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Anidita - Beautiful Lies  by Seven_Stars_123
Anidita - Beautiful Lies by Love
(ONGOING) "We meet to part & we part to meet. Such is the art of our love we live". Beauty of love lies in pain. Unless you know how it feels to be pricked by...
Bondita : Anirudh's Sunshine by Bonrudh
Bondita : Anirudh's Sunshineby Bonrudh
In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." Bondita has always been strong for her age...
Not beside you  by Ridhima_Gehlot
Not beside you by Ridhima
The story starts from the marriage day of Bondita with Chandrachur. But Bondita runs away from her marriage with the help of Anirudh to fulfill his dream to become a ba...
barrister babu bondita  meri life my rule by anditalife
barrister babu bondita meri anidita
Manorama and anirudh marriage track bondita had whole marriage she didn't faint in my story bondita is very strong headed girl short leap will be taken she will go t...
Anidita- Pride and Prejudice (On Hold) by ChelseaSharma52
Anidita- Pride and Prejudice (On Chelsea Sharma
Hii everyone! Here is a story of a married couple from 1920s. A girl who is of 8 and a boy of 18. The couple will change the society's unwanted customs and rituals. They...
Bondita- Anirudh's Lost Heartbeat by ksaurav15
Bondita- Anirudh's Lost Heartbeatby A.Saurav
This is my second fanfiction... ( FROM MANORAMA TRACK..) And I am stating this ff from that second marriage of anirudh... And his two choice for bondita... Where she do...
Dhundhe akhiyaan 💘 by AshishNegi148
Dhundhe akhiyaan 💘by Anjali negi
do guys this is a story on my favourite couple anidita I'm gonna show the strong and savage bondita in my story You're gonna she anirudh struggle to make bondita forgive...
Barristerbabu: Bondita's denial to fulfill "their" dream by radhaprad
Barristerbabu: Bondita's denial Varshni Pradeep
This is a fictional story on the daily soap Barrister babu. This story plot continues from the scene when Anirudh decides to leave the house after the cliff incident...
ANIDITA - Just Them.  by ksaurav15
ANIDITA - Just Them. by A.Saurav
OS AND TS series.... My writing will make u cry, laugh, emotional etc.. #1 Anirudh... 18/08/22 #8 bondita.... 9/08/22 #2 ts... 15/1/23 #5 aurrabhatnagarbadoni... 13/10...
His Acceptance ♥ | Rudhita (ON HOLD)  by _Abha_
His Acceptance ♥ | Rudhita (ON ~Yours Truly~
"His Fate, Her Faith" The heart accomodates someone for once but when it does, the place gets reserved for that particular person for lifetime. However, fate i...
Anidita (OS/TS/SS) by rainxxy_gim
Anidita (OS/TS/SS)by She💫
So it will be a OS (one shot) TS (two shots) or SS (some shots) in it I will be writing so stay tuned and connected His naughty wife her innocent husband (os) My hot...
Padh Le Mai Teri Kitaab Hun by RimiS2419
Padh Le Mai Teri Kitaab Hunby Rimi
COMPLETE ! A Two Shot On Anirudh and Bondita.
Laal Ishq  by Sunshine_asmita
Laal Ishq by 𝒶𝓅𝓃𝒶 𝒷𝒶𝓃𝒶 𝓁ℯ 𝓅𝒾𝓎𝒶
A simple girl forcedly get married with the biggest mafia king of mumbai as she was going to became the mother of his child. How he became the biggest gangster of mumbai...
5 Times in London by FarhaIslam5
5 Times in Londonby Farha Islam
Rudhita's journey while Bondita is studying in London.
Mera Zimmedari Se Janmon Tak Chalne Wala Pyar  by mprvn36
Mera Zimmedari Se Janmon Tak mprvn36
Our story starts from Anirudh marrying Manorama and left Bondita in trauma. Even her own mother gave consent to her jamayibabu . She is insulted very badly in public. w...
Winning Back My Bondita's Love And Trust ???? by mprvn36
Winning Back My Bondita's Love mprvn36
ANIRUDH reluctantly left Bondita in Krishnanagar and left from there with heavy heart when Thakuma agreed to make Bondita study but not ready to send her to London as s...
Healing her scars by fusion_writes
Healing her scarsby Prachi
hi guys Iam prachi shilpa , this is first time iam writiing that too on our favourite couple anidita want to start a story the track starts from after manorama, I pe...
Anidita : Secretly loved...♥️ by DhvaniMehta0
Anidita : Secretly loved...♥️by Dhvani Mehta
Bondita steps into RC mansion disguised as vaijayanti...!!! what happens when anirudh learns about it....
Anidita - safar 💜 os/ts/ss series by bhumika_chandwani
Anidita - safar 💜 os/ts/ss seriesby bhumika_chandwani
hey lovelies. this is my second book on serial barrister babu. this is an os / ts series. this book will contain os and ts based on various moments of anidita . plotted...