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Kannazhaga by laurenaliceblair
Kannazhagaby Lauren Alice
Is eye beautiful? Are legs beautiful? Is gold beautiful? Is the girl beautiful? Is the finger that searches me beautiful? Is the way of holding my hand beautiful? Oh my...
Journey to the Old Era (Drisana's Mahabharat #1) by Raffesia
Journey to the Old Era (Drisana' Raffesia
Drisana has always felt like she's in the wrong place, wrong time. Why? That has no answer. After her parents death, adventure lover Drisana has been travelling around t...
Draupadi - A Fire Born Princess From Kaliyug🔥🔥 by aanchal108
Draupadi - A Fire Born Princess Anchal
A 20 year old from kaliyug suffered a lot of issues since her childhood . A fan of Shri Krishna's mischievous behaviour and heavenly smile suddenly landed on the land of...
• DRISHTI • Mahabharata Time Travel  by thatcheekygirll
• DRISHTI • Mahabharata Time 𝐏𝐀𝐋𝐀𝐊🕊️
A girl named Drishti falls into the era of Mahabharata and everything in her life goes upside down. Read to find out about Drishti's adventures in the new-old timeline...
WEAPON OF GOD :: Mahabharat by Nohara_legacy
WEAPON OF GOD :: Mahabharatby R. HALDER
Evi was a Human experiment of the 21st century, where she was one of the finest weapon of mass destruction. As she gets betrayed and killed, she finds herself conscious...
Beyond Times by Woodyzoid
Beyond Timesby Woody
-"And where do I reside?" -"You reside in my heart, Priye!" Two broken souls, who endured pain and loneliness all their life. Destiny united them and...
Siyanshi: My beloved by laurenaliceblair
Siyanshi: My belovedby Lauren Alice
She is pundarikaaksha She is neelothpala She is kanaka varnaangi She is neelakesi She is bimbosthi She is sumadhya She is padmapalaasakshi She is manmadhyasa rathim ya...
Tampered [SLOW UPDATES] by InLoveWithNature25
Tampered [SLOW UPDATES]by Pragati
This is the story of two assassins, who travel back in time to the era of the Mahabharata..... ----------- Dishita and Aditya, two master assassins, while retrieving a d...
The Epic From Her Eyes- Mahabharata  by TheCryingSoul
The Epic From Her Eyes- TheCryingSoul
Meet Amrit, a 19 year old Indian girl who went to the age of Mahabharata. But what will happen if the way she knew the Mahabharata is not exactly how it is? What will ha...
Jyesht's strife for kinship (A Karna-Arjun what-if story) by bleedblue2011
Jyesht's strife for kinship (A Neha Srivastav
~Book 1 of Mother's secret series~ After the incident in the graduation arena, where Karna has sworn himself in front of the entire kingdom to Duryodhan and vowed to def...
My Soul Mate💞💞💕 by smileinthepain
My Soul Mate💞💞💕by love cupid🥰
It is a story of arjun and subhadra
The Bend in the Road (A Karna-Arjun what-if story) by bleedblue2011
The Bend in the Road (A Neha Srivastav
Two weeks before the war, Krishna confronts Karna with the truth of his birth and offers him an impossible choice that compels him to fight on his brothers' side. On his...
Shrutakarma~ Hidden Tears by Writer_sapna
Shrutakarma~ Hidden Tearsby Pagal Insaan
This story is about Shrutakarma Son of Arjun and Draupadi..
Connected By Heart❤❤ by AreebaAmir943
Connected By Heart❤❤by Areeba Amir
A story about two brothers who got separated in childhood brutally but meet again after years. Join these two brothers in their journey❤❤❤
Love over Salvation  by vampressXXX
Love over Salvation by Vampy
Mahabharata known as the greatest epic of our era. Whenever we hear its name we remember the geeta shlok which Shree Krishna recited to Prince Arjun, we remember the blo...
Agami by -authorsara
Agamiby Sara
||Āgāmi|| "being made or currently getting accumulated" _______________________________________ Living an ordinary life, Juhi had all which she had ever desir...
OCEAN OF LOVE by Captain_Sham
Forced into a marriage at young age, wrongly staked in gambling, humiliated in the court of men, she had every reason not to stay with him but she still did. Why ? Becau...
Changing Destiny by Abrillastar
Changing Destinyby abrilla star
It is said that when one right person speaks up destiny can be changed. But is it true? this is a mahabharatham fanfic where The One Person Karna speaks up and tries to...
Destiny : Dhananjay ki Draupadi by Devimaheshwari
Destiny : Dhananjay ki Draupadiby Devimaheshwari
Life of krishnaa, a maid's daughter in dwarka takes a turn when she met Dhananjay, prince of Indraprastha and find him as her destiny... will they be able overcome many...
Bound by fate - A Mahabharata fiction(On Hiatus) by perksofamor
Bound by fate - A Mahabharata Janu
Peep into the story which is a pure fictional one inspired from the characters of great epic Mahabharata. But this story is scripted fictionally. it doesn't have a motiv...