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Hope and Memory[Thorin Oakenshield Love Story] by DurinsQueen
Hope and Memory[Thorin Durin's Queen
Freya Brandybuck is Bilbo Baggins little cousin and is also his closest friend. She has a big interest in the maps of Middle Earth and hopes to visit some of those plac...
S T A R L I G H T by angelina_bukenovia
S T A R L I G H Tby Angel ?
The tragic story of the love of Thranduil's life. Who died to protect her one and only son, Legolas. But is this true, or did she survive?
Percy Jackson The Invisible Assassin by Supergirl8666
Percy Jackson The Invisible Amber Caple
Percy is betrayed. Betrayed by those he cared most about. He goes off on his own. Later everyone realises their mistakes and tries to find him, but they can't. It's like...
Percy Jackson and the Armies of Chaos ~ Complete by JulialikesCandy
Percy Jackson and the Armies of Soozie
After Gaea was defeated, Percy Jackson looked forward to settling down at Camp Halfblood, and living a normal- or normal by demigod standards- life. But when he is betra...
Jaune arc the martial master by caloyantig29
Jaune arc the martial masterby VEGARUSH
Jaune is kicked out and shunned by his father and friends, as his worst day comes to him committing suicide. he was given a new life, not as a warrior but as an immortal...
Dancing With Bullets by LittleR3dHazmat
Dancing With Bulletsby Aero
(Tord X Reader) Soulmates. A funny thing isn't it? One day you might claim you've found them and the next you see they're no better than the rest you've met along the w...
Coil of Gold by LunarOracle
Coil of Goldby Anna L. Galloway
A dangerous and filthy lie is prevalent throughout the land of Ralium. Nobles and Kings would have their subject believe that the kingdom resting in a time of peace. The...
A Thousand Miles[Thorin Oakenshield Love Story] by MiddleEarthGirl92
A Thousand Miles[Thorin Kaylynn Oakenshield
Alyndra is the only daughter of a dying race. Most of her family was whipped out by the vile creature; Azog the Defiler. When she was 5. her father discovered she was gi...
Invisible Armies by JonEvans
Invisible Armiesby Jon Evans
In a world where security cameras prove what you have done and databases define who you are, the few who know how to manipulate the technology can play God. They can cha...
They (BTS) are the cause of our Euphoria 🌸 by BTS_ARMY333
They (BTS) are the cause of our BTS_ARMY333
Welcome to an Army safe space.💜 Please use this book to talk with other Armies like a group chat where we can all chat about different things and connect. I'm hoping t...
A Sword and A Shield [The Hobbit X OC] by MsGameinIt
A Sword and A Shield [The Hobbit MsGameinIt
A young and skilled mercenary, Rose's past is more intertwined with Thorin Oakenshield and his dwarvish company than she cares to admit. It becomes a problem when Gandal...
Frozen by vsooheart
Frozenby 𝔹𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕚𝕖♡︎
--- slow update --- When the school's Ice King meets the school's Ice Queen, can anything go wrong? Doesn't seem like it. But turns out, it's much more complicated than...
Avianna by dianandemo
Aviannaby Diana
She is not your typical princess. There is no knight in shiny armour coming to save her. Cover credit @-IAmTheWalrus-
SunRider by flashhitter
SunRiderby Rafael Hohmann
I have seen men become Gods and I have seen Gods become dust... Magic pieces of armor rain from Lenova's skies, granting men God-like powers. Mountains move, lightning...
Sundew x Willow ARMY by MaddiTheMagic
Sundew x Willow ARMYby .MaddiTheMagic.
Welcome to the Sunlow/Wildew? - uh, we'll work on that - army! Here we can discuss Sundew's one true love and I might even write some oneshots!
God and Goddess of War by ChattyKCathy
God and Goddess of Warby Katie
Isabella Swan, the Goddess of War mate of Jasper Whitlock Hale, the God of War. 100 years after Jasper left the Southern Army his mate Bella finally is free of Maria's c...
The Iron Pillars by flamesword01
The Iron Pillarsby 𝐘. 𝐈. 𝐓𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐫
(BOOK 3 OF THE IRON HALLWAY SERIES) Three months after the destruction of the Iron Skeleton, Brant Nayan finds himself a broken man. With the Kemarian Insurgence shatte...
Armies of Chaos }Request by xyzhang27{ [PJO Fanfic] by -emrys-
Armies of Chaos }Request by emrysofunimportantstuff
Percy Jackson was given an invitation. An invitation to join the legendary Armies of Chaos on Tyreen. He is given the chance to bring 6 of his friends back to life to...
Nimmeth's First Adventure by BiancaEvans2
Nimmeth's First Adventureby LegolasG5*
I am sure you have all read or watch the Hobbit. There are 13 dwarves, 1 hobbit and a wizard on a journey to reclaim a mountain. Which is the dwarves home from a dragon...
goodnight n go~ taennie ver. by xMooMochix
goodnight n go~ taennie JenJenLand<3
"I got you, I got you dreamin" "Why must you make me laugh so much?" "It's bad enough we get along so well" "We'd be good, we'd be gre...