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{COMPLETED} The More You Hate, The More You Love {Ejen Ali Fanfic} by amyrose246
{COMPLETED} The More You Hate, @Blare Rose
(Will undergo editing starting 07/06/2021) It's been a few years after defeating Uno, and long after the great Agent Zain perished along with him, Ali had been getting b...
Change To Become, A Strongest Agent: A Ejen Ali Fanfiction by WorldUnknown010
Change To Become, A Strongest WorldUnknown010
In this story, Ali is now 15 years old, 3 years after the fight of Niki or Mission Neo. The Chief Pillars give Ali a second chance to serve M.A.T.A again but his not be...
Mission: Re-assemble (An Ejen Ali FanFic) by WctNeed08
Mission: Re-assemble (An Ejen Nittish Naiidu
Many thought that this couple's relationship may not last very long, due to the current events that have happened recently at MATA, but I'm going to share with you an '...
Who Am I? by Zalladeninjaboy
Who Am I?by Hakageryu Zaber
12 year old boy have move to USA.Then,something happen to his family.He saved by a secret researcher but unfortunately he can't remember about his life including his na...
Our love Story (ALILICIA FF) by Alicz_
Our love Story (ALILICIA FF)by Alicz_
Just a teen love story between two young agents.💕
Please Forgive Me by EXOTICSGAMING
Please Forgive Meby Kitsihura Kacchon!
Sudah 12 tahun berlalu selepas ali meninggalkan MATA kerana dipandang remeh oleh rakan-rakan akademi, kini Ali Dan Alicia telah mencecah 21 tahun, ali mengambil alih sya...
Ejen Ali with Fantasy Powers or Genso No Chikara 2/2 by zalvern
Ejen Ali with Fantasy Powers or Zallade
Dalam Ejen Ali with Fantasy Powers,Ali telah jumpa Alex atau ayah kandung Alicia walaupun dia telah dibunuh oleh pemilik Hongse he Heise Guanghuan Long ataupun Djin.Dia...
Ejen Ali Oneshots  by maeed437
Ejen Ali Oneshots by M-437
Just like it said in the title. There might be some crossovers from other fandoms like Boboiboy and Transformers and some have my persona. Also a li'l hint of AliLicia s...
Travel Kids by zahr_yo
Travel Kidsby zahra
Kisah yang mengisahkan tentang pengembaraan dan pengalaman ejen ii muda..
Home (Alilicia-Ejen Ali)  by jeellycheee
Home (Alilicia-Ejen Ali) by ey
"So you're saying it's better for me to propose to you?" "Yeah.. wait no!" What happens when they spend most of their lives together, from enemies...
ejen ali: Change by Gencrossbones
ejen ali: Changeby .
Since theres not that many ejen ali English fanfics I'll make one here it's been 3 years ever since ali joined MATA and during those three years he found new friends and...
The More You Gain, The Less You Have {Ejen Ali Fanfic} by amyrose246
The More You Gain, The Less You @Blare Rose
Sequel to "The More You Hate, The More You Love" A year has passed, the events of Mission: Neo has passed, and Viktor ceased to exist. As punishment for causi...
"Ikanai de" by Richardkey36
"Ikanai de"by Richardkey
Ali dulu merupakan ejen yang lemah..Tapi dengan usaha yang gigih...Akhirnya dia berjaya menjadi ejen yg hebat di MATA..Tapi semua xkekal lama..Selepas satu misi yang dij...
Trapped By The I.R.I.S. Boy {Ejen Ali Fanfiction - OneShot} by amyrose246
Trapped By The I.R.I.S. Boy { @Blare Rose
On a mission to join the infiltration of one of the Numeroz' bases, her true goal was not to destroy the base, but to capture its mastermind-- a new villain arise. Blind...
[Completed]DARKSIDE VS DARKSIDE  *SEASON 2* by Zieee_12
[Completed]DARKSIDE VS DARKSIDE * AquaPhobia
Sudah setahun sejak pemergian Mutiara M.A.T.A iaitu Ali.Alicia lebih banyak memilih untuk berdiam diri namun tetap bergiat aktif dalam dunia penyiasatan mereka. &qu...
"your turn" by Orville_sqhy
"your turn"by Orvil
Ali and Alicia got into a different schools after they turned 13 And somehow Alicia got lonely without him, lmao. 💀
{COMPLETED}Darkside vs Darkside by Zieee_12
{COMPLETED}Darkside vs Darksideby AquaPhobia
"Aku dan kau...KaU dan AkU"Ujar Ali. "Tolong sedar Ali!"Jerit Alicia. "Tak guna kau tolong budak ni lagi.Aku dah dapat dia sepenuhnya AHAHAHA&qu...
Ejen ali with Fantasy Powers (1/2) by zalvern
Ejen ali with Fantasy Powers (1/2)by Zallade
Hai ni first cerita tau Ali ada kuasa 18 semasa Ali kecil lagi.Hanya Boboiboy yg tahu kuasa Ali.Bila umur 12,Ali dapati tahu yang Ali ada kuasa.Zass dan Rudy pula tahu...
Ejen Ali || Back To Past! [Alilicia] by Marcelrazelino
Ejen Ali || Back To Past! [ Marcelino R.N
Ali yang kembali ke masa lalu untuk memperbaiki masa depan. dan dia harus merelakan semua yang telah ia lewatin. tapi ini demi masa depan.
Dreamscape  [ Ejen Ali Fanfiction ] by cheeyse
Dreamscape [ Ejen Ali Fanfiction ]by 🧀
It is always been me to silenced. It is always been me to be weighed fulfilling expectation. It is always been me to never appreciated only for the things supposedly don...