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The devils wife       K. MIKAELSON  by _leah_1
The devils wife K. MIKAELSON by _leah_1
"𝗛𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗼 𝗱𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴, 𝗱𝗶𝗱 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝘀 𝗺𝗲?" Meet Klaus mikaelsons wife, Leah Estrid Mikaelson. She was the definition of beautiful and everyone k...
Adeline Petrova: Klaus mikelson fanfic  by 000Username
Adeline Petrova: Klaus mikelson 000Username
We've all heard the story of katerina Petrova but what if I told you there was another Petrova sibling and Klaus Mikaelson wants her heart just as much, just in a very d...
Her darkness by user41300287
Her darknessby ireadtoomuch
after Lilith potter loses everyone she's loves in the battle of hogwarts. She becomes mistress of death, owner of All three deathly hallows, but that means nothing to he...
The Hated Cullen by Soul-Writer63
The Hated Cullenby Soul-Writer63
Dawn is the Oldest Cullen sibling. she once gotten along with her family until Bella Swan came into the picture. Bella started getting hunted by James and dawn took the...
Elijah's son by Blackthorn101
Elijah's sonby Blackthorn101
Elijah had a whole family but gave his oldest son to his younger brother, Klaus. What if Elijah comes back and wants to be in his oldest son's life. Secrets will be unc...
Unconditional • Elena Mikaelson  by beautywrites_tvd
Unconditional • Elena Mikaelson by Beautywrites
When Mikael discovers a baby stranded in the forest he is faced with two options. Little did he know that the option he chose would forever change the course of the worl...
A Mikaelson -Stark?  by holyshitfictionalmen
A Mikaelson -Stark? by Multi Fandom
"Who the hell are you" "Sorry I haven't properly introduced myself I am Valentina Mikaelson-Stark" "What are you" "Me? I'm the pers...
WAR OF HEARTS • hayley marshall by -pixiemixie
WAR OF HEARTS • hayley marshallby ─jeongguk's─
Mismatched // Elijah Mikaelson by Stories_of_sonder
Mismatched // Elijah Mikaelsonby Stories_of_sonder
Za'Rijah Al Ghul, Light of the Demon. Elijah Mikaelson, Original Vampire. They're destined to be together, for Always and Forever. She is destined to guide the Originals...
The Youngest Mikealson by Writing_anonymous01
The Youngest Mikealsonby Anonymous Writer
Brianna Michelson is the Youngest of all the Michelson siblings. She has five older brothers and one older sister. She got a trait for each of them she got Henrik's kind...
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The Gilbert Doppelgänger and the Innocent One  by clarktravis624
The Gilbert Doppelgänger and the clarktravis624
Besides Hendrik, Fiona Mikaelson was the youngest and by far the most loved. When her and Hendrik died, it hurt her siblings deeply but none more then Klaus. After 1000...
little mikaelson ⚜️ the originals  by finnmikaelson
little mikaelson ⚜️ the originals by ˗ˏˋ fleur ˎˊ˗
"Once upon a time," Klaus began with a small smile, looking down at his baby girl. "There was a wolf king who fought a war for the most beautiful treasure...
The Original Hybrids  by WinchesterBane
The Original Hybrids by WinchesterBane
Klaus wasn't the only Original hybrid to get cursed. A thousand years ago his wife, Selene, suffered the same fate he did when Esther cast a spell to suppress their were...
A New Chance by Adida21
A New Chanceby Adida21
Even without her magic Hope was an amazing fighter, she trained most of her life by people who have been in more battles than most people have gotten gas. But fighting a...
The originals x reader one shots  by spongeboob11
The originals x reader one shots by Cool
The originals images and might include some vampire diaries characters Different images and scenarios for different characters in the originals Please read and enjoy :)
Klaroline\Lizzie Mikaelson by _Queenqueen_
Klaroline\Lizzie Mikaelsonby Queen
So this story is about Klaus and Caroline's daughter. I love klaroline and I'm so sad that they weren't together so i create this story. So this story is after season 5...
The Queen of The Mikaelson's by NoemyRosales9
The Queen of The Mikaelson'sby Noemy Rosales
The long lost twin who made herself be the bait in order to protect her twin brother Klaus from their father, she promised them that once everything was over she would c...
 HIS QUEEN || Klaus Mikaelson ||  by EleNaShelby
HIS QUEEN || Klaus Mikaelson || by EleNaShelby
-Isabelle! -Hello brothers! --------------------------------------------- -I love you! -I love you! -Always And Forever right? -Always And Forever indeed MY QUEEN! ...
Mikaelsons Babies (Complete) by peterspotter
Mikaelsons Babies (Complete)by ♡❮Y❯♡
The Mikaelsons as you know from the title all have children. What happens when one day the the Mikaelsons all go missing. Their kids will have to kick in the instincts i...
Hope Mikaelson-The Aftermath by Terrasen_Erilea
Hope Mikaelson-The Aftermathby Terrasen
This story starts during season 4 of The Originals. Hope is in a coma due to the Hollow and doesn't wake up. She finally wakes up at 17. I DO NOT OWN THE ORIGINALS OR IT...