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Smells Like Coffee ~ (Etho x Bdubs) by ThatOneWaterCat
Smells Like Coffee ~ (Etho x Bdubs)by ThatOneWaterCat
Hermitcraft Coffee Shop AU! Just some tired college students trying to swim through homework, take care of themselves, and maybe fall in love along the way? Etho x Bdubs...
The Hermitcraft Daycare AU by KeichiAkechi24
The Hermitcraft Daycare AUby bibble
Tango had a little accident while testing his inators, and turned more than half of the hermit population to 3-5 year olds. The other hermits will have to work together...
Incorrect Quotes (Team ZITS + Etho) by Hermitcraft_Queen
Incorrect Quotes (Team ZITS + Etho)by Queen Eevee
I was bored, I turn to incorrect quotes when bored, and I love Team ZITS and Etho. Those combined bring us here :D
Hermitchat // Chatfic by Simping_for_DrS2
Hermitchat // Chatficby [NOT RELEVANT]
(I'll add more details later) Some fictional conversations between the hermits and maybe some others :) Most of it will be comedy but ill see if I can add some angst
Hermitcraft Oneshots!! (A lot of scarian) by Elliot-Rivera
Hermitcraft Oneshots!! (A lot of 🃏♦️Elliot♦️🃏
!!cover art not mine!! Uhh yeah so I made a oneshot book! I might collab with some people at some points but I definitely take requests! Love ya 😚✌️ #1 in Hermittpad as...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by AnonymousVeggieChip
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Veggie
A bunch of Hermitcraft oneshots! Warning, there is shipping in this, if you don't like, then please do not read! However, I am only shipping the Hermits' minesonas, not...
Hermitcraft OneShots by Starrdust2020
Hermitcraft OneShotsby Starrdust
Read at your own risk. Just a bunch of Hermitcraft OneShots and A LOT of incorrect quotes!
My Hermitcraft Fanfiction by GalaxyPrincessK
My Hermitcraft Fanfictionby GalaxyPrincessK
It's a fantasy story based mostly in the medieval times with a hint of futuristic things. Has YouTubers minecraft personas from a server called Hermitcraft. A magical la...
It's Another Hermitcraft Oneshot Book by Meva400
It's Another Hermitcraft Oneshot Eva
It's back y'all. After a personal situation that ended up in me pulling this book I have decided to republish it along with a couple new stories I have written in a sepa...
Hermitcraft Oneshots - Season 7, Baby! [COMPLETED!] by Casuallyy
Hermitcraft Oneshots - Season 7, inactive account :)
Oneshots from HermitCraft Season 7! CONTAINS SHIPPING! (minesonas only) All chapters/oneshots will be labelled by ship and genre (for your convenience!) Any Impulse and...
Collision (Hermitcraft Au) by x0iris0x
Collision (Hermitcraft Au)by Iris?
The Hermits failed to open the vault, and King Ren continues to rule the server. Grian receives mysterious compasses from Grumbot, and the hermit's enter the rift to the...
Hermitcraft & MCYT Oneshots and Fics by CloudWriterGrey
Hermitcraft & MCYT Oneshots and » saph «
A collection of Hermitcraft and MCYT fics! Shipping will be present, please read the introduction chapter for additional info!
Grian-Centric (One-shots, I guess) by StupidelyClever
Grian-Centric (One-shots, I guess)by StupidelyClever
^ Title says all, but since I'm guessing you are a greedy child, I'm here to give you more info ;D (Bear with me if you aren't skipping these) As stated, it is a Grian...
Love is Vexing - ScarDubs by thathermitweirdo
Love is Vexing - ScarDubsby Weirdo
Scar escaped them. He broke free from their curse in season six. But the freedom is short lived, as Scar's burden returns. He begins to lose control of himself, lost in...
Hermitcraft incorrect quotes by paradisLO
Hermitcraft incorrect quotesby Paradis
Most of these quotes were submitted by friends and shit lmao. Beware of some swearing I guess. A few of the quotes are a bit romantic (?) or some shit, so any chapter wi...
Hermitcraft Season 9 Oneshots || COMPLETE by CloudWriterGrey
Hermitcraft Season 9 Oneshots || » saph «
Oneshots from Hermitcraft Season 9! Expect fluff! Expect angst! Expect ships! Expect funky AUs! Expect brainrot! Expect the unexpected! Please read the introduction ch...
[✓] the four of us ~ hc by easthet1c
[✓] the four of us ~ hcby east
Highschool sucks, but some good close friends can make everything a lot better. <o> When xB learned all three of his closest friends had also had diaries throughou...
The Idea of You (Bdoc Royal AU) by EminenceGhost
The Idea of You (Bdoc Royal AU)by EminenceGhost
Oropolis is the most technologically advanced kingdom in the world, always growing and changing. Artise is the most powerful kingdom in the world magic-wise. Despite bot...
Hermit hell (ON HOLD) by Flower-Bloom
Hermit hell (ON HOLD)by Odalin
Grian is an only human in a world of hybrids and monsters and creatures of one another. he tries to stay alive and keep the creatures like him as he would like to keep a...