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My miracle by anonymouswriting17
My miracleby anonymous writing
Elenas onenight stand turned for the worst when she learned that she wad pregnant and by herself. She doesn't remember who it was so she is raising them by herself. With...
Found- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Found- Kolenaby anonymous writing
Elena was walking home when she found a baby. It has been a year since the Mikaelson's had left. A little baby girl. She has a letter attached to her. Elena kept the ba...
Becoming A Family  Mikaelson Style- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Becoming A Family Mikaelson anonymous writing
A black rose pops up outside Elena's house she doesn't know waht it means but she doesn't think that it is good. She has one thing in her mind protecting her daughter an...
what happens in the past doesn't always stay in the past- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
what happens in the past doesn't anonymous writing
elena gets sent 1000 years in the past to complete a mission she meets the originals and just happen to fall in love with someone she least expects she doesn't know wha...
Elena The Original- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Elena The Original- Kolenaby anonymous writing
kol is brought back to life elena catches cheating and wants to be vampire again she goes to talk to davina and convinces her to turn her to an original then she meet...
Past- Future- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Past- Future- Kolenaby anonymous writing
elena just got back from the past where she ws transported a week ago but it wasn't a week for her for her it was two years now she's back with a baby none the less leav...
Miss. Gilbert- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Miss. Gilbert- Kolenaby anonymous writing
The rich heiress that lives in mystic falls is hiding a huge secret from her town from her people she was once in love she once had friends but once her parents died she...
Elena Themed Oneshots by anonymouswriting17
Elena Themed Oneshotsby anonymous writing
Elena is my favorite character so most of these oneshots is going to be me testing how far i could take her with others
 if only kolena by anonymouswriting17
if only kolenaby anonymous writing
starts2 weeks before ball follow their story to see everything they go through kol helps elena has she goes through all of these tramatic events one friend approves some...
My Bestfriend Brother- Kolena (Book one) by anonymouswriting17
My Bestfriend Brother- Kolena ( anonymous writing
Elena 17 got pregnant 2 years ago she never told the fatjer she didnt know how. As his whole family started to find out eventually he did to. He may have not knwn that w...
The Storm by anonymouswriting17
The Stormby anonymous writing
Elena and Kol have been together ten years and married for 8 they have a son and a daughter now she is pregnant again when someone shows up at there door everything chan...
Into The Past by anonymouswriting17
Into The Pastby anonymous writing
Elena Gilbert had just given birth to her daughter Stefanie Salvatore who she shared with her fiancé Damon Salvatore. When she was pulled into the future but she wasn't...
Hidden Love-Freya and Hayley by anonymouswriting17
Hidden Love-Freya and Hayleyby anonymous writing
Hayley never noticed the looks she got from the blond before the 5 year gap She found herself wishing to save Freya more then Elijah
Pregnant by a Mikaelson by anonymouswriting17
Pregnant by a Mikaelsonby anonymous writing
Elena finds out shes pregnant and doesn't know what she should do.
Discovered - Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Discovered - Kolenaby anonymous writing
Elena and Caroline moved away from Mystic Falls last year away from there lives what happens when someone finds them and there secret
Changes- Kolena, Hosie by anonymouswriting17
Changes- Kolena, Hosieby anonymous writing
Hope has a break from school and she decides to take Josie and Lizzie to New Orleans to meet her family. When they get there her herself is met with a huge shocking sur...
Frienimies or Family- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
Frienimies or Family- Kolenaby anonymous writing
elena found out she was pregnant and planned to leave town until ahe got caught. The two left town together and face the tragedy's together. They added another to there...
A Journey To Find Love- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
A Journey To Find Love- Kolenaby anonymous writing
I want to Thank Nicoletr33 for this idea. She has some really great story idea's and its a pleasure bringing them to life. Hannah is Kol and Elena's daughter from the fu...
True Love- Kolena by anonymouswriting17
True Love- Kolenaby anonymous writing
Elena never knew love until she lost it and when she did she tried everything in her power to get it back. She waited to long and now she may have lost it forever. The...
The Lost Mikaelson's by anonymouswriting17
The Lost Mikaelson'sby anonymous writing
Hayley didn't have one daughter she had two but the other unfortuanly was kidnapped. Elena Gilbert had a daughter and a neice. She and Damon had never gotten back togeth...