thế giới  by masterMeo
Chết tiệt ABO thế giới by masterMeo
Trọng sinh , xuyên không có một cái cuộc đời mới rất tuyệt vời sao ??? - Đúng , đúng quá mức tuyệt vời 😙😙 đại chúng đồng thanh trả lời - Tốt cái bít , ####%...
The Pack by aashnaRawat4
The Packby Anna love kpop
Two alphas both in the way to make their pack the best but who will win this match? What if they join together to win this? Join their journey to know more.
Cute Little Beta by Brenni726
Cute Little Betaby Brenni Matson
Nickolas is the youngest wolf to ever receive the beta position. He was only 15. He is now 17 and is feeling the strain of his position. Thankfully his mate shows up jus...
The Alpha Female  by Kayla_Boschert96
The Alpha Female by Kayla Boschert
(All credits for characters go to the show Teen Wolf) Kayla Daniels is new to Beacon Hill high and she's a born Alpha Female at the age of 16. Kayla meets a boy named...
Just A Little More by Quuchi
Just A Little Moreby Quuchi
A beta precisely named Misa, a fierce fellow huh? Well i guess she does seem that way, but if you look just a little more she can be quite something else. Then an Alpha...
Chemical love /Mabbell/ by Shweden
Chemical love /Mabbell/by ▼M Λ R T Y R▼
Sometimes your savior is the person, who is standing right next to you. Just stretch out your hand to him, and let him help. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm really tired of...
les x bree by momdestroyer3
les x breeby momdestroyer3
bree wakes up to find herself crying! "w-where's les?!?!!!" she yells. she runs outside to see....
Midnight | ERERI by AlexJOD
Midnight | ERERIby ★ Alex_Ereri ★
Eren | Alpha Levi | Beta / Omega Eren.. he hates the thought of ever mating. Ever. After his half - brother Armin is sent to their opposing pack, he is startled by th...
Daphne by TheWingedCat
Daphneby The Pretty Kitty Cat
Daphne Patel was the nerdiest middle schooler and now she runs high school, but when she starts feeling selfish and as if her life had more meaning before she returns to...
Omega "Love Delta" by That_Rare_Fudanshi
Omega "Love Delta"by Aphrodi....?
(Cover taken from Pinterest) 200 years in the future. After a humiliating defeat without the help of Zanark, Gamma of Protocol Omega 3.0 was sent to the MUGEN prison, wh...