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His Slave | #3 ✔ by TheLittle_Naga_Girl
His Slave | #3 ✔by L ♔
|HIGHEST RANKING| #1 in Prank #1 in What's new * *In which Melody becomes the slave of her rival* Senior year didn't seem to look so bad for Melody- everything was going...
Repeated Words by Mermaidviolenplayer
Repeated Wordsby Mer V. P
Meet the girl that doesn't speak. Angela Rizcoffe, age 17. It's not like she's a mute, but she keeps her voice hidden from everyone at school. And no, her voice isn't te...
Once Blind(Completed)  by Kirakosarin569277
Once Blind(Completed) by Kirakosarin569277
Anne Marie is a 17 years old girl that is blind from birth, on her 17th birthday,she will have a surgery and she would have her sight back,while she was blind before,sh...
❣ Until We Meet Again ❣ by MansiSolanki2714
❣ Until We Meet Again ❣by Mansi
She left two years back saying to him "Until We Meet Again"; and that was the day he saw her last. His archenemy as much as he didn't want to admit he missed h...
Façade 🎈 by 1234reggaetonlento
Façade 🎈by SNAF
"Come with me." Alex held out his hand to me. "Where?" I whispered to him, afraid that mom and dad would wake up to see a random teenage boy on my wi...
Enrapture by onedirection82310
Enraptureby onedirection82310
"Nikola Lange was never mine and she wasn't meant to be. I took what wasn't mine and tried to make it for myself. She was his and always has been. I had simply been...
Everyone Deserves A Happy Ending by Ki_rbm
Everyone Deserves A Happy Endingby ✨Ki✨
Maverick Adoms was your average 16 year old 11th grader. Cole Anderson was her best friend, but what happens when she finds herself falling hopelessly, desperately and d...
Summer Getaway  by GoodGirlsAreBad5
Summer Getaway by R ;)
Rachel Grace Olsen was a normal girl. She wasn't popular, but she wasn't a loner either. She was somewhere in the middle ground. Rachel was average, average social life...
He freaking punched me by TrueAnonymus
He freaking punched meby I Just Want Food
What would you do if you were quietly walking with your head down, thinking about your problems, through your school's hallway and suddenly a crowd of people is blocking...
Finding Happiness by loudthinker123
Finding Happinessby loudthinker123
If one believes they are broken, does that make it true? If all signs point to yes and it still be no? Clare wonders these things as she climbs out of her pit of sadness...
Attention  by jillian_kylee
Attention by KARMA
Lyric Reyes is not an average 16 year old that walks the hallways of Karson High School. First off she doesn't walk the halls she's dragged. By whom? Her twin sister Mel...
Mate by sunioshidae
Mateby anonymous
Its not everyday you see a female alpha Savannah was fat, a nerd, goody goody two shoes, perfect daughter and she was the alpha's daughter, Alpha Kendrick, 2nd stronges...