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The Gold Paladin by Rubyrose645
The Gold Paladinby Rubyrose645
I remember that day like it was yesterday... The day I lost everything... my home, my planet, my family, and the peaceful future I was hoping to have.... And it was all...
KLANCE! by mocha-cookie
KLANCE!by ayesha :)
A bunch of Klance ---> my favorite OTP :3c If u read the tags u'll know what type of stuff is going to be in this book. Uhhh... actually the tags don't include much...
Klance Soulmates  by Nonixcs
Klance Soulmates by Death Kazoo
This is my first time writing a story so don't mind how horrible this is. I do things VERY different so bare with me. So, in this story, they're all in high school arou...
ASK KLANCE by EmmaGlitch86
EYYYYYY I'm probably gonna regret this but YOLO BITCHES! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Okay, anyway, give these two cuties some asks or dares, and we'll try to do them! Shi...
Allura's cousin by Cherrybomb9824
Allura's cousinby Cherrybomb9824
A yandere various voltron love story Princess Allura and Coran weren't the only ones found in the castle. Allura's cousin Adora was there as well, but there's something...
Voltron Rp by ShoalsComicDrawings
Voltron Rpby Rikki Nicole Martinez
Yay! my first role play book! Okay so please don't hate me if I'm not doing it right, I'm new too this. So in this book your able to be anyone really like your OC's, The...
Nothing Will Tear Us Apart {Status: ∆} by Ninja_kunaigirl
Nothing Will Tear Us Apart { lavender
ok I thought I saved this apperiantly not! anyway I gotta do this again *sighs* altean lance AU! human allura AU! Galra shiro AU! Leo=lance has a younger sister by tw...
Entity [DISCONTINUED] by swizzwizz
Entity [DISCONTINUED]by - swizz -
Set in the episode when Allura has Honerva's entity thing in her but instead of Allura and Lance, and knowing Lance things go awry.
Voltron OneShots ~Blam.Blam.Blam~ by LeeBeeBuzz
Voltron OneShots ~Blam.Blam.Blam~by Lee bee
Most based off of art I've seen and just for those things I want to write but don't want to write a full story about. Multiships! Credit to all artist who I've based s...
keitor pics by ghoster_zone
keitor picsby ghost
keitor pics have fun 😄😀😁😄😀😁😀😄😀😁😄😉
what if by Lilthkogane127
what ifby Lilthkogane127
what if people voted for new paladins after finding out about keith herigate. the blades left so did the paladins. 2 years later hagger has won but it turns out it isnt...
And Then There Were Six by moonstorm42
And Then There Were Sixby moonstorm42
A lot can happen in 10,000 years. However, some things never change. One of these things is the most powerful weapon in the world. Voltron. Six paladins are chosen to d...
We are Paladins  by Mizuko_Fandoms
We are Paladins by Mizuko_Fandoms
Allura has been having weird dreams, something about other lions?! A Galra attack leads to young girls to a new place...
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parteners in crime- a klance one-shot by call_me_deactivated
parteners in crime- a klance lol bye
🎶You'l never take us alive, we swore that deth will do us part', they'll call our crimes a work of art. you'll never take us alive, we lived like spoiled royalty lovers...
rewritten by simplydxwn
rewrittenby simplydxwn
I'M REWRITING THIS!!! check it out in my works uwu "Do you think she's still alive?" I asked him. " I've searched the entire castle for her, princess. The...
Art Book by grem1n
Art Bookby gremlin
Yeah a lot of this is gonna be Voltron because I'm trash.
The Purple Paladin by HowlingRaven22
The Purple Paladinby HowlingRaven22
A rebellious 17 year old, Raven Kogane follows her brother Keith to find a blue lion and helps his team form Voltron, but little did she know that two certain people are...
Diaries Of Katie Holt  by AllyRuben
Diaries Of Katie Holt by Monsuier Bacteria
*Image not mine* *Characters belong to Voltron creators* Contains Pallura and mentions Allurance After pretending to be a boy so that I could enter the galaxy garriso...
I Miss You [Voltron Fan Fic] by yellxwmoon
I Miss You [Voltron Fan Fic]by ⭐Tae ⭐
Do you ever realise how much someone means to you when they're there? Lance only seemed to notice once he'd left. He knows it's not his fault. But he can't help but bla...
Voltron AU by Luna_Griffin
Voltron AUby Zadia N. Holt
Katie was the princess of Vestro she was only 5 when she was sent to earth she took the name Katie Holt