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Patient Twelve by masonfitzzy
Patient Twelveby Mason FitzGibbon
(LEAVING PAID ON FEBRUARY 11TH 2022!) Diana wakes up in pain, tied to a bed and unable to escape. She's been trapped by a group of surgeons with a twisted passion and sh...
Ladybug (The Dummy's Dummy) by OranjuuLover18
Ladybug (The Dummy's Dummy)by Orangelover18
I had a weird dream and needed to write it down. There have been rumors about a pair of ladybug earrings making rounds across town, as well as a suspicious number of peo...
Wings Of Fire Short Stories by Some_Person5
Wings Of Fire Short Storiesby Some Person
Welp, here we are. Basically a collection of a bunch of my writing all tossed here. Stories here range from wholesome to angsty to extremely gorey, be warned. Characters...
Soulkeeper by LavenWho
Soulkeeperby Laven K
Noble knights are expected to be courageous and grand. All to protect those who reside within their land. Juan Soulkeeper, a child of nobility, is the opposite. Cowardl...
PERFECTION 🔸 by Usserxnotxfound
In a world where perfection is everything what if you are the imperfect one? , what if you are filled with flaws ? What would you do?
Lux by snusmumrikens
Luxby bridgett kirgis
It's okay to hate yourself, everyone else hates you too. All poems that contain mentions of child sexual abuse are asterisked. I do not want to delete any entries, so th...
The Town Whispers: Season 1 by thetownwhispers
The Town Whispers: Season 1by Cole Weavers
Welcome to The Fort - where folk horrors and eldritch terrors meet! The Fort is a town like a thousand other small and stubborn settlements, put where it doesn't belong...
avaritia | l.s au by angelictomlinson
avaritia | l.s auby fat legend
'He was sure it was the devil who had caught him. He was clutching his dirty sweater at his chest, it made him feel safe somehow. As if it would help his to catch his br...
Huxley x Reader || Dont Toy WIth Me || (title work in progress) by Bored_imagination
Huxley x Reader || Dont Toy WIth Angelic.xoxo
A New Toy arrives in the Home of Huxley, Dolliah and Wisker. Everything seems fine and there even seems to be a spark between Huxley and the New Doll. that is. . .until...
Lily Flower by Aliciamyre
Lily Flowerby Aliciamyre
In which Pure Vanilla Cookie joins the cookies of darkness and helps them become somewhat functional members of society in the process. This transition is not without it...
So Below by Reigenlovets
So Belowby Reigenlovets
The heroes try to gain information out of a stubborn man. Instead, the night turns into someting else... something much darker. A Linked Universe fic.
erased by Mikey000097653
erasedby mike
satoru tries to stop Mike from dieing, but its proven difficult.
The Spooky Bloodspread by KirbyFan99Bruh
The Spooky Bloodspreadby KirbyFan99
Spooky Month would never again be the same for Skid and Pump. Ever. Normally it's a time of celebration. Spooks. Candy. Trick-or-treating. Mischief. But not anymore. A m...
Unsolicited Wingfic by Wingfix
Unsolicited Wingficby Wingfix
Varie, a court painter, attracts the attention of a winged prince. This liaison is forbidden, as Varie has no wings. Prince Illumis II transforms Varie into a socially-a...
Parasite: Karl Heisenberg x Oc by MsChomperTheChomp
Parasite: Karl Heisenberg x Ocby JarOfDirtGang
*Extreme warning* Contains non-con, degradation kink and gorey elements (It's RE of course it's going to be messed up) Irina Aldea never expected a trip to see her famil...
Lunch at Lacie's ✓ by salkim03
Lunch at Lacie's ✓by s a l
Know thy neighbor. The small colonial town Sara Harper moves to with her boyfriend, Layton Montgomery, is not as quiet as it seems. The community of Arlington has been p...
Eight by SKira666
Eightby SKira666
We always seek for meaning, insects, arachnids on the other hand don't need to worry about that..
Bugsnax: Gramblequest by sweejianyi
Bugsnax: Gramblequestby Gideon Swee
[SPOILERS FOR BUGSNAX] Gramble returns from Snaktooth with plans to move on & live an uneventful life. But a rediscovered farewell note, a glass of boiled Strabby Milk...
Eclipsed (Fire Force X Male Reader) by D3generate
Eclipsed (Fire Force X Male Reader)by Degenerate
This one seeks nothing but to put his past life behind him. Possibly atoning for his sins, but unfortunately, his fate was sealed long ago. But they call forth the atten...
Murder Drones: I-Speye by Placed2nd
Murder Drones: I-Speyeby 2nd
[Cover art made by Codetrillogy] What once was a peaceful life quickly turned into horror. I-Speye's planet was invaded by the ruthless Jenson and his murderous pests. E...