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The Runt of the Litter by pieandthewinchesters
The Runt of the Litterby jacinta
She wasn't exactly supposed to happen. But neither one of her parents were the type to receive what the world was supposed to give them. And of all the accidents that co...
He's Mine (Aether Harem Fanfiction. Original work) by DizzyMangoes08
He's Mine (Aether Harem Dizzy
In which powerful men in all of Teyvat are competing for Aether's hand. Aether can only do so much before everything becomes a disaster. Original fic is in Archive of Ou...
2nd  Floor by Julian-Greystoke
2nd Floorby JulianGreystoke
Matthias is a struggling writer finally able to move into his first solo apartment. He's thrilled to have a place free of roommates and siblings, even though the buildin...
The Adventures of Mercy Song by nightsisterkaris
The Adventures of Mercy Songby That one Philinda Fangirl
Mercy Amelia Song isn't your normal alien time traveller. Between meeting her own parents backwards and forwards and back around again, She has quite the life trying to...
A Different Turn of Events by nagaten
A Different Turn of Eventsby nagaten
What if Krishna decided to interfere and make Shakuni lose control of his dice when Karna and Arjuna were being bided causing Karna to become Arjuna's slave? What if des...
Both Sides of the Story [cake au.] by paperxvalentines
Both Sides of the Story [cake au.]by Maya Papaya
Luke was scared. Calum was curious. [complete]
A Classroom of Chaos and other crap (A Danganronpa V3 Chat-Fic) by Creepercraftguy
A Classroom of Chaos and other Creepercraftguy
I decided to return to Wattpad and make this after a year or so of making my last fic. However, the chances are, this one is going to be a lot more weird, given the tone...
(Cast Not your Stone at the) Wayward Daughter → Sweet Pea & Jughead Jones by RandomestFandoms
(Cast Not your Stone at the) Maddie
Amethyst Adams has been away for a while but when her pseudo father, Fred Andrews, gets shot in Pops' Diner, there's no better time to come back. Walking into the hospit...
There once was an abusive jerk... by Awesome_goddess_of_
There once was an abusive Awesome_goddess_of_
Tony and Bruce are in a relationship. Happy together. Right? When the team hears some strange noises coming from another room they go take a look. What they find... bre...
Adventurer Mage by Julian-Greystoke
Adventurer Mageby JulianGreystoke
Find your passion, find your power. Mages have never been kind to Maeve. She chafes against the cruel treatment of her highborn masters and does everything she can to es...
Lick My Elbow || Stray Kids Chatroom by kimbapkidding_stay
Lick My Elbow || Stray Kids kimbapkidding_stay
nobody in stray kids is normal 🤡 ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* chatroom au *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Among Us: A Supernatural Novel written by Carver Edlund by frankannestein
Among Us: A Supernatural Novel Frankie Anne
Aya has the Sight. She can see the secret world within, full of monsters and spirits and magic. She thought it was enough to keep her safe, but a newly-dead spirit comes...
SarawaTine One Shots by StardustAce
SarawaTine One Shotsby StardustAceFics
Tine is asexual and is worried about telling his boyfriend. This takes place after the events of episode 10, you know, with that condom bouquet. Sarawat is starting to w...
My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf by Morticiamonday
My Girlfriend Is A Werewolfby Morticiamonday
When livestock are being stalked by a werewolf, Andrew begins acting unusual. Can they figure out who it is before it's too late?
Sharing warmth by NaokiIchigo
Sharing warmthby NaokiIchigo
[Complete]Childe, his boyfriend Zhongli and girlfriend Lumine spent a night cuddling together, while the world outside is terrorized by a snowstorm.
Through My Eyes by HettyZz31
Through My Eyesby HettyZz31
Rickyl story. Bisexual Rick and Asexual Daryl. It's a very cute cuddly romantic story. WARNINGS: Homophobia!
Fall Fates by KingHippo42
Fall Fatesby King Hippo
An explosive summer, filled with romance, has given way to fall. Yukiko and Kanji feel their relationship heating up, while Yosuke and Naoto find themselves struggling t...
εννοεί δεν θα'πρεπε by darkside_cookies
εννοεί δεν θα'πρεπεby Αριάδνη
εξαφανίζομαι από το wattpad για μισό χρόνο για να εμφανιστώ με ένα cringy φανφικ για το παρά πέντε εν έτη 2020 μόνο και μόνο επειδή συζητάγαμε στο tumblr που η Αγγέλα εί...
Mon amour  by brailynbuzz
Mon amour by brailynbuzz
A Tamaki and Kyoya Valentine's Day scenario. Total romance with hints of seriousness. They help each other through their issues :) It will be multiple parts!!
An Ace And A Bi Walk Into A Healthy Relationship by tomhollandsfandom
An Ace And A Bi Walk Into A FandomWriter
Cas comes out as Asexual and Sam gets everyone to help support and surprise Cas.