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Love Beyond Boundaries-ANIDITA by vienna_tae
Love Beyond Boundaries-ANIDITAby vienna_tae
its about manorama track....but not at all how it went in other books....i just got this idea so thought to write it...even tho the show have ended but the love for our...
Winning Back My Bondita's Love And Trust ???? by mprvn36
Winning Back My Bondita's Love mprvn36
ANIRUDH reluctantly left Bondita in Krishnanagar and left from there with heavy heart when Thakuma agreed to make Bondita study but not ready to send her to London as s...
Anidita -Losing it all by IshikaKaushik
Anidita -Losing it allby Ishika Kaushik
This is a fanfiction of the tv show #barristerbabu. It has no resemblance what so ever with the on going track in the show. Just an imaginary story from my end as I love...
bondita with her love  by lovesin09
bondita with her love by lovesin09
so I didn't like anirudh a bit during Manorama track so here I am creating a story on bondita and her love anchal as bondita
Barrister Babu - Laws from a Girl Barrister by Hslwritings
Barrister Babu - Laws from a Hslwritings
Can a 19 year old girl end the enmity of two rivalry villages to get her family back? °This story revolves around Bondita, who is a successful Barrister now. °Story line...
The GIRL he NEVER Noticed by love_soul_10
The GIRL he NEVER Noticedby love_soul_10
A college going girl.. 👩 She is sweet and innocent always helping others... Tark karna pasand hai aur adat bhi... A guy in her college... She was always having crush...
Anidita:MEDIATOR by prachiojha_27
Anidita:MEDIATORby Prachi Ojha
🥈-painful #4-babu #5-colors #16-anidita #17-aurrisht The story is from manorma track where anirudh gives two options to bondita and she chose to go to dalahouse!!!
Anidita: the unforgotten love by Riya_5678
Anidita: the unforgotten loveby Riya
Here is my 2nd ff , this will show the college life and the everafter life of Anidita, this ff is continued from my first ff's last part after a leap to understand this...
Anidita~ the OS/TS/SS collection ( On Hold ) by chesserchaudhari
Anidita~ the OS/TS/SS collection ( fascinated reader
this book contains short story or shots of stories covered in 5-6 chapters or according to the story ..
The match made in the heaven: Anidita by Senorita2008
The match made in the heaven: ꧁𝑺𝒆𝒏𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒂꧂
so gys this my ff. I have started it on instagram and will continue it here. Those who wanted to read my ff can read there. My insta id is the_pravisht_mishra_fp. For th...
anidita Ss by NiharikaMaarward
anidita Ssby Niharika Maarward
so os to aapna bhut sa padha hoga magar kabhi soch aagar os ki story kuch easi hoti krishna nagar ban gaya krishmay aagar krisha nagar vala kudh.ko hi virnada van basi...
A short story about our ANIDITA
Anidita: You Are My Destiny by Shrups_writes
Anidita: You Are My Destinyby Shrups🌻
This is a modern day, 21st century Anidita's story, the characters will be same and here Arvind is alive. Anirudh is going to marry his childhood love Saudamini, when bo...
AniDita - Beauty & the Beast by Hslwritings
AniDita - Beauty & the Beastby Hslwritings
A promise was once made!🔥 Due to some incidents Anirudh left his identity of Barrister and became the head of "Krishpur". For now, according to him, "Law...
Bondita : Essence of My Life by DevaNandhini
Bondita : Essence of My Lifeby Freesoul
Starts From Manorama Track. A kid of 13 is standing amidst of chaos. Her new found love is murdered by her own birisstra babu. That sudden shock was huge. But its not le...
The day we met {Anidita} by sonamsinghkushwaha
The day we met {Anidita}by sonal
based on a arrange marriage............. Cover Credit:I-imagine-dragons
Obsessed with little one  by DhvaniMehta0
Obsessed with little one by Dhvani Mehta
Anirudh roy choudhury was totally obsessed with her little wife where would his obsession lead to him anirudh's age : 25 bondita's age : 16
Anidita -Shattered hearts by Tiyasa____0008
Anidita -Shattered heartsby Tiyasa____0008
What would you do if life would give you nothing but pain,if your only companion would be tears?What would happen if you would be left in darkness,all alone? A story of...
Mera Zimmedari Se Janmon Tak Chalne Wala Pyar  by mprvn36
Mera Zimmedari Se Janmon Tak mprvn36
Our story starts from Anirudh marrying Manorama and left Bondita in trauma. Even her own mother gave consent to her jamayibabu . She is insulted very badly in public. w...